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Found 49 Records with the keyword term of "Vanes"

2011  Characteristics of Flow around Open Channel 90° Bends with Vanes

2010  Bank-Attached Vanes for Bank Erosion Control and Restoration of River Meanders

2009  Back Matter

2009  Design Calculations

2009  Effects of Vanes and W-Weir on Sediment Transport in Meandering Channels

2009  Field Installations

2009  Front Matter

2009  Index

2009  Introduction

2009  Investigation on the Dimensions and Shape of a Submerged Vane for Sediment Management in Alluvial Channels

2009  Laboratory Validation Tests

2009  References

2009  River Training and Sediment Management with Submerged Vanes

2009  Summary of Design Guidelines

2009  Theory

2007  New Structure-Based Model for Estimating Undrained Shear Strength

2005  Flow Structure and Sediment Motion around Submerged Vanes in Open Channel

2003  Phenomenological Characterization of Vortex Induced Scour

2001  The Cross-Vane, W-Weir and J-Hook Vane Structures...Their Description, Design and Application for Stream Stabilization and River Restoration

2001  Demonstration and Field Evaluation of Streambank Stabilization with Submerged Vanes

2001  Use of Vanes for Control of Scour at Vertical Wall Abutments

1999  Sacrificial Piles and Iowa Vanes as Pier Scour Countermeasures

1999  Sediment Control at Lateral Diversions: Limits and Enhancements to Vane Use

1998  Experimental Investigation of Flow Past Submerged Vanes

1998  Sacrificial Piles and Iowa Vanes as Pier Scour Countermeasures

1996  Sediment Control at Water Intakes

1995  Hydraulic Model Investigation of Submerged Vanes for the Intake Structure at Fort Calhoun Station

1995  Sediment Exclusion at Hydropower Intakes Using Submerged Vanes

1994  Flow and Sediment Transport at River Diversions

1994  Performance of Submerged Vanes for Control of Sediment in an Irrigation Canal

1991  Sediment Management with Submerged Vanes I: Theory

1991  Sediment Management with Submerged Vanes. II: Applications

1991  Submerged Vane Projects for Bank Stabilization and Sedimentation Management

1990  Pump-Station Intake-Shoaling Control with Submerged Vanes

1990  Sediment Management with Submerged Vanes

1989  Groins and Vanes Developed Basing Upon a New Concept of Bank Protection

1988  Sediment Control by Submerged Vanes

1987  Scour Prevention at Bridge Piers

1987  Streambank Protection by Submerged Vanes

1986  Sediment Control by Submerged Vanes

1986  Submerged Vanes for Sediment Control in Rivers

1984  Design Verification of HVAC Duct Turning Vanes in Nuclear Power Plants

1983  River-Bend Bank Protection by Submerged Vanes

1975  