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Found 64 Records with the keyword term of "Walkways"

2014  On the Web (

2013  Disabled Pedestrian Level of Service Method for Evaluating and Promoting Inclusive Walking Facilities on Urban Streets

2013  Relationship of Walk Access Distance to Rapid Rail Transit Stations with Personal Characteristics and Station Context

2013  Standard Pedestrian Equivalent Factors: New Approach to Analyzing Pedestrian Flow

2012  Exploring Determinants of Pedestrians’ Satisfaction with Sidewalk Environments: Case Study in Korea

2012  Perceptions of Pedestrians and Shopkeepers in European Medium-Sized Cities: Study of Guimarães, Portugal

2011  Child Streets

2011  Shore Protective Revetment Crowned with Pedestrian Walkway at Strand Beach, California

2010  Lessons Learned from a Design Competition for Structural Engineering Students: The Case of a Pedestrian Walkway at the Université de Sherbrooke

2010  Putting Cities Back on Their Feet

2010  Willingness to Shift to Walking or Bicycling to Access Suburban Rail: Case Study of Mumbai, India

2009  Chicago’s Vaulted Sidewalks: History and Structural Rehabilitation

2009  Design Criteria for an Urban Sidewalk Landscape Considering Emotional Perception

2008  Bridges: Elevated Walkway Lets Kew Visitors Enjoy ’Weathering’ Heights

2008  Broadway Receives Pedestrian-Friendly Makeover

2008  Porous Concrete Sidewalks — How to Build Sidewalks, Not Stormwater Ponds

2007  Modeling Pedestrian Walking Speeds on Sidewalks

2007  Urban Redevelopment: Walkway Transforms Detroit Riverfront

2006  Sidewalk Planning and Policies in Small Cities

2005  The California Coastal Trail Project: Plans for Completion of the CCT

2005  Designing the Walkable City

2004  Use of Greenway Trails in Indiana

2001  Evaluating Pedestrian Connectivity for Suburban Sustainability

2000  Chronology and Context of the Hyatt Regency Collapse

2000  Development and Application of a Dynamic Simulation Model for Airport Curbsides

2000  Editor’s Note: Review of the Second Forensic Engineering Congress

2000  The Engineer of Record and Design Responsibility

2000  Engineering Process Failure—Hyatt Walkway Collapse

2000  Hyatt Failure from the Perspective of a Forensic Engineer

2000  In Memoriam: Donald W. Loutzenheiser

2000  Modeling Pedestrian Dynamics in Montreal’s Underground City

2000  Pedestrian Speed/Flow Relationships for Walking Facilities in Hong Kong

2000  Professionalism, Responsibility & Engineering Ethics

2000  Walkways: Tragedy and Transformation in Kansas City

1998  Grasshoppers Link Art and Engineering in Phoenix

1998  Small Scale Systems in Las Vegas: Appropriate Technology for the Setting

1998  Speedwalk-an Accelerating Moving Walkway

1997  Influence of Sidewalks and Railings on Wheel Load Distribution in Steel Girder Bridges

1997  Using GIS for Evaluation of Neighborhood Pedestrian Accessibility

1995  Greater Cleveland Retional Transit Authority Walkway to Gateway

1995  Making the Central Artery Project Walker Friendly

1995  Pedestrians: Who Are They?

1994  Elevated Walkways Rise Above Impact on Environment

1994  Redesigning Suburbia for Walking and Transit: Emerging Concepts

1993  MM21 (Minato Mirai 21) Project in Yokohama, Japan

1992  And it Tastes Great, Too

1990  Below-Deck Walkways Speed Bridge Inspections

1990  Hong Kong Commuters to Take Escalator to Work

1988  Walking Characteristics in Central Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

1987  The Hyatt Regency Decision: One View

1986  Headhouse Improves Access to Transit Lines

1986  The Hyatt Decision: Two Opinions—The Attorney/Engineers Speak

1986  Judge Writes New Chapter on Hyatt Collapse

1986  The River Walks of San Antonio Move to Providence

1985  Acceptable Walking Distances in Central Areas

1985  Pedestrian Traffic on Cincinnati Skywalk System

1983  Pedestrian Flow and Level of Service

1977  Pedestrian Volume Estimation by Land-Use Variables

1976  Mo-Peds

1975  Britain’s Stevenage: Pathway Pioneer

1975  Some Facts About Horizontal Moving Sidewalks At Airports

1974  Human Responses to Stairways, Walkways and Ramps: Some Recent Findings

1972  Environmental Factors in Passenger Terminal Design

1972  Variable Speed Walkways