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2015  Modeling and Implementation of the Isotache Concept for Long-Term Consolidation Behavior

2015  Rutting Characteristics of Styrene-Ethylene/Propylene-Styrene Polymer Modified Asphalt

2015  Size Effect on Functionally Graded Material Fabrication by Sedimentation

2014  Analysis of Flow Separation Using a Local Frame Axis: Application to the Open-Channel Bifurcation

2014  Characteristics of Free Surface Vortices at Low-Head Hydropower Intakes

2014  Evaluation of Viscosity and Rutting Properties of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders

2014  Linear Stability Analysis of Open-Channel Shear Flow Generated by Vegetation

2014  Rheological Properties of Bed Sediments Subjected to Shear and Vibration Loads

2014  Semianalytical Solutions for One-Dimensional Unsteady Nonequilibrium Suspended Sediment Transport in Channels with Arbitrary Eddy Viscosity Distributions and Realistic Boundary Conditions

2014  Small-Time Solutions for the Thin-Film Flow of a Casson Fluid due to a Suddenly Moved Plate

2013  Calculation of Drag Coefficient for Arrays of Emergent Circular Cylinders with Pseudofluid Model

2013  Characterization of Bulk Fluid and Transport Properties for Simulating Polymer-Improved Aquifer Remediation

2013  The Critical Frequency in Biphasic Media: Beyond Biots Approach

2013  Endoscopic Effects on the Peristaltic Flow of a Jeffrey Six-Constant Fluid Model with Variable Viscosity

2013  Generalization of the Biot’s Equations for Account of Fluid Shear Relaxation. The Second Shear Wave

2013  Study of Robustness of Self-Compacting Concretes Made with Low Fines Content

2012  Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Vogel’s Model of Viscosity on the Peristaltic Flow of Jeffrey Fluid

2012  Assessment of ZSV in Asphalt Concrete Using Shear Frequency Sweep Testing

2012  Effect of Soil Conditioners on the Pressure and Rate-Dependent Shear Strength of Different Clays

2012  Influence and Mechanism for the Particle Size of Weighting Material on the Rheological Properties of High-Density Drilling Fluids

2012  Influence of Short-Term Aging on Rheological Characteristics of Non-Foaming WMA Binders

2012  Performance of MEPDG Dynamic Modulus Predictive Models for Asphalt Concrete Mixtures: Local Calibration for Idaho

2012  The Role of Surface Science in Grouting

2012  Studies on the Application of Chemical and Biological Viscosity Reduction Technology

2012  Thixotropic Behavior of Paving-Grade Bitumens under Dynamic Shear

2012  Using Viscosity Modifiers to Reduce Effective Diffusivity in Mortars

2011  Analyses of Viscosity Variation in Solidifying Procedure of Epoxy Asphalt

2011  Effect of Test Methods on Viscosity Temperature Susceptibility Characterization of Asphalt Binders for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

2011  Improved Geometric Design of Bridge Asphalt Plug Joints

2011  Influence of Carbon Nanoparticles on the Rheological Characteristics of Short-Term Aged Asphalt Binders

2011  Mix Design and Performance of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt SMA

2011  Modeling Rheological Properties of Oil Well Cement Slurries Using Artificial Neural Networks

2011  Performance of Ecotypic Wall-Protective Mud with Feather Fibers from Poultry

2011  Performance of Low-Carbon Environmental Warm Mix Asphalt

2011  Zero Shear Viscosity of Bitumen-Filler Mastics

2010  Influence of Antistripping Additives on Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures

2010  Observations on Viscosity Reduction of PHPA Polymer Support Fluids

2010  Optimization of Cement Grouts Containing Silica Fume and Viscosity Modifying Admixture

2010  Ranking Binder Creep Performance Using the ARRB Elastometer

2010  Time-Dependent Behavior of Laminated Glass

2009  Coupled Effects of Time and High Temperature on Rheological Properties of Cement Pastes Incorporating Various Superplasticizers

