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2014  Computation of Suspended Sediment Discharge in Open Channels by Combining Tsallis Entropy-Based Methods and Empirical Formulas

2014  One-Dimensional Velocity Distribution in Open Channels Using Tsallis Entropy

2013  Two-Dimensional Velocity Distribution in Open Channels Using the Tsallis Entropy

2013  Velocity Distribution in Open Channel Flows: Analytical Approach for the Outer Region

2012  Characteristics of Flow over Rectangular Sharp-Crested Side Weirs

2012  Momentum Balance Method and Estimation of Boundary Shear Stress Distribution

2011  Derivation of Power Law and Logarithmic Velocity Distributions Using the Shannon Entropy

2011  Flow Structure over Bed Irregularities in a Straight Cohesive Open Channel

2011  Spoiler Baffles in Circular Culverts

2011  Velocity Contour Weighting Method. I: Algorithm Development and Laboratory Testing

2011  Velocity Contour Weighting Method. II: Evaluation in Trapezoidal Channels and Roughness Sensitivity

2011  Velocity Distribution and Energy Dissipation along Stepped Chutes Lined with Wedge-Shaped Concrete Blocks

2010  Depth-Averaged Shear Stress and Velocity in Open-Channel Flows

2010  Effect of Vegetation on Banks on Distributions of Velocity and Reynolds Stress under Accelerating Flow

2010  Gauging Rivers during All Seasons Using the Q2D Velocity Index Method

2009  Reduction of Bend Scour by an Outer Bank Footing: Flow Field and Turbulence

2007  Analytic Stage-Discharge Formulas for Flow in Straight Prismatic Channels

2007  Modeling Depth-Averaged Velocity and Boundary Shear in Trapezoidal Channels with Secondary Flows

2007  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of the Mean Flow Characteristics in a Bubble Plume

