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2015  Thermomechanical Constitutive Model for Saturated Clays Based on Critical State Theory

2014  Dependence of the Material Properties of Lightweight Cemented Soil on the Curing Temperature

2014  Hysteretic Shear Strength and Shear-Induced Volume Change of Natural Expansive Soils Weathered from Shale

2014  Stability and Instability of Granular Materials under Imposed Volume Changes: Experiments and Predictions

2013  An Apparatus for Dissecting Volumetric Changes in Hydrating Cement Paste

2013  Development of Comprehensive Platform for the Estimation of Volume Change and Damage in Cementitious Material

2013  Laboratory Investigation of the Pre- and Post-Cyclic Volume Change Properties of Sherman Island Peat

2012  Stress-Strain-Volume Change Modeling of Delhi Silt in Triaxial Compression and Extension

2011  Influence of Cell Pressure on Clay Volume under Suction Control

2011  Influence of Leaching on Volume Change of a Gypseous Soil

2011  Prediction of Shear Strength and Volume Change Behaviour Using Hyperbolic Model

2011  Spatial Variation and Correlation between Undrained Shear Strength and Plasticity Index

2011  Strength of Weakly Cemented Sands from Drained Multistage Triaxial Tests

2011  Study on the Prevention Effect of Seepage Failure with Suspended Wall

2010  Addressing Sulfate-Induced Heave in Lime Treated Soils

2010  Effect of Saturation on Cyclic Volumetric Change of Compacted Silty Sands

2009  Characteristics of Pore Pressure and Volume Change during Undrained Loading of Unsaturated Compacted Granite Soil

2009  Influence of Clod-Size and Structure on Wetting-Induced Volume Change of Compacted Soil

2009  Probabilistic Model for the Assessment of Cyclically Induced Reconsolidation (Volumetric) Settlements

2009  Probabilistic Models for Cyclic Straining of Saturated Clean Sands

2009  Soil Improvement with Organo-Silane

2008  Behavior of Railroad Ballast under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2008  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Best Management Practices Using Dynamic Modeling

2008  The Influence of Structure on One-Dimensional Wetting Induced Volume Change of Compacted Soil

2008  Shear Strength and Shear-Induced Volume Change Behavior of Unsaturated Soils from a Triaxial Test Program

2008  Signalized Intersection Analysis and Design: Implications of Day-to-Day Variability in Peak-Hour Volumes on Delay

2008  Volumetric Strains of Clean Sands Subject to Cyclic Loads

2007  Effects of Organic Matter on Physical, Strength, and Volume Change Properties of Compost Amended Expansive Clay

2006  Analysis of the Volume Change Behavior of Expansive Compacted Soils

2006  A Comprehensive Shear Strength Model for Saturated and Unsaturated Soils

2006  Contrasting Influence of Caustic Alkali on the Behavior of Two Swelling Soils

2006  Determination of Interparticle Repulsive Pressures in Clays

2006  Developments in Measurement of Volume Change in Triaxial Testing of Unsaturated Soils

2006  An Evaluation Method for the Volume Change Characteristics of Compacted Soil

2006  Evaluation of Distress in Supports of Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell

2006  Influence of Matric Suction on the Volume Change Behaviour of a Compacted Clayey Soil

2006  A Microstructural Model for the Volume Changes of Unsaturated Clayey Soils Due to Wetting

2006  Predictive Model for the Water Retention Curve of Deformable Clayey Soils

2006  Relationship between Collapse and Soil-Water Retention Curve of a Sandy Soil

2006  Shear Strength and Pore-Water Pressure Characteristics during Constant Water Content Triaxial Tests

2006  Study of Effects of Natural Pozzolan on Properties of Cement Mortars

2006  A Study of Injection of Chemical Agents in an Expansive Clay

2006  Volume Change Behavior of a Fissured Expansive Clay Containing Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate

2006  Volume Change Behaviors of Expansive Soils Stabilized with Recycled Ashes and Fibers

2006  Water Retention Properties and Volume Change Behaviour of Natural Romainville Clay

2005  Strength and Volume Change Behavior of Expansive Soils Treated with Fly Ash

2005  Three-Dimensional Model for Moisture and Volume Changes Prediction in Expansive Soils

2005  Volume Compensation Method for Routing Irrigation Canal Demand Changes

2004  Effective Stress in Unsaturated Soils: Review with New Evidence

2004  Volume Change Effects on Solute Transport in Clay Under Consolidation

2003  Armor Stone Abrasion due to Displacements in Sea Storms

2003  Volume Change Behavior of Arid Calcareous Soils

2002  Behavior of Dilative Sand Interfaces in a Geotribology Framework

2001  Prediction of Volume Change in an Expansive Soil as a Result of Vegetation and Environmental Changes

2000  Influence of Gypsification on Engineering Behavior of Expansive Clay

2000  Modeling Drained Triaxial Compression Behavior of Sand Using ANN

2000  Unsaturated Performance Comparison of Compacted Clay Landfill Liners

2000  Volume Change Behavior of Collapsible Compacted Gneiss Soil

1998  Monitoring of Fluid Injection and Soil Consolidation Using Surface Tilt Measurements

1997  Collapsible Soils Engineering

1997  An Introduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

1997  Soil-Water Characteristic Curves and Flux Boundary Problems

1997  Surface Flux Boundary Modeling for Unsaturated Soils

1996  Atmospheric Flow Indices and Interannual Great Salt Lake Variability

1994  An Alternative Formulation of Volume-change Behavior of Soils

1993  Determination of Load Sharing in Insulating Glass Units

1993  Digital Image Techniques for Volume Change Measurements in Triaxial Tests

1993  Elasto-Plastic Volume Change of Unsaturated Compacted Clay

1993  An Empirical Model for the Volume-Change Behavior of Debris Flows

1993  On the Elasto-Plastic Behavior of an Unsaturated Silt

1993  Osmotic Suction as a Valid Stress State Variable in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

1993  Performance of Horizontal and Vertical Barriers

1993  Simulating Seasonal Ground Movement in Unsaturated Clay

1992  Density Changes During Undrained Loading—Membrane Compliance

1992  On the Modelling of Damage Due to Volumic Variations in Cementitious Composites

1992  Swell versus Saturation for Compacted Clay

1991  Stress Ratio Effects on Collapse of Compacted Clayey Sand

1990  Elastic-Viscoplastic Model for Large Deformation of Soils

1989  Alternate Analysis of Pressuremeter Test

1989  Estimating Terminal Lake Level Frequencies

1988  Shear Strength and Volume-Change Behavior of Copper Tailings Under Saturated Conditions

1988  Volume Change Behavior of Frozen Sands

1987  Nonassociated Flow and Stability of Granular Materials

1986  Design & Construction With Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete Using ACI 223-83

1986  Large Mat Foundation Analysis on Expansive Soil

1986  Pattern of Volume Change Development

1986  Response of Great Salt Lake to Climate Variability

1985  Effect of Initial Shear on Cyclic Behavior of Sand

1985  Temperature Effects on Volume Measurements

1983  Comparison of FEM for Nearly Incompressible Solids

1982  Volume Change Behavior of Desiccated Soils

1981  Relevance of ASTM C-342 Volume Change Test

1980  Characterization of Expansive Soils Using Soil Suction Data

1980  In-Situ Volume-Change Properties by Electro-Osmosis - Theory

1980  The Prediction of Total Heave

1980  Strain Controlled Testing of Expansive Soils

1979  Viscoplasticity of Transversely Isotropic Clays

1978  Foundation Response Caused by Disturbance of Clay

1976  Undrained Volume Changes in Compacted Cohesive Soil

1975  Electrical Resistivity Method for Determining Volume Changes that Occur During a Pressuremeter Test