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2015  Field Tests of Elevated Viaducts in Mexico City

2014  Dynamic Analysis of Multispan Viaducts with Weak Coupling between Adjacent Spans

2014  Experimental Research on the Effects of a Tuned Particle Damper on a Viaduct System under Seismic Loads

2014  Free Vibration Analysis of a Periodic Viaduct Supported by Pile Foundations

2013  Comparative Analysis of Space Utilization under the Viaduct of Domestic and Foreign Urban Rail Transit

2013  Influence of Train Load Position on Sound Radiation Characteristics of Viaduct Box Bridge

2013  The Response of the Seismically Isolated Bolu Viaduct Subjected to Fault Crossing

2013  Sound Radiation Characteristics of Viaducts in High-Speed Railway

2013  U-Concept Viaduct - Precast Segmental Application to UIJEONGBU LRT Project (South Korea)

2012  Application of Lead Extrusion Dampers for Seismic Control of Viaducts

2012  New Viaducts, Bridge in London’s Borough Market Designed To Solve Rail Bottleneck

2010  Aesthetic Design for Structures of Highway Viaducts

2010  Dynamic Analysis of a Composite Cable-Stayed Bridge: Escaleritas Viaduct

2010  Evaluation of Axial Capacity of Post Grouted Drilled Shafts

2010  Modeling of Cyclic Plane Strain Response of Toyoura Sand

2010  Short Takes: Thomas Viaduct Named a Civil Engineering Landmark

2010  South Spokane Street Viaduct Off-Ramp to 4th Ave. South: Unique Design Considerations, Seattle, WA

2009  ARC Shaped Damper Retrofit Technique for Existing Rail Way Viaduct Structures

2009  Bored Tunnel Expected to Replace Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct

2009  Experiences in Testing and Modeling for Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation

2009  Primary Discussion on Anti-Seismic Performance Level of Urban Viaduct

2009  Rehabilitation of the Historic Hays Street Viaduct in San Antonio, Texas

2009  A Semi-Analytical Method for Solving Structural Noise of Viaduct Box Beam

2008  Materials Handling System Simulation in Precast Viaduct Construction: Modeling, Analysis, and Implementation

2007  Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Isolated Bridges with Time Delay

2006  NewsBriefs: Alaskan Way Viaduct Losing Elevation (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

2006  NewsBriefs: Seattle Considers Bridge for Viaduct Replacement (The Seattle Times)

2005  Damage Analysis of Hanshin Expressway Viaducts during 1995 Kobe Earthquake. I: Residual Inclination of Reinforced Concrete Piers

2005  Damage Analysis of Hanshin Expressway Viaducts during 1995 Kobe Earthquake. II: Damage Mode of Single Reinforced Concrete Piers

2005  Damage Analysis of Hanshin Expressway Viaducts during 1995 Kobe Earthquake. III: Three-Span Continuous Girder Bridges

2005  Dynamic and Static Tests of Bridges and Viaducts of the Rosario-Victoria Highway Link Project

2005  Lessons from the Kinzua

2005  Logistics and Operations Simulation in Precast Viaduct Construction: Case Study

2005  Nondestructive Testing of the Westbound Sixth Avenue Viaduct

2005  River Traffic

2005  Single Level Concrete Viaduct Pushover and Retrofitted Response Spectrum Analysis

2005  Vertical Loads on Concrete Box Culverts under High Embankments

2004  9-Foot (2.75m) Diameter Drilled Shafts at Cranston Viaduct: Design, Load Testing, and Construction

2004  Bridge Design: New French Viaduct Features Innovative Design

2004  Condition Assessment of the Eastbound 6th Avenue Viaduct using Strain Gauges

2004  Ground Improvement for the Route 21 Viaduct Project

2003  Assessment of Performance of Seismic Isolation System of Bolu Viaduct

2003  High-Performance Concrete for the Reconstruction of Wacker Drive

2003  Structural Evaluation and Repair of the 6th Avenue Viaduct

2002  The Application of Deep Foundations to Mitigate Ground Vibration for a Train-Supporting Viaduct Structure in Soft Ground Area

2002  Bridges: Viaduct Rises above Scenic French Countryside

2001  Live Load Tests of the San Antonio “Y”

2001  Response Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames in Railroad Viaducts Damaged by the Hyogo-Ken-Nanbu Earthquake

2001  Transporting Hong Kong

2000  Externally Prestressed High Strength Concrete Viaduct

2000  Software Sizes Up Viaducts Seismic Susceptibility

1999  Golden Gate Bridge Earthquake (EQ) Response and Damage Assessment

1999  Precast Viaducts to Carry French High-Speed Rail

1998  New York Overhauls Historic Arched Viaduct

1998  Newark Highway Project Nears Completion

1998  Rebuilding History

1998  Seismic Retrofit of Fourth Street & Riverside Viaducts with Micropiles

1997  A Bridge Along the Same Lines

1997  Cycling Awareness

1997  Cyclists are People Too

1997  Monster Viaduct Planned

1997  NYCT - A Special Infrastructure Evaluation Project

1996  Community Involvement Drives Chicago Viaduct Reconstruction

1996  Modeling the Blue Ridge

1996  Riddle of the Riverbed

1995  Hawaii’s Interbase Interstate

1994  Developing Retrofit Strategies for the China Basin Viaduct Foundations Using Non-linear, Hysteretic Analysis

1994  Historical Considerations for New Jersey Viaduct

1994  Road to Recovery

1994  Viaduct Re-Created in its Own Image

1993  Assessment and Testing of Column Lap Splices for the Santa Monica Viaduct Retrofit

1993  Computer Methods Used on Seismic Retrofit Projects

1993  Ductility Analysis for Seismic Retrofit of Multi-Column Bridge Structures, “Santa Monica Viaduct”

1993  Linear Scheduling: A Practical Implementation

1993  San Francisco Bayshore Viaduct Seismic Retrofit

1993  Tension Pile Test

1991  Collapse of the Cypress Street Viaduct

1991  The Design and Construction Aspects of the Structure Research Tests at Cypress Viaduct

1991  Evaluation of Techniques for the Seismic Modeling of Elevated Freeway Bridges

1991  Lateral Load Test on Driven Pile Footings

1991  NEPA Group Celebrates Viaduct’s 75th Birthday

1991  Performance of a Prestressed Rigid Frame During Removal of Column 6W from I93 in Boston, Massachusetts

1991  Permanent Structure as Part of the Underpinning System for Boston’s Central Artery

1991  San Francisco Double-Deck Viaduct Retrofits

1990  Chicago’s Loop: A New Approach

1989  Automating Design of Boston’s Artery

1989  CAD Speeds Viaduct Replacement

1988  CADD Adds Safety to the Ryan

1988  Startups

1988  Swiss Cheese Box Girders

1987  Rehabilitation of a Landmark Structure: The Pershing Square Viaduct, Park Avenue, New York City

1986  Spanning Urban Obstacles

1984  Viaduct

1983  Akron Bridge Receives ASCE Award for Unique Design

1982  Denny Creek Bridge and Viaduct

1982  Viaduct, in Service for 153 Years, Becomes Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

1974  Kazerne Viaduct Collapse

1974  Viaducts — A Case Study

1972  Multiple Use of City Transportation Corridor

1916  Temperature Stresses in a Series of Spans