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2014  Hazardous Wastes Generated in the Manufacture of High-Explosive 1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene

2013  Converting Waste Disposal Sites to Renewable Energy Sites Using MSE Berms

2013  Detection of Aluminum Waste Reactions and Waste Fires

2012  Aluminum Waste Reaction Indicators in a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

2012  Framework to Determine the Optimal Spatial Location and Number of Municipal Solid Waste Bins in a Developing World Urban Neighborhood

2012  Research on Disposal of the Acid Wastewater in Mine by Fly Ash

2012  Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Disposal of Construction Waste in Chongqing

2011  Capacity Enhancement at Coastal Disposal Sites

2010  Aluminum Reactions and Problems in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2010  Effects of Climate Change on Mine Waste Disposal in the Arctic

2009  Hartford Plant Will Recover Energy from Biosolids Incineration

2009  Hydraulic Conductivity of MSW in Landfills

2008  Clearance of Beach Water Contamination after 48 Million Gallon Sewage Spill in Hawaii: Reliability of Culture Assay for FRNA Coliphages and PCR Assay for Bacteroides

2008  Considerations Regarding Geochemical Transformations Downstream of Subsurface Wastewater Effluent Disposal Facilities

2008  Formulation for the THMC Analysis of Clayey Materials: Application to Radioactive Waste Disposal

2008  Theoretical Equations on Hydraulic Conductivities of Bentonite-Based Buffer and Backfill for Underground Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

2007  Environmental Permitting of Industrial Facilities - A Review of Requirements

2007  Experimental Evidences on Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling in Engineered Clay Barrier for Deep Nuclear Waste Disposal

2007  Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Ocean Disposal of Harbor Dredged Materials

2006  Application of Vertical Strain Control to Measure Swelling Pressure of Clayey Soils

2006  Constructing and Maintaining the Port of NY and NJ, USA: Operational and Management Challenges in Moving from Disposal to Beneficial Use

2006  Design Factors Affecting the Flow of Water through Below-Ground Concrete Vaults

2006  Detection of Illegal Dump Deposit with GPR: Case Study

2006  Geo-Environmental and Management Aspects of the Behaviour of Mining and Municipal Solid Wastes in Water-Deficient Climates

2006  Geotechnical Engineering: Finland to Bury Its Nuclear Waste

2006  Hydrological Evaluation of Septic Disposal Field Design in Sloping Terrains

2006  Hydro-Mechanical Small-Scale Tests on Compacted Bentonite

2006  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. III: Stratified Stationary Water

2006  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. IV: Stratified Flowing Water

2006  Microstructure and Compactive Instabilities of a Stabilized Residue

2006  Novel Hybrid Filter for the Treatment of Septic Tank Effluent

2006  Optimized Dredging Plans for an Open Water Disposal Site Using NLP

2006  Simulation of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) Coupled Behaviour of a Full Scale In-Situ Test Prototype Repository

2006  Stabilization of Arsenic-Bearing Sludges using Lime

2005  Activities of the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste and Perspectives on Selected Technical Issues

2005  Analyzing Diffusion by Analogy with Consolidation

2005  Composition and Characteristics of Excavated Materials from a New Jersey Landfill

2005  Ensuring Future Skills: Education and Training in Underground Waste Disposal

2005  Estimating Solar and Nonsolar Inactivation Rates of Airborne Bacteria

2005  Factors Affecting Inactivation Behavior in the Monochloramination Range

2005  Geological Disposal: Global Status and Key Issues

2005  Geotechnical Properties of Fly and Bottom Ash Mixtures for use in Highway Embankments

2005  Getting to Zero Waste — Wisconsin’s Efforts to Minimize Global Climate Change

2005  Hazards of Buried Radioactive Wastes from Electricity Generation

2005  Long-Term Radioactive Waste Management in the United Kingdom-Nirex Perspective

2005  The Management of Radioactive Waste in the European Union.Opinions, Situation and Proposal for Changes

2005  Mixing Water Treatment Residual with Excavation Waste Soil in Brick and Artificial Aggregate Making

2005  The Nuclear Energy Debate and the Importance of Radioactive Waste Management

2005  Remediation: Hanford Nuclear Waste to Be Pumped, Treated

2005  Sedimentation from Buoyant Jets

2005  Sustainable Disposal of Domestic Sanitary Waste

2005  Waste Isolation Pilot Plant as a Case Study for the Deployment of a National Repository Program

2004  Aerated Grit Chambers Hydraulic Design Equation

2004  Applicability of Oxidation Reduction Potential Response on a Full-Scale Intermittently Aerated Suspended Culture System

