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Found 36 Records with the keyword term of "Waste stabilization ponds"

2012  Treatment Performance of Wastewater Stabilization Ponds in Canada’s Far North

2011  Environmental Factors and the Application of Hydrogen Peroxide for the Removal of Toxic Cyanobacteria from Waste Stabilization Ponds

2011  Novel Design Concept for Facultative Ponds Using Rock Filters to Reclaim the Effluent

2010  Modeling the Oxidation of Sulfide in Pulp and Paper Wastewaters

2010  Seasonal Operation of Ponds for Chemical Precipitation of Wastewater

2008  Comparison of Computation Fluid Dynamics Simulation against Tracer Data from a Scale Model and Full-Sized Waste Stabilization Pond

2008  Optimal Siting of Regional Fecal Sludge Treatment Facilities: St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

2006  Aerated Rock Filters for Enhanced Ammonia and Fecal Coliform Removal from Facultative Pond Effluents

2006  Nutrient Removal in a Cold-Region Wastewater Stabilization Pond: Importance of Ammonia Volatilization

2005  Effect of Organic Surface Load on Process Performance of Pilot-Scale Algae and Duckweed-Based Waste Stabilization Ponds

2004  Two Cases of Small Earth Fill Dams for Sewage Treatment Ponds in Southern Brazil Brazil

2001  Elongated Stabilization Ponds with Partitions: A Solution for Small Communities Sewage Disposal

2001  Modelling Water Quality in Stormwater Ponds and Wetlands

1999  Modeling of Shallow Stabilization Ponds

1995  Modeling Coliform Mortality in Waste Stabilization Ponds

1992  Pilot Waste-Stabilization Pond in Tanzania

1989  Effect of Pond Depth on Bacterial Mortality Rate

1988  Ammonia Nitrogen Removal in Attached-Growth Ponds

1987  Bacterial Die-Off in Waste Stabilization Ponds

1987  Effect of Pond depth on Bacterial Die-Off

1987  Embankment Over Fly Ash Pond at Portsmouth Power Station

1985  Dispersion Model for Waste Stabilization Ponds

1984  Phosphorous Models for Waste Stabilization Ponds

1983  Lagoon Effluent Polishing with Intermittent Sand Filters

1982  Evaluation of Hydrogen-Controlled Permit Criteria for Waste Stabilization Ponds

1981  Hydraulic Modeling for Waste Stabilization Ponds

1980  Dynamic Nutrient Cycle for Waste Stabilization Ponds

1972  Bacterial Dieoff in Ponds

1972  Kinetics of Chlorine Disinfection in an Ecosystem

1972  Treatment Efficiency of Waste Stabilization Ponds

1970  Filtration of Chlorella through Dune-Sand

1969  Design Principles of Waste Stabilization Ponds

1969  Loading Rates on Waste Stabilization Ponds

1969  Sulfide Production in Waste Stabilization Ponds

1962  Stabilization Pond as a Nitrate Reducing Reactor

1957  Sewage Treatment by Raw Sewage Stabilization Ponds