2007  Velocity Distributions in Spatially Varied Flow with Increasing Discharge

2005  Boundary Shear Stress in Spatially Varied Flow with Increasing Discharge

2005  Depth-Averaged Velocity Distribution in Straight Trapezoidal Channels

2005  Mathematical Modeling of Meandering Channels with a Generalized Depth Averaged Model

2005  Simplified Model of Tractive-Force Distribution in Closed Conduits

2005  Streamflow Properties from Time Series of Surface Velocity and Stage

2005  Upstream Discharge Distribution in Compound-Channel Flumes

2004  Estimation of Mean Velocity in Natural Channels Based on Chiu’s Velocity Distribution Equation

2004  Flow and Velocity Distribution in Meandering Compound Channels

2004  Momentum Transport in Sharp Open-Channel Bends

2004  Velocity Distribution in the Roughness Layer of Rough-Bed Flows

2004  Velocity Distribution of Turbulent Open-Channel Flow with Bed Suction

2002  Pickup Probability of Sediment under Log-Normal Velocity Distribution

2001  Exchange of Horizontal Momentum in Combined Waves and Current

2001  A Simple Method for Evaluating Undertow Velocity Distributions over Arbitrary Beach Forms

2001  Spatially Averaged Open-Channel Flow over Rough Bed

2001  Time-Averaged Distributions of Velocity and Sediment-Concentration under Irregular Waves and Currents

2000  Application of Flow Velocity Distribution Models to Channel Discharge Measurements

2000  An Attempt to Clarify Acceptable Pump-Throat Velocity-Distribution Criteria in Pump-Intake Model Studies

2000  Comparison of Numerical and Physical Model Results: Velocity Distribution on a Well Screen

2000  Detailed Study of Binary Law for Open Channels

2000  Discharge Calculation of Natural Channel Flows with AFM Data

2000  Extraction of Coherent Structure from PIV Data Using Wavelet Transform

2000  Review of Models for Flat-bed Sediment-laden Flows

1999  Tidal Ellipses in the Near-Shore Zone (-3 to -10 m); Modelling and Observations

1999  Velocity and Concentration Fields in Uniform Flow with Coarse Sands

1998  Characteristics of Undular Hydraulic Jumps: Experiments and Analysis

1998  Experimental Evaluation of 2-D Entropy Model for Open-Channel Flow

1998  Modified Logarithmic Law for Velocity Distribution Subjected to Upward Seepage

1998  Plunging Jet Measurement Improvements Using ADV

1997  Analytical Model of Two-Dimensional Dispersion in Laterally Nonuniform Axial Velocity Distributions

1997  Applying Hypothesis of Self-Similarity for Flow-Resistance Law of Small-Diameter Plastic Pipes

1997  Entrance Flow and the Achievement of Uniform Fully-Developed Open Channel Flow

1997  Lateral Velocity Variations in a Compound Channel - A Practical Approach

1997  Particle Velocity Distribution in Surface Waves

1997  Research on the Application of Numerical Simulation in Water Channel Design

1997  Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Velocity Distributions and Bed Configurations Under Flood Conditions

1997  Turbulence Characteristics of New Zealand Gravel-Bed Rivers

1997  Turbulence in Non-Uniform Open-Channel Flows

1997  Vorticity Distribution of Horseshoe Vortex on Scoured Bed

1997  Wave Induced Velocities at a Rubble Mound Breakwater

1997  Wave Kinematics at Steep Slopes: Second-Order Model

1996  2D Velocity Distributions in Nearshore Currents

1996  Hydraulic Jump in Sloping Channels

1996  Modeling Overfalls Using Vertically Averaged and Moment Equations

1995  Free-Surface Stability Criterion as Affected by Velocity Distribution

1995  Laminar Fluid Transients in Conduits of Arbitrary Cross Section

1995  Maximum and Mean Velocities and Entropy in Open-Channel Flow

1995  Return Flow in Rivers Due to Navigation Traffic

1995  A Study on the Characteristics of Shallow-Water Flow in a Steep Channel

1994  Criteria for Evaluating Flow Classes in Alluvial Channels

1994  Dynamic Analysis of Unstable Structural Systems With Prescribed Velocities

1994  Energy Loss at Combining Pipe Junction

1994  Free-Surface Instability in Flow down Steep Rivers

1994  Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Acoustic Velocity Meters

1994  Methods for Measuring Discharge under Ice Cover

1994  Numerical Modelling and Laboratory Verification for the Turbulent Flow Field in the Branching Channel

1994  Response of Velocity and Turbulence to Abrupt Changes from Smooth to Rough Beds in Open-channel Flows

1994  Stability Principle of Critical Flow Depth in a Moving Coordinate System

1994  Velocity Distribution in Compound Channel Flows by Numerical Modeling

1993  3-D Analysis of Flow around a Vertical Cylinder on a Scoured Bed

1993  Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for Inlet Current Measurements

1993  Application of Probability and Entropy Concepts in Pipe-Flow Study

1993  Bed Shear Stress in Unsteady Open-Channel Flows

1993  Critical Depth, Velocity Profiles, and Averaging

1993  Distribution of Undertow and Long-Wave Component Velocity Due to Random Waves

1993  Generalized Inner Region Velocity Distribution Equation

1993  Pool Dispersion Flow Net (PLDFLONT) A Digital Computer Analysis and Simulation of Water Velocity Vectors (Magnitude, Direction, and Sense) in a Backwater Pool Resulting from Infusions from Upstream from a Control Structure into the Lower Pool An Analysis and Program for Execution on an Electronic, Digital Computer

1993  RCHARC: A New Method for Physical Habitat Analysis

1993  The Submerged Plate as a Wave Filter—The Stability of the Pulsating Flow Phenomenon

1993  Turbulent Velocity Flutuations in Natural Rivers

1993  Velocity Downstream of a Submerged Pipe Outlet

1993  Vertically Varying Velocity Field in Q-3D Nearshore Circulation

1993  Wind Induced Circulation in Shallow Lakes

1992  Entropy-Based Velocity Distribution Model in Study of Distribution of Suspended-Sediment Concentration

1992  Momentum and Energy Coefficients Based on Power-Law Velocity Profile

1992  Proposed Similarity Law for Surface Velocity in Hydraulic Models

1992  Return Flows in Large Rivers Associated with Navigation Traffic

1992  Stress Strain Relation in Debris Flow Analysis

1992  Variation of Velocity Distribution along Nonuniform Open-Channel Flow

1992  Vedernikov’s Number as a Measure of Flow Stability