2004  Behavior of Nonbuoyant Jets in a Wave Environment

2004  Design and Construction of a Nearshore Confined Disposal Facility

2004  Design of a Confined Disposal Facility on Compressible Organic Soil

2004  Dynamic Pressure to Waterproof Sheet Placed in the Backfill Region of a Caisson-Type Bulkhead for Waste Disposal

2004  Environmental Geochemistry of Leachate from Leached Brown Coal Ash

2004  Evaluation of Geostatistics for Combined Hydrochemistry and Microbial Community Fingerprinting at a Waste Disposal Site

2004  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. I: Unstratified Stationary Water

2004  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. II: Unstratified Flowing Water

2004  Optimization of Bioscrubber Performances: Experimental and Modeling Approaches

2004  Predicting Swelling Characteristics of Bentonites

2003  Applicability of Pneumatic Capsule Pipeline to Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility

2003  Barriers to the Beneficial Use of Dredged Material and Potential Solutions

2003  Case Study to Illustrate Evaluation of Contaminant Pathways for Upland Dredged Material Disposal

2003  Confined Disposal Facility Reclamation Research

2003  Development and Long-Term Fate of a Capped Disposal Mound at an Open Water Dredged Material Disposal Site

2003  Development of Guidelines for Dredged Material Disposal Based on Abiotic Determinants of Coral Reef Community Structure

2003  Disposal of Contaminated Sediments from Oslo Harbor in an Anoxic Deep-Water Basin

2003  Effect of Vadose Zone on CDF Leachate Concentration

2003  Evaluating Sub-Channel Confined Aquatic Disposal Cells: Experience from the Boston Harbor Navigation Improvement Project

2003  Evaluation of Contaminant Flux from CAD Sites Using the CAP Model

2003  Evaluation of Dredged Material Disposal Options Using Chemical and Biological Testing Data and Risk Based Indices

2003  Evaluation of Shelf, Harbor and Disposed Dredged Sediments as Potential Sources of Deposited Muds on South Florida Reefs

2003  Evaluation of Water Quality Impacts Related to the Construction of a Nearshore Confined Disposal Facility

2003  Geotechnical Characterization of Dredged Material Containment Areas

2003  The History, Development and Implementation of the Long Term Management Strategy for the Placement of Dredged Material in the San Francisco Bay Region

2003  How Long-Term Dredging Can Benefit the Community: Embracing Placement Sites In Holland, MI

2003  Managing Dredged Sediment Placement in Open-Water Disposal Sites, Upper Chesapeake Bay

2003  Model for Evaluating Material Transport from Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Sites

2003  Natural Stabilization of Stored Industrial Sludges

2003  Regulation of Dredged Material Disposal at Sea in North-West Europe by the OSPAR Convention

2003  Ross Island Lagoon—A Case Study for Confined Disposal of Contaminated Dredged Material, Portland, Oregon

2003  Sensitivity Analysis and Comparative Performance of Outfalls with Single Buoyant Plumes

2003  Subaqueous Capping Demonstration Project at the Massachusetts Bay Disposal Site

2003  Thermal Stabilization of Iron-Rich Sludge for High Strength Aggregates

2003  Tiered Evaluations for CDF Contaminant Pathways—Upland Testing Manual

2002  Environmental Studies: Federal Standards Needed for Coal Waste Basins

2002  Geotechnical Engineering: DOE Recommends Yucca Mountain Repository despite Warnings

2002  Micromechanical Modeling of a Dump Material

2002  Owner Does Not Automatically Warrant Site Access

2002  Refuse Decomposition in the Presence and Absence of Leachate Recirculation

2002  Treatment of Leachate by Aged-Refuse-Based Biofilter

2002  Tunneling into the Future

2001  Elongated Stabilization Ponds with Partitions: A Solution for Small Communities Sewage Disposal

2001  Environmental Justice: Spatial Distribution of Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities in Los Angeles

2001  Erosion Control for Solid Waste Disposal Piles

2001  Graphical Sizing and Analysis of Ocean Outfalls with Buoyant Plumes