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2014  Computed Tomography Scanning for Quantifying Chipseal Material Volumetrics

2014  Dependence of Volumetric Parameters of Hot-Mix Asphalts on Testing Methods

2014  Discrete Element Simulations of Cyclic Biaxial Shear of a Granular Material with Oval Particles

2014  New Pressure-Void Ratio Relationship for Structured Soils in the Virgin Compression Range

2014  State of the Art: Permeability of Asphalt Concrete

2014  Time-Variant Flexural Reliability of Posttensioned, Segmental Concrete Bridges Exposed to Corrosive Environments

2014  Undrained Behavior of Sand-Fines Mixtures and Their State Parameter

2013  Effect of Air Voids and Asphalt Content on Fatigue Damage Using the Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Analysis

2013  Experimental and Numerical Methods for Detection of Voids in Wood Poles Using Ultrasonic Testing

2013  Physical Modeling on Sand Erosion around Defective Sewer Pipes under the Influence of Groundwater

2012  Correlating Micromorphology and Nanomorphology to High Strain Rate Performance of Nanoparticle Reinforced Polymeric Materials

2012  Improvement on Recognition Method of Void beneath Slab Based on Nondestructive Testing Technologies

2012  Influence of Cement-Voids Ratio on Stress-Dilatancy Behavior of Artificially Cemented Sand

2012  Influence of Dispersion and Location on Pay Adjustment in Construction Engineering

2012  New Correlation Equations for Compression Index of Remolded Clays

2011  Analysis of Aggregate Gradation and Packing for Easy Estimation of Hot-Mix-Asphalt Voids in Mineral Aggregate

2011  Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Permeability Data Using Representative Pore Size

2011  Computational Method for Determining Voids under Concrete Slabs through FWD Deflections

2011  The Effect of Exopolymers and Void Ratio on the Erosional Resistance of Cohesive Sediments

2011  Effective Void Ratio for Assessing the Mechanical Properties of Cement-Clay Admixtures at High Water Content

2011  Identifying the Depth of Voids beneath Rigid Pavement Slabs Method Based on GPR

2011  Method for Identifying the Depth of Voids beneath Rigid Pavement Slabs Based on GPR

2011  Model Tests and Analyses of Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing on Stiff Ground with Voids

2011  Polyvoids: Analytical Tool for Superpave HMA Design

2011  Relationship between Void Feature and Road Performance of Porous Asphalt Mixture Based on Image Technique

2011  Serviceability Limits for Basal Reinforced Embankments Spanning Voids

2011  Stress Analysis of Asphalt Overlay Structure with the Presence of Concrete Pavement Base Void and Treatments

2011  Variables Controlling Stiffness and Strength of Lime-Stabilized Soils

2011  Variables Controlling Strength of Artificially Cemented Sand: Influence of Curing Time

2011  Void Bulk Modulus Reduction of Porous Asphalt Mixture Based on Porous Linear Elastic Continuum Theory

2011  Void Ratio Estimation of Soft Soils Using Electrical Resistivity Cone Probe

2010  A Calculation Method of Secondary Compression Index for Natural Sedimentary Clays Using Void Index

2010  Comparison and Analysis Method for Identifying the Voids beneath Concrete Pavement

2010  Estimation of Cement Concrete Pavement Slab Void Ratio Based on FAHP Method

2010  Evaluation of Stiffness and Void Ratio by Field Velocity Probe in Soft Soils

2010  Inspection and Condition Assessment Using Ground Penetrating Radar

2010  A New Deflection-Based Parameter for Voids Detection in Rigid Pavement

2010  Predicting Rutting of Unbound Aggregate Layers Using Total Void Calculation under Full-Scale Testing at the FAA National Airport Pavement Test Facility