2009  Experimental Investigations of Colloidal Silica Grouting in Porous Media

2009  One-Dimensional Viscous Behavior of Clay and Its Constitutive Modeling

2009  Reducing Water Seepage with Anionic Polyacrylamide: Application Methods and Turbidity Effects

2008  Bed-Shear Stress in Turbulent Wave-Current Boundary Layers

2008  The Effect of Visco-Elastoplastic Behavior of Asphalt on Thin Asphalt Pavement

2008  Simulations of Saline and Turbid Gravity Currents Using a Subgrid Model

2008  Water, Inertial Damping, and the Complex Shear Modulus

2007  Preliminary Constituent Proportioning for Central Plant Hotmix Asphalt Recycling

2007  Viscous Soft-Soil Modeling

2006  Confirmation of Aqueous Polymer Sorption on Contaminant Barrier Clay using TGA

2006  Effect of Penetration Rate on Penetrometer Resistance in Clay

2006  Estimation of RAP’s Binder Viscosity using GPC without Binder Recovery

2006  Evaluation of Viscosity Values for Mixing and Compaction Temperatures

2006  Lightweight Shotcrete Canoe: Use of Viscosity Modifying Admixture and Acetone as Artificial Paste

2006  Measurement of Capillary Force Between Uneven-Sized Spheres by Micro-Mechanical Manipulation

2006  Modeling Near-Shore Waves, Surface Rollers, and Undertow Velocity Profiles

2006  Viscous Property of Geomaterial in Drained Shear

2005  Momentum Exchange in Straight Uniform Compound Channel Flow

2005  Soft Sediments: Wave-based Characterization

2004  Flow Performance of High-Fluidity Concrete

2004  One-Dimensional Wave Bottom Boundary Layer Model Comparison: Specific Eddy Viscosity and Turbulence Closure Models

2004  River Bifurcation Analysis by Physical and Numerical Modeling

2004  UNIFAC Modeling of Cosolvent Phase Partitioning in Nonaqueous Phase Liquid-Water Systems

2004  Velocity Distribution and Dip-Phenomenon in Smooth Uniform Open Channel Flows

2003  Consideration of Elastic and Viscous Components of Rheology Relating to the Permanent Deformation of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements

2003  Laminar Water Wave and Current Passing over Porous Bed

2003  Prepacked Grouting Process in Concrete Construction

2003  Turbulence Measurements of Dye Concentration and Effects of Secondary Flow on Distribution in Open Channel Flows

2003  Viscosity Effects on One-Dimensional Consolidation of Clay

2002  Characterization of Distinct Element Modeling Parameters for Fresh Concrete and its Application in Shotcrete Simulations

2002  Evolutionary Computing of Eddy Viscosity Coefficients in Three-Dimensional Flow

2002  Horizontal Viscous Dam-Break Flow: Experiments and Theory

2002  Method to Predict Temperature Susceptibility of an Asphalt Binder

2001  Detailed Tidal Field Measurements of Suspended Sediment Transport Parameters

2001  Experiments on Vertical Turbulent Plane Jets in Water of Finite Depth

2001  Extended Eddy Viscosity Concept for Wave Breaking in Boussinesq Type Models

2001  Mean Flow and Turbulence Structure of Open-Channel Flow through Non-Emergent Vegetation

2001  Roller Momentum-Thickness and Residual Turbulence

2001  Time-Dependent Eddy Viscosity Models for Wave Boundary Layers

2000  Design of Mechanical Viscous Dampers for Stay Cables

2000  Evolving Morphology of Early Age Microfine Cement Grout

2000  Nonlinear Viscosity of Subgrade Soils Under Cyclic Loading

2000  Resonant Column Testing of Sands with Different Viscosity Pore Fluids

2000  Response of Damped Oscillators to Cycloidal Pulses

1999  A 2-DV Numerical Solution for the Turbulent Wave Boundary Layer under Breaking Waves

1999  3D Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Shallow-Water Flow in Square Harbor

1999  ALES Shallow-Water Flow Solver with Non-Hydrostatic Pressure: Wave Applications

1999  Cosolvent-Water Displacement in One-Dimensional Soil Column

1999  Eddy Viscosity Models for Wave Boundary Layers

1999  Effect of Wave Breaking and Bed Friction on Suspended Sediment Concentration

1999  Models of Particle Reinforced Nonlinear-Viscous Composite

1999  Near Wall Turbulence Modeling Using Fractal Dimensions

1999  Nonlinear Ground Response at Lotung LSST Site

1999  Numerical Modeling of Nearshore Circulation on a Barred Beach with Rip Channels

1999  Open Boundary and Frictional Influences in 3D Tidal Models

1999  Prediction of Aeroelastic Vibration of Rectangular Cylinders by k-ε Model

1998  Analysis of the Roller in Hydraulic Jumps

1998  Calibration of Businger-Arya Type of Eddy Viscosity Model’s Parameters

1998  Comparative Study of Frames using Viscoelastic and Viscous Dampers