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2014  Abrasion Resistance of Self-Consolidating Concrete

2014  Active and Passive Specific Loads with Respect to the Stability and Free Vibrations of Columns

2014  Active Control for a Distributed Mass Damper System

2014  Analyst C: Geopsy Processing of MASW and Ambient Vibration Arrays for Vs Assessment of the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset

2014  Application of z-Transform Method for Dynamic Analysis of Periodic Shear Structures

2014  Applying MEMS Accelerometers to Measure Ground Vibration and Characterize Landslide Initiation Features in Laboratory Flume Test

2014  Axially Moving Microscale Panel Model Based on Modified Couple Stress Theory

2014  Beam Response to Longitudinal Impact by a Pole

2014  Bearing Capacity Reduction of Vibratory Installed Large Diameter Pipe Piles

2014  Buckling and Vibration of Symmetrically Laminated Composite Elliptical Plates on an Elastic Foundation Subjected to Uniform In-Plane Force

2014  Corrugated Steel Plate Culvert Response to Service Train Loads

2014  Dynamic Stability of Superelliptical Plates Resting on Elastic Foundations under Periodic In-Plane Loads

2014  Dynamical Response of Vibratory Rollers during the Compaction of Asphalt Pavements

2014  Efficient Sensitivity Analysis of Structures with Local Modifications. I: Time Domain Responses

2014  Efficient Sensitivity Analysis of Structures with Local Modifications. II: Transfer Functions and Spectral Densities

2014  Free Vibration of a Single-Edge Cracked RC Beam Strengthened with FRP

2014  Free-Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Frames

2014  Fundamental Mode Estimation for Modern Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering the Tower Flexibility

2014  Impact of Cast-in-Place Concrete Column Construction Vibrations on Sensitive Occupancies

2014  Impact of Damper Stiffness and Damper Support Stiffness on the Efficiency of a Linear Viscous Damper in Controlling Stay Cable Vibrations

2014  Impact of Key System Parameters on the In-Plane Dynamic Response of a Cable Network

2014  Investigating the Optimized Open V-Shaped Trench Performance in Reduction of Train-Induced Ground Vibrations

2014  Large-Amplitude Vibration Analysis of Shear Deformable Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells with Initial Imperfections in Thermal Environments

2014  Lateral Pedestrian-Induced Vibrations of Footbridges: Characteristics of Walking Forces

2014  Linear and Nonlinear Vibrations of a Column with an Internal Crack

2014  Long Term Field Measurement of Micro Meter Crack Response to Climatological and Blast Vibration Induced Effects

2014  Measurement of Ground Motion near Piles during Driving

2014  Mechanically Based Nonlocal Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model

2014  Mitigation of Ground Vibration Generated by High-Speed Trains on Saturated Poroelastic Ground with Under-Sleeper Pads

2014  New Quasi-3D Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory for the Static and Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates

2014  Nonlinear Random Vibrations of Beams with Fractional Derivative Elements

2014  Nonlinear Response of Full-Scale Pile under Machine-Induced Coupled Vibrations

2014  Nonlocal Equivalent Continua for Buckling and Vibration Analyses of Microstructured Beams

2014  Numerical Analysis of Free Longitudinal Vibration of Nonuniform Rods: Discrete Singular Convolution Approach

2014  Prediction of Blast-Induced Vibration Parameters for Soil Sites

2014  Quantifying the Effects of Modeling Simplifications for Structural Identification of Bridges

2014  Realization of a Strongly Nonlinear Vibration-Mitigation Device Using Elastomeric Bumpers

2014  Rheological Properties of Bed Sediments Subjected to Shear and Vibration Loads

2014  Seabed Effects on the Hydrodynamics of a Circular Cylinder Undergoing Vortex-Induced Vibration at High Reynolds Number

2014  Semiactive Friction Damper for Lightweight Pedestrian Bridges

2014  Semianalytical Solution for Three-Dimensional Vibration Analysis of Thick Multidirectional Functionally Graded Annular Sector Plates under Various Boundary Conditions

2014  Study on Wind-Induced Vibration Control of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Using TMD-Type Counterweight

2014  Three-Dimensional Elasticity Solution for Free Vibrations of Exponentially Graded Plates

2014  Tolerable Limits of Construction Vibrations

2014  Vehicle-Guideway Interaction in Maglev Systems Using a Continuously Coupled, Deformable Model

2014  Vibration Analysis of a Rigid Circular Disk Embedded in a Transversely Isotropic Solid

2014  Vibration Characteristics of a Tunnel Structure Based on Soil-Structure Interaction

2014  Vibration Resonance and Cancellation of Simply Supported Bridges under Moving Train Loads

2014  Viscoelastic Behavior of Silica Particle Compacts under Dynamic Compression

2014  Wake-Induced Vibrations of a Circular Cylinder behind a Stationary Square Cylinder Using a Semi-Implicit Characteristic-Based Split Scheme

