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Found 37 Records with the keyword term of "Waste heat"

1998  Desalination Plant Planned for Florida

1997  Researchers Have Plans for Surplus Heat

1994  Subrepository Scale Hydrothermal Analysis in Support of Total System Performance Assessment at Yucca Mountain

1992  Three-Dimensional Thermal Jump in Stratified Cooling Channel

1991  Design of a Stratified Cooling Channel

1991  The Low Temperature Engine System—Status Report

1991  Modelling of Excavation, Thermal Loading and Bentonite Swelling Pressure for a Waste Repository

1990  Waste Heat Rejection System for a Lunar Oxygen Production Plant

1989  Mixing of Thermal Discharges in Coastal Waters

1988  A Commonality Assessment of Lunar Surface Habitation

1988  Energy Generation and Resources Recovery from Refuse Incineration

1988  Indirect Solar Loading of Waste Heat Radiators

1988  The Liquid Droplet Radiator in Space: A Parametric Approach

1987  Energy and Resources Recovery from Refuse Incineration

1987  Model/Field Comparison—Coastal Buoyant Jet

1986  Power from the Incineration of Wastewater Sludge

1983  Small Scale On-Site Disposal with Energy Recovery

1981  Assessment of Hydrothermal Models for Cooling Impoundment Ecosystem Analysis

1981  Efficient Cooling Ponds: Design

1981  Far Field Physical Models of Thermal Discharges

1981  River Thermal Standards Costs in Upper Midwest

1981  Vertical Round Buoyant Jet in Shallow Water

1980  Hybrid Cooling System Thermodynamics and Economics

1980  Near Field Mixing of Staged Diffuser

1979  Buoyant Jet Discharges into Finite Ambient Waters

1979  Cooling Impoundments: Classification and Analysis

1979  Heat Recirculation Induced by Thermal Diffusers

1978  Model for Shore-Attached Thermal Plumes in Rivers

1978  Underground Hot Water Storage Could Cut National Fuel Needs 10%

1976  One-Dimensional Temperature Predictions in Unsteady Flows

1975  Heat Disposal in Water Environment

1975  Use of Waste Heat for Soil Warming and Irrigation

1975  Waste Heat Discharges from Offshore Power Plants

1972  Impact of Cooling Water on Lake Temperatures

1971  Cooling Water Sources for Power Generation

1970  Environmental Protection—TVA Experience

1970  Waste Heat Disposal from Power Generating Stations