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2015  Cyclic Elastoviscoplastic Constitutive Model for Clay Considering Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening Rules and Structural Degradation

2015  Elastic-Viscoplastic Modeling for Natural Soft Clays Considering Nonlinear Creep

2015  Energy-Based Crack Initiation Criterion for Viscoelastoplastic Materials with Distributed Cracks

2015  Influence of Destructuration of Soft Clay on Time-Dependent Settlements: Comparison of Some Elastic Viscoplastic Models

2014  Cyclic Indentation Behavior of Layered Nanocomposites: Viscoplastic Numerical Study

2013  Long-term Viscoplastic Behaviour of Embankments Built on Improved Soft Soil Using Vertical Drains

2013  Relaxation of Prestressing Steel at Varying Strain and Temperature: Viscoplastic Constitutive Relation

2013  Role of Covariance in Continuum Damage Mechanics

2013  Two-Stage Viscoelastic-Viscoplastic Damage Constitutive Model of Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Viscoplastic Constitutive Relation for Relaxation of Prestressing Steel at Varying Strain and Temperature

2012  Flow Analysis, Transportation, and Deposition of Frictional Viscoplastic Slurries and Pastes in Civil and Mining Engineering

2012  Modeling Strain-Rate Dependent Behavior of KR0-Consolidated Soft Clays

2012  Performance of Reinforced Embankments on Rate-Sensitive Soils under Working Conditions Considering Effect of Reinforcement Viscosity

2011  Constitutive Models for Simulation of Field Performance of Dams

2011  Modeling Time-Dependent Behavior of Soft Sensitive Clay

2011  Simulation of Soil Behavior under Blast Loading

2011  Three-Dimensional Simulations of Asphalt Pavement Permanent Deformation Using a Nonlinear Viscoelastic and Viscoplastic Model

2011  Viscoelastoplastic Continuum Damage Model for Asphalt Concrete in Tension

2010  Design Charts for Evaluating Impact Forces on Dissipative Granular Soil Cushions

2010  Numerical Simulation of Viscoelastoplastic Land Subsidence due to Groundwater Overdrafting in Shanghai, China

2010  Visco-Hypoplastic Model for Structured Soils

2009  Finite-Element Model for Urban Pavement Rutting: Analysis of Pavement Rehabilitation Methods

2009  Micromorphic Approach for Gradient Elasticity, Viscoplasticity, and Damage

2009  Model for Shear Response of Asphaltic Concrete at Different Shear Rates and Temperatures

2009  Time-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of a Granular Medium Used in Laboratory Investigations

2008  Application of Three-Dimensional Elasto-Viscoplastic Composite Element Method on Jointed Dam Base

2008  Approximation of Nonlinear Unloading Effects in the Strain Rate Dependent Deformation Analysis of Polymer Matrix Materials Utilizing a State Variable Approach

2008  Artificial Ground Freezing of Fully Saturated Soil: Viscoelastic Behavior

2008  Finite Incremental Constitutive Equations for the SHRP Viscoplasticity Model

2008  A Viscoplastic Foam Model for Prediction of Asphalt Pavement Compaction

2007  Advanced Testing and Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Materials in Tension

2007  Destruction and Recovery of Internal Structure in Polymer-Modified Asphalts

2007  Development of an Elastoviscoplastic Microstructural-Based Continuum Model to Predict Permanent Deformation in Hot Mix Asphalt

2007  Squeeze Flow of Viscoplastic Cement-Based Extrudate

2007  Thermodynamic Consistent Formulations of Viscoplastic Deformations in FCC Metals

2007  Unified Elastoplastic — Viscoplastic Bounding Surface Model of Geosynthetics and Its Applications to Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Retaining Wall Analysis

