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2015  Influence of Strake Wing on Unsteady Characteristics of an Aircraft Undergoing Lateral Motions

2014  Calculations of Nonsubmerged Groin Flow in a Shallow Open Channel by Large-Eddy Simulation

2014  Characteristics of Free Surface Vortices at Low-Head Hydropower Intakes

2014  Linear Stability Analysis of Open-Channel Shear Flow Generated by Vegetation

2013  Direct Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Flow past a Normal Flat Plate

2013  Vortex-Induced Vibration of Bridge Decks: Volterra Series-Based Model

2012  Angular Velocity Formula for Turbulent Vortex Chamber Flows

2012  Characteristics of Shear Layer and Primary Vortex Induced by Solitary Waves Propagating over Rectangular Structures with Different Aspect Ratios

2012  Critical Submergence for Dual Rectangular Intakes

2012  Dispersion in Submerged Vegetated Flow with Coherent Vortices

2012  Dye Visualization of the Vortical Flow Structure over a Double-Delta Wing

2012  Evolution of NACA23012 Wake Vortices Structure Using PIV

2012  Observation of the Vortical Flow over a Yawed Delta Wing

2012  Vortex-Excited Transverse Surface Waves in an Array of Randomly Placed Circular Cylinders

2012  Vortices and Large-Scale Structures in a Rough Open-Channel Flow Subjected to Bed Suction and Injection

2011  CFD As Applied to the Development of a Hydrodynamic Vortex Mixer

2011  Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of a Noncontact Handling Device Using Air-Swirling Flow

2011  Improvement the Trap Efficiency of Vortex Chamber for Exclusion of Suspended Sediment in Diverted Water

2011  Prediction of Intake Vortex Risk by Nearest Neighbors Modeling

2011  Rational Design of a Pump-Sump and Its Model Testing

2011  Study of Solitary-Wave-Induced Fluid Motions and Vortices in a Cavity Using a Two-Dimensional Viscous Flow Model

2011  The Use of CFD Coupled with Physical Testing to Develop a New Range of Vortex Flow Controls with Attributes Approaching the Ideal Flow Control Device

