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Found 80 Records with the keyword term of "Volcanic ash"

2014  Laboratory Measurement of Small-Strain Shear Modulus of Volcanic Soil

2013  Effect of New Composite Cement Containing Volcanic Ash and Limestone on Mechanical Properties and Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete

2013  Field Monitoring of Embankment Constructed by Volcanic Soil and Its Evaluation

2013  Volcanic Soils in the Wet Tropics

2012  Building Technologies for the Mitigation of Volcanic Risk: Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei

2012  Experimental and Numerical Analysis of an Unsaturated Volcanic Ash Deposit for the Establishment of an Early Warning System in a Quarry in Costa Rica

2011  Lightweight Concrete Incorporating Volcanic Ash-Based Blended Cement and Pumice Aggregate

2011  Soil and Rock Properties in a Young Volcanic Deposit on the Island of Hawaii

2010  Fresh, Mechanical, and Durability Characteristics of Self-Consolidating Concrete Incorporating Volcanic Ash

2010  Geomechanical Characterization of the Volcaniclastic Material Involved in the 2002 Landslides at Stromboli

2009  Research on Pavement Performance of Volcanic Ash Mixture as Road Base and Mechanism

2008  Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Mixes Containing Granular Volcanic Ash

2008  Singularities of Geotechnical Properties of Complex Soils in Seismic Regions

2007  System for Ranking Relative Threats of U.S. Volcanoes

2006  Cyclic Shear Behavior of Unsaturated Volcanic Sandy Soil under Various Suction Conditions

2006  Infiltration Measurements in Model Embankments Composed of Volcanic Sandy Soils

2006  Suction and its Effects on Shear Strength of Unsaturated Undisturbed Samples of a Volcanic Pumiceous Soil

2006  Water Retention Characteristics of Aggregate and Granular Materials

2005  Performance of Volcanic Ash Based Precast and In Situ Blended Cement Concretes in Marine Environment

2001  Behavior of a Loosely Compacted Unsaturated Volcanic Soil

2001  Estimation of Volcanic Hazards from Tephra Fallout

2001  Risk and Impact of Natural Hazards on a Road Network

1998  Aristarchus Plateau: As a Potential Lunar Base Site

1998  JSC MARS-1: A Martian Soil Simulant

1997  Eruption, Debris Flow, and Hydrogeomorphic Condition at Mount Unzen

1997  Slush Lahar Hazards on the Flank of Mt. Fuji - A History and Perspective on Climatic Change

1997  Volcanic Hazards and Aviation Safety

1996  Blasting Densifies Volcanic Debris (Available only in Focus on Geo/Environmental Special Issue)

1996  Factors Limiting Microbial Activity in Volcanic Tuff at Yucca Mountain

1996  Localized Alteration of the Paintbrush Nonwelded Hydrologic Unit within the Exploratory Studies Facility

1996  Modeling of Flow Through Fractured Tuff at Fran Ridge

1996  The Yucca Mountain Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Analysis Project

1995  Amphibole in Quaternary Basalts of the Yucca Mountain Region: Significance to Volcanism Models

1995  Anisotropy of Mechanical Properties of Tuff at Yucca Mountain

1995  Calcite and Zeolite Fracture Coatings in Topopah Spring Tuff Along Drill Hole Wash, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1995  Depth to Pre-Cenozoic Basement in Southwest Nevada

1995  Effect of Environmental Variables on CO2 Transport Through USW-G4 Tuffs

1995  Effects of Exploratory Studies Facility Construction Water on Radionuclide Release

1995  Flow and Transport Simulation in Yucca Mountain Using Dual-Porosity Model

1995  Geological Suitability Studies as to Burial of Radioactive Waste in Salts and Tuffs of the Transcarpathian Depression

1995  Measuring Geomechanical Properties of Topopah Spring Tuff at the 1-Meter Scale

1995  Parametric Analysis of a 1-D Infiltration Model for Yucca Mountain

1995  Permeability of Fractured Tuff as Functions of Temperature and Confining Pressure

1995  Potential Fast Paths Along Faults in the Calico Hills Unit at Yucca Mountain

1995  TOUGH2 Model of the G-Tunnel Heater Test

1994  Above and Below Boiling Thermal Loading Strategies for Large Waste Packages

1994  Analysis of Flow Along Anisotropic Fractures in Partially Saturated Media

1994  Electrical Properties of Topopah Spring Tuff as a Function of Saturation

1994  Fracture-Matrix Interaction in Topopah Spring Tuff: Experiment and Numerical Analysis

1994  Hydrologic Property Alterations Due to Elevated Temperatures at Yucca Mountain

1994  Li, Qizhi

1994  Mechanical and Bulk Properties in Support of ESF Design Issues

1994  Modeling Infiltration Into a Tuff Matrix From a Saturated Vertical Fracture

1994  Observations of Water Movement in a Block of Fractured Welded Tuff

1994  Results of Air-Permeability Testing in a Vertical Borehole at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  Saturation Levels and Trends in the Unsaturated Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  Scaling Behavior of Gas Permeability Measurements in Volcanic Tuffs

1994  Selenite Transport in Unsaturated Tuff From Yucca Mountain

1993  Assessment Procedures for Lahars, Mudflows, Debris Flows and Debris Torrents

1993  Debris Flows and Mass Wasting in Volcanic Torrents

1993  Flow and Transport in Hierarchically Fractured Systems

1993  Influence of Deterministic Geologic Trends on Spatial Variability of Hydrologic Properties in Volcanic Tuff

1993  An Inverse Procedure for Estimating the Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivities of Volcanic Tuffs

1991  Effect of a Low-Permeability Layer on Calculated Gas Flow at Yucca Mountain

1991  Laboratory Determined Suction Potential of Topopah Spring Tuff at High Temperatures

1991  Mechanical Tunnel Excavation in Welded Tuff

1991  Variation of Permeability with Temperature in Fractured Topopah Spring Tuff Samples

1990  A Mathematical Model of Erosion and Sedimentation of Hyperconcentrated Flow in Reservoirs

1990  Volcano-Tectonic Interpretations: An Example from the Northern Basin & Range

1989  Storing Sediment and Freeing Fish

1988  Comparison of Infiltration Measuring Methods for Surface Irrigation

1988  Geotechnical Properties of Cemented Volcanic Soil

1986  Soil Improvement Evaluation by CPT for Tanks

1983  Yakima-Tieton Irrigation District Canal Repairs

1982  Engineering Problems in Tropical and Residual Soils in Hawaii

1980  Mount St. Helens Eruption—Impact and Civil Engineering Response

1967  Cement Stabilization of Volcanic Materials

1967  Statistical Analysis Of Density Tests

1962  Behavior of Volcanic Soils in Highway Construction

1960  Strength Properties of Clays Derived from Volcanic Rocks