2010  Probabilistic Models for the Tensile Strength of Corroding Strands in Posttensioned Segmental Concrete Bridges

2010  Risk Assessment of Voids behind the Lining of Mountain Tunnels

2010  Study on Dynamic Repeated Creep Tests for Viscoelastic Property of Asphalt Mixtures with Varying Air Voids Content

2009  Analysis on Criterion for Void Identifying under Cement Concrete Pavement Corner

2009  Central Artery / Tunnel Project-Wide Post-Tensioning Tendon Grout Void Assessment

2009  Characterization of Liquefaction Susceptibility of Sands by Means of Extreme Void Ratios and/or Void Ratio Range

2009  Effect of Untreated Surface Disbonds on Performance of FRP-Retrofitted Concrete Beams

2009  Evaluation of Properties of Porous Friction Course Mixes for Different Gyration Levels

2009  Identification and Repair of Karst Subsurface Voids

2009  Measurement Method of Critical Voids in the Mineral Aggregate of AC-20

2009  On the Effects of Subgrade Erosion on the Contact Pressure Distribution under Rigid Surface Structures

2009  Probabilistic Capacity Models for Corroding Posttensioning Strands Calibrated Using Laboratory Results

2009  Research on Material Composition and Performance of Porous Asphalt Pavement

2009  Stability Charts for the Collapse of Residual Soil in Karst

2009  Stress Analysis of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Slab under Various Supporting Conditions

2009  Using Ground Penetration Radar Techniques for Roadway Structure Safety Evaluation

2009  Voids Classification Standard for Cement Concrete Pavement Slabs Based on Service Life

2008  Accounting for Void Ratio Variation in Determination of Grain Size Distribution by Soil Column Image Processing

2008  Density Tests above Zero Air Voids Line

2008  Gypsiferous Soils: An Engineering Problem

2008  High-Performance Plain and Fibrous Latex-Modified and Microsilica Concrete Overlays

2008  Improved Approach to Construct Constitutive Surfaces for Stable-Structured Soils Covering Both Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions

2008  Monitoring Soil Void Formation along Highway Subgrade Using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR): A Pilot Study at Guilin-Yangshuo Highway, Guangxi, China

2008  Three-Diimensional Discrete Element Models for Asphalt Mixtures

2008  Ultimate State of Samples of Ellipsoids under Differnt Stress Paths

2008  Validation of Cyclic Void Growth Model for Fracture Initiation in Blunt Notch and Dogbone Steel Specimens

2007  Characterization of Geotextile Void Structure

2007  Concrete Temperature Reduction via Voided Drilled Shafts

2007  Correlations for Zero Effective Stress Void Ratio of Fine-Grained Marine and Riverine Sediments

2007  Cyclic Void Growth Model to Assess Ductile Fracture Initiation in Structural Steels due to Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue

2007  Effect of Fly Ash Content and Aggregate Gradation on the Durability of Concrete Pavements

2007  Experimental Study of the Water Retention Curve as a Function of Void Ratio

2007  Gradation Chart for Asphalt Mixes: Development

2007  Influence of Air Void Distribution on the Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixes

2007  New Structure-Based Model for Estimating Undrained Shear Strength

2007  S-Wave Velocity-Stress Power Relationship: Packing and Contact Behavior of Sand Specimens

2007  Yielding Pressure of Spread Footing above Multiple Voids

2006  Design and Performance of Stone Mastic Asphalt

2006  Prediction of the Limiting Void Ratio of Clayey Soils after Drying

2006  Shear Localization Due to Liquefaction-Induced Void Redistribution in a Layered Infinite Slope

2006  Void Distributions in Samples of a Granular Material

2005  Design Method for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Liner System Subjected to Sinkhole Cavity under Landfill Site

2005  Detection of Three-Dimensional Voids in Karstic Ground

2005  EM-Wave Based Characterizations of Local Void Ratios in Soils

2005  NorSand: Features, Calibration and Use

2005  Simulation of Ductile Fracture of Circular Hollow Section Joints using the Gurson Model

2004  Detecting Voids under Airfield Pavements

2004  Fundamental Parameters of Cement-Admixed Clay-New Approach

2004  Granular Filters in Embankment Dams: A Conceptual Overview and Experimental Investigation

2004  Mixed Experimental and Numerical Approach to Evaluation of Material Parameters of Clayey Soils

2004  New Compression Index Equation

2003  Fifty Years of Low Mobility Grouting

2003  Subsidence Mitigation Using Void Fill Grouting

2003  Viscosity Effects on One-Dimensional Consolidation of Clay

2002  Characterization of Air Void Distribution in Asphalt Mixes using X-Ray Computed Tomography

2002  Homogenized Behavior Equations for Porous Bingham Viscoplastic Material

2002  Initial Motion of Sediment Under Waves: A General Criterion

2002  Sub-surface Imaging of Voids and Pipelines Using High-Resolution Shear Wave Reflection Seismic Data

2001  Decomposition of Damage Tensor in Continuum Damage Mechanics

2001  Microstructure of a Chinese Loess from Shanxi Province

2001  Profiles of Void Fraction and Turbulent Dissipation under Breaking Waves in the Surf Zone

2001  Quantifying Void Ratio in Granular Materials using Voronoi Tessellation