2011  Vortex Structures inside Shear Bands in Sands

2010  Characteristics of Monami Wave in Submerged Vegetated Flow

2010  Experimental Investigation of a Vortex-Flow Restrictor: Rain-Blocker Performance Tests

2010  Field Assessment of Grit Removal Systems

2010  Linear Instability Theory for Frequency Assessment of Coherent Vortices in Submerged and Aside Rigid Canopies

2010  Local Scour at Bridge Piers: The Role of Reynolds Number on Horseshoe Vortex Dynamics

2010  A Review of Vortex-Induced Vibrations

2010  Time Evolution of the Horseshoe Vortex System Forming around a Bridge Abutment

2010  Time-Domain Model for Predicting Aerodynamic Loads on a Slender Support Structure for Fatigue Design

2010  Vortex Valves—Effective Flow Regulation for Economical Stormwater Management

2009  Critical Submergence for Multiple Pipe Intakes

2009  Detached Eddy Simulation Investigation of Turbulence at a Circular Pier with Scour Hole

2009  Effect of Transitions on Flow past a Square Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number

2009  Experimental Studies on Vertical Dense Jets in a Flowing Current

2009  Flow Characteristics around a Circular Cylinder Placed Horizontally above a Plane Boundary

2009  Hydraulics of Tangential Vortex Intake for Urban Drainage

2009  Mass Transport in Shallow Turbulent Wake Flow by Planar Concentration Analysis Technique

2009  Stability of a Pair of Counterrotating and Corotating Vortices of Different Strengths

2009  Surface Roller Model for the Numerical Simulation of Spilling Wave Breaking over Constant Slope Beach

2009  Vortex Plate for Enhancing Particle Settling

2008  Characteristics of Steady Horseshoe Vortex System near Junction of Square Cylinder and Base Plate

2008  Coherent Structures in the Flow Field around a Circular Cylinder with Scour Hole

2008  End Connection Effects on Vortex Shedding Susceptibility of Welded Aluminum Truss Tubular Web Members

2008  Experimental and CFD Modeling of a Vortex Flow Restrictor

2008  Fine-Scale Characterization of the Turbulent Shear Layer of an Instream Pebble Cluster

2008  Influence of Structural Design on the Aeroelastic Stability of Brancusi’s Endless Column

2008  Investigation of Twin Vortices near the Interface in Turbulent Compound Open-Channel Flows Using DNS Data

2008  Optimization and Analysis of Advective Travel Times beneath Hydraulic Structures

2008  Turbulent Effects on the Settling Velocity of Suspended Sediment

2007  Numerical Modeling of Flow and Hydrodynamic Forces around a Piggyback Pipeline near the Seabed

2007  Prediction of Critical Submergence for a Rectangular Intake

2007  Prediction of the Behaviour of Large Vortex Drop Structures in Municipal Sewerage Systems

2007  Three-Dimensional and Depth-Averaged Large-Eddy Simulations of Some Shallow Water Flows

2007  Three-Dimensional Flow around a Bottom-Mounted Short Cylinder

2007  Use of Trashracks as Anti Vortex Structures at Submerged Intakes

2006  Analytical Solution to the Vortex-Excited Vibration of Tether in the Submerged Floating Tunnel

2006  Coupling of U-Tube and Shear Layer Oscillations in an Interconnected Flow Compartment

2006  Experimental Study of Flow in a Vortex Drop Shaft

2006  Large-Eddy Simulation of High Reynolds Number Turbulent Flow Past a Square Cylinder

2006  Limitations of Depth-Averaged Modeling for Shallow Wakes

2006  Lodging Velocity for an Emergent Aquatic Plant in Open Channels

2006  Recent Developments Concerning Vortex-Induced Oscillations of Edge Girder Bridges

2006  Sediment Transport over Ripples in Oscillatory Flow

2006  The Use of LSPIV to Measure Large Streamwise Vortices

2005  Flow and Erosive Stresses at the Base of a Headcut

2005  The Horseshoe Vortex System Around a Circular Bridge Pier on Equilibrium Scoured Bed

2005  Large Eddy Simulation and Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulations of Flow in a Realistic Pump Intake: A Validation Study

2005  Modeling Flow around Bluff Bodies

2004  Application of Suction Scoops to Improve Pump-Approach Flow Distributions in Three-Pump Intake Bays

2004  Directional Wind-Induced Fatigue of Slender Vertical Structures

2004  Experimental Study on Vortex Induced Vibrations of Highly Flexible Immersed Pipe Subjected to Top End Oscillations

2004  Free-Surface—Vorticity Interactions in an Open Channel Flow

2003  Convection Velocity of Vortex Structures in the Near Wake of a Circular Cylinder

2003  Nondestructive Evaluation of Tuned-Mass-Damper-Type Vibration Absorbers using Vibration Signatures

2003  Phenomenological Characterization of Vortex Induced Scour

2003  Simultaneous Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Doppler Velocimetry Measurements of Periodical Oscillatory Horseshoe Vortex System near Square Cylinder-Base Plate Juncture

2002  Computational and Experimental Studies of Floc Behaviour in a Vortex Separator

2002  Efficiency of a Vortex Chamber with Horizontal Bottom under Supercritical Flow

2002  Enrichment of Methane Concentration via Separation of Gases Using Vortex Tubes

2002  The Experimental and Residence Time Distribution Estimation of the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide within a Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator

2002  Improving Water Quality Using Hydrodynamic Vortex Separators and Screening Systems

2002  Removal Efficiency of a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank with an Added Vortex Separator in a Combined Sewer System

2002  Research on the Repression of a Vortex to Apply a Lightweight, High Speed, Large Capacity Pump

2002  Study on Coherent Vortex Structures over Sand Ridges in an Open Channel Flow by DNS

2002  Wave Generation in Open Channels by Vortex Shedding from Channel Obstructions

2001  Experimental Study of 3D Pump-Intake Flows with and without Cross Flow

2001  Modelling of a Wave-Induced Vortex near a Breakwater

2001  Modulated Shear Flow

2001  On the Consistency of Boussinesq Models and Their Ability to Predict Vertical Vorticity Fields

2001  Vortex Formation behind a Vertical Slender Plate and Wave Force

2001  Wave-Induced Vortices around a Submerged Breakwater by FLDV and PIV

2000  A Design Procedure for Sizing Step-Pool Structures

2000  Flow and Velocity Measurements Using Vortex Shedding and Magnetic Flow Meters, Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery

2000  Measurement of Vortices in Model Pump-Intake Bay by PIV

2000  Minimum Submergence before Double-Entrance Pressure Intakes

2000  Modeling of Tide-Induced Circulation near a Strait

2000  Numerical Simulation of Advected Thermal Using Gaussian-Vortex Model

2000  Role of Turbulence Model in Prediction of Pump-Bay Vortices