2013  Ambient and Forced Vibration Testing of a Reinforced Concrete Building before and after Its Seismic Retrofitting

2013  Analysis of Train Interference Test

2013  Analysis on Deformation Mechanism of PCC Pile Composite Foundation Under Train Vibration Load

2013  Application of Nakamura’s Model to Describe the Delayed Increase in Lateral Vibration of Footbridges

2013  Application of Periodic Theory to Rows of Piles for Horizontal Vibration Attenuation

2013  Application of Wavelet Theory in Subway Vibration Analysis

2013  The Characteristic Analysis of Vibration for Coupling System of High-Speed Train-Ballastless Track-Bridge System

2013  A Combined Experimental and Numerical Study: Linking Vibration Response to Load Carrying Capacity of a Masonry Dome

2013  Comparative Field Study of Cable Tension Measurement for a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2013  Control of Concentration Polarization in Forward Osmosis Processes by Membrane Vibration

2013  Correlation among Road Unevenness Indicators and Vehicle Vibration Response

2013  Damage Identification of Multistory Shear Structure from Sparse Modal Information

2013  Damping of Sands for Varying Saturation

2013  Dynamic Analysis of Finite-Length Circular Cylindrical Shells with a Circumferential Surface Crack

2013  Dynamic Characteristics of an Overpass Bridge in a Full-Scale Destructive Test

2013  Dynamic Nonlinearity and Nonlinear Single-Degree-of-Freedom Model for Cable Net Glazing

2013  Dynamic Response of Composite Beams with Partial Shear Interaction Using a Higher-Order Beam Theory

2013  Effect Analysis on Vibration Isolation by Nonstandard Continuous Barriers

2013  Effect of Diaphragm Flexibility on Tall Building Responses

2013  Effects of Innovative Portable Plastic Rumble Strips at Flagger-Controlled Temporary Maintenance Work Zones

2013  Evaluation of PCC Pile Method in Mitigating Embankment Vibrations from a High-Speed Train

2013  Exact Vibration Solutions for a Class of Nonuniform Beams

2013  Experimental and Numerical Studies of Nonstationary Random Vibrations for a High-Pier Bridge under Vehicular Loads

2013  Experimental Investigation on Scour under a Vibrating Catenary Riser

2013  Experimental Vibration Analysis for Structural Identification of a Long-Span Suspension Bridge

2013  Factors to Consider in Design for Rhythmic Crowd Loading for Vibration Serviceability

2013  Fatigue Reliability Assessment for Long-Span Bridges under Combined Dynamic Loads from Winds and Vehicles

2013  Field Tests on Vibration Response of Ballastless Subgrade under Excitation of High Speed Train in China

2013  Free Vibration Analysis of Cross-Ply Laminated Thin-Walled Beams with Open Cross Sections: Exact Solution

2013  Free Vibration of Axially Loaded Shear Beams Carrying Elastically Restrained Lumped-Tip Masses via Asymptotic Timoshenko Beam Theory

2013  Free Vibrations and Stability of a New Slender System Subjected to a Conservative or Nonconservative Load

2013  From Old to New: Vibration Issues with Old Buildings and Their New Office Spaces

2013  Full-Scale Shaking-Table Tests of XLam Panel Systems and Numerical Verification: Specimen 1

2013  Generalized Beam Theory to Analyze the Vibration of Open-Section Thin-Walled Composite Members

2013  Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Labyrinth Weirs. II: Nappe Aeration, Instability, and Vibration

2013  Identification of Physically Simulated Damage on a Footbridge Based on Ambient Vibration Data

2013  Impact Behavior of Concrete Bridge Deck on Girders Due to Moving Vehicles

2013  Implementation of Noise-Free and Vibration-Free PHC Screw Piles on the Basis of Full-Scale Tests

2013  Improved Interpretation of Vibration Responses from Concrete Delamination Defects Using Air-Coupled Impact Resonance Tests

2013  Improved Serviceability Criteria for Steel Girder Bridges

2013  Incorporating Dissipated Impact into Random Vibration Analyses through the Modified Hertzian Contact Model

2013  Influence of Dynamic Properties and Position of Rivulet on Rain-Wind-Induced Vibration of Stay Cables

2013  Investigation of Floor Vibration Evaluation Criteria Using an Extensive Database of Floors

2013  Isolation of Train-Induced Ground-Borne Vibration by Trenches on a Poroelastic Half-Space

2013  Modeling and Optimal Semi Active Control Strategies for adaptive MRTMD

2013  Nonlinear Analysis for the Lateral Vibration of Footbridges Induced by Pedestrians

2013  Numerical Modeling of High-Speed Train/Track System to Assess Track Vibrations and Settlement Prediction

2013  Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Inclined Cables under Different Wind Profiles

2013  Numerical Simulation on Spanning Pipeline’s Vibration Characteristics and Safety in Flood

2013  Rain-Wind-Induced In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Vibrations of Stay Cables