2007  Viscoelastoplastic Damage Characterization of Asphalt—Aggregate Mixtures Using Digital Image Correlation

2007  Viscoplastic Cap Model for Soils under High Strain Rate Loading

2006  Constitutive Modeling of Chalk Time-Dependent Behavior and Chalk-Water Interaction

2006  The Dynamic Visco-Plastic Memorial Nested Yield Surface Model of Soil and Its Verification

2006  An Elasto-Viscoplastic Model and Multiphase Coupled FE Analysis for Unsaturated Soil

2006  An Elasto-Viscoplastic Model for Soft Clay

2006  Evaluation of Local Bending in Profile-Wall Polyethylene Pipes

2006  A Multi-Phase Coupled FE Analysis Using an Elasto-Viscoplastic Model for Unsaturated Soil

2006  Numerical Methods for Plasticity and Viscoplasticity of Geomaterials

2005  Calibration of Elasto-Viscoplastic Models for Cohesive Soils

2005  Effects of Nonuniform Tire Contract Stresses on Pavement Response

2005  Ground-Shotcrete Interaction of NATM TUnnels with High Overburden

2005  A Micromechanical Viscoelasto-Plastic Model for Asphalt Mixture

2005  Microstructural Viscoplastic Continuum Model for Permanent Deformation in Asphalt Pavements

2005  Numerical Implementation of a Hyperelastic-Viscoplastic Damage Model for Asphalt Concrete Materials and Pavements

2005  Parameter Estimation for Time-Dependent Bounding Surface Models for Cohesive Soils

2005  Viscoelastic – Viscoplastic Model with Damage for Asphalt Concrete

2005  Viscoelastoplastic Continuum Damage Model Application to Thermal Cracking of Asphalt Concrete

2004  Application of a Temperature Dependent Viscoplastic Hierarchical Single Surface Model for Asphalt Mixtures

2004  Linear and Nonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis of the Microstructure of Asphalt Concretes

2004  Modeling and Simulation of Porous Elastoviscoplastic Material

2003  Analysis of Arch Dams using Coupled Trial Load and Block Element Methods

2003  Anisotropic Viscoplastic Continuum Damage Model for Asphalt Mixes

2003  Rate-Dependent Hyperplasticity with Internal Functions

2003  Viscoplasticity Modeling of Asphalt Concrete Behavior

2002  Effective Strategy for Automated Characterization in Complex Viscoelastoplastic and Damage Modeling for Isotropic/Anisotropic Aerospace Materials

2002  Numerical Simulation of Viscoplastic and Frictional Heating during Finite Deformation of Metal. Part I: Theory

2002  Numerical Simulation of Viscoplastic and Frictional Heating during Finite Deformation of Metal. Part II: Applications

2001  1D Numerical Model of Muddy Subaqueous and Subaerial Debris Flows

2001  Deformation and Porewater Pressure Responses of Elastic Viscoplastic Soil

2001  Model of Viscoplasticity for Transversely Isotropic Inelastically Compressible Solids

2000  Directionally Constrained Viscoplasticity for Metal Matrix Composites

2000  Effect of Viscous, Viscoplastic and Friction Damping in Suppressing Structural Response

2000  Performance Evaluation of Elastoviscoplastic Concrete Model

2000  Testing of High-Force ER Dampers

2000  Theoretical Approach to Sand Liquefaction

1999  Computation for Rheological Phenomena of Elastic-Viscoplastic Body

1999  Evaluation of a Rate-Sensitive Material Model for Concrete

1999  Failure Analysis of Elastoviscoplastic Material Models

1998  Field-Scale In-Situ Compliance of Arctic First-Year Sea Ice

1997  Normalized Rheological Behaviour of Fine Muds and Their Flow Properties in a Pseudoplastic Regime

1997  Numerical Simulation of Submarine Landslides and Their Hydraulic Effects

1996  Analysis and Design of ER Damper for Seismic Protection of Structures

1996  Analysis of Masonry Structures with Elastic/Viscoplastic Models

1996  Anisotropic Plasticity with Anisotropic Hardening and Rate Dependence

1996  Computational Aspects of Dynamic Concrete Viscoplasticity

1996  Evaluation of Long-Term Time-Rate Parameters of Subglacial Till

1996  Inelastic Thermal Response of Gr/Cu with Nonuniform Fiber Distribution

1996  Large Strain Finite-Element Analysis of Snow

1996  Modeling of the Oscillatory Response of Electrorheological Fluids

1996  Structural Control with Electrorheological Dampers: Viscoplastic Behavior and Anticipation

1996  A Unified Viscoplastic Model for the Inelastic Behavior of Ice

1995  Anisotropic Viscoplastic Model at Large Deformations

1995  Dynamic Stability Analysis of a Bridge Pier

1995  Numerical Evaluation of the Breakout Force of Embedded Objects in Cohesive Seafloor Soils

1995  Rate Dependent Elastic-Viscoplastic Formulation for Computational Failure Simulaitions in Concrete

1995  Shearband Localization and Instability Phenomena in Crystal Plasticity

1995  Thermoelastoviscoplastic Buckling Behavior of Cylindrical Shells

1995  A Viscoplasticity Model with Directional Hardening for Metals at High Temperature

1995  Wave-Current Interaction with Mud Bed

1994  Application of the “Diflupress L.D.” Field Test to Settlement Calculation

1994  Nonlinear Lateral, Rocking, and Torsional Vibration of Rigid Foundations

1993  Continuum-Mechanics-Based Rheological Formulation for Debris Flow

1993  Nonlinear Response of Vertically Oscillating Rigid Foundations