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2015  Long-Term Performance Monitoring of a Hillside Retaining Wall

2014  Condition of Chromated Copper Arsenate Treated Hem-Fir Guardrail Posts after 20 Years in Service in Western Washington State

2014  Design and Performance of 6.3-m-High, Block-Faced Geogrid Wall Designed Using K-Stiffness Method

2014  Unprecedented Connections

2013  Asset Management Program Development and Implementation for the Port of Tacoma - Port of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA

2013  Back to School

2013  Beneficial Reuse of Dredge Spoils from Squalicum Harbor

2013  Building on Shaky Ground

2013  Bulkhead Design Procedure and Challenges on Harbor Island

2013  The Challenge of Replacing Existing Infrastructure

2013  Design and Permitting the Des Moines Marina Improvements

2013  Design of a Steel Stop Log Gate and Basin Operations

2013  Designing Floating Wave Attenuators for Long Period Waves

2013  Dynamic Modulus of HMA and Its Relationship to Actual and Predicted Field Performance Using MEPDG

2013  Earthquake Mitigation at Washington United Terminal Tacoma, WA

2013  The Execution of a Comprehensive Dock Condition Survey

2013  Fast Track Project Yields Economic Benefit to Community

2013  Front Matter

2013  Geotechnical Aspects of Deep Foundation Design and Construction at the SR520 Pontoon Casting Facility

2013  Grain Dock Development at Port of Longview, WA

2013  Habitat Development for Eco-Credit in Port Settings

2013  Lockheed Shipyard Capping and Shoreline Restoration

2013  Management of Unstable Slopes along Washington State Highways - Past, Present, and Future

2013  Managing Flooding Risk in Response to Sea Level Rise

2013  Methodology for Assessing and Providing Recommendations for Waterfront Lighting Efficiency Improvements

2013  Optimization of Maintenance Dredging Requirements at Berths 1 through 10, Port of Vancouver, WA

2013  Performance of Constructed Habitat Beach

2013  Pontoon Launch Channel Analysis, Design and Performance

2013  Port of Anacortes Former Scott Paper Mill Cleanup Project

2013  Port of Seattle Terminal 10: From Superfund to Active Use

2013  Reconstruction of Runway 16L-34R at Seattle - Tacoma International Airport

2013  Replacement of a Failing Bulkhead Wall with Inches to Spare

2013  Rich Passage 1 Wake Validation and Shore Response Study

2013  The Right Combination

2013  Seattle Tacoma International Airport STS: APM and Airport Growing Together

2013  Seismic Retrofit of a 1960’s Steel-Frame Industrial Building In Washington State Using Viscous Dampers

2013  Sensitivity Analysis of FEMA HAZUS Earthquake Model: Case Study from King County, Washington

2013  Ship Loader Platforms Using a Pile/Micropile System

2013  Sound Geotechnical Research to Practice, Honoring Robert D. Holtz II

2013  Stone Columns and Earthquake Drain Liquefaction Mitigation for Federal Center South in Seattle, Washington

2013  Systemic Coating Failure on a Nuclear Submarine Drydock, Evaluation and an Engineering Solution

2013  Washington United Terminals Berth Extension

2013  Westport Marina Redevelopment Project

2013  What if We Don’t? An Economic View of Seismic Upgrade

2013  Whatcom Waterway Cleanup of Phase 1 Areas

2012  Airfield Safety and Capacity Improvements, Case Studies on Successful Projects

2012  Brightwater Prepares to Shine

2012  CE-QUAL-W2 Water Quality and Fish-Bioenergetics Model of Chester Morse Lake and the Cedar River

2012  Challenging Soils in Seattle, Washington

2012  Deep Portal Shafts for the Brightwater Tunnels: Geotechnical Design Considerations and Construction Experience

2012  Elwha River Restoration: Sediment Modeling

2012  Ground Improvements for Seattle’s U230 U-Link Tunnel Construction

2012  Howard Hanson Dam Emergency Interim Grout Curtain

2012  Hydrodynamic Modeling Analysis of Tidal Wetland Restoration in Snohomish River, Washington

2012  Implementation of a Comprehensive Flood Warning System in West Central Washington

2012  Investigation of White Bluffs Landslides in Washington State

2012  Modeling Transport of Disposed Dredged Material from Placement Sites in Grays Harbor, WA

2012  Numerical Examinations of Traffic Accident Characteristics Using Analytical Statistical Methods

2012  Pacific Northwest Storms of December 1-4, 2007, Lifeline Performance

2012  Providing Fish Passage at the Middle Fork Nooksack River Diversion Dam

2012  Replacement of World’s Longest Floating Bridge Will Be Even Longer

2012  Replacing Live Pipelines—Planning for Construction Issues and Sequencing Can Keep Your System Up and Running

2012  Resolving a Lakeside Dilemma

2012  Seepage Repairs at Howard Hanson Dam

2012  Small Diameter Driven Pipe Piles in Seattle: Summary of Recent Research and Test Results

2012  Sound Transit Awards Design/Build Contract For Light-Rail Extension in Seattle

2012  Two Successful Installations of Large Diameter Rigid-Design Concrete Pressure Pipelines in Very Soft Soils

2012  Use of Modeling and Instrumentation during Construction of the University Link I-5 Undercrossing

2012  WSSC’s Systematic Approach to the CFRP Liner Installation Process

2011  Applying Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) to Transportation Projects: The State of the Practice

2011  Case Study—A Landslide on Coastal Slope in Bellingham Bay

2011  Construction of a Deep Water Marine Outfall Using Design-Build Procurement

2011  Design and Installation of Pipeline Systems in Long Tunnels—The Brightwater Conveyance Project

2011  Evaluating Water Demands under Climate Change and Transitions in the Urban Environment

2011  Green Stormwater Infrastructure Use to Control Combined Sewer Overflows

2011  Integration of Transit Systems at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

2011  Managing Settlement Risk Due to Tunneling beneath Downtown Seattle

2011  Once Vulnerable, Now Robust

2011  Planning and Building a Marine Outfall in a Sensitive Ecosystem: Lessons Learned

2011  Portland’s Water Distribution Pipes Asset Management Plan

2011  Satellite Data Based Impact Assessment of Basin Characteristics for Brahmaputra River System of India

2011  Settlement Will Aid Work at Superfund Site in Idaho, Washington

2011  Sewer Main and Stub Condition Assessment and Repair/Rehabilitation—A Practical Approach

2011  Solving the "No-Win" Scenario: Mercer Island, Washington Sewer Lakeline Replacement

2011  An Urban Alignment for a Waterline Up to 156 Inches

2011  Using Design-Build Procurement for a Deep Water Marine Outfall Pipeline

2011  Weighing the Risks of Installing a Lake Tap with Microtunneling

2010  Analysis of Seawall Concepts Using Yielding Soil Anchors

2010  Assessing Stormwater Management in King County, Washington: An Evaluation of Pollution Mitigation Strategies

2010  Blair-Hylebos Peninsula Terminal Redevelopment: Road/Rail/Infrastructure Improvements

2010  Case History-Olympic Sculpture Park MSE Structures

2010  Come See Seattle in the Summertime

2010  Creating a LID Environment in an Ultra Urban Setting

2010  Cutter Soil Mixing Excavation and Shoring in Seattle’s Pioneer Square District

2010  Design and Construction of an Innovative Shoring System at a Challenging Urban Site in Seattle, Washington

2010  Design and Construction of an Underpinning and Earth-Retaining System for Lehigh Valley Hospital Building

2010  Design and Performance of a 46-m-High MSE Wall

2010  Development and Evaluation of a Coupled Hydrodynamic (FVCOM) and Water Quality Model (CE-QUAL-ICM)

2010  Economic Solutions for New Vessel Construction at Shipyard

2010  Empirical Modeling of Pavement Overlay Crack Progression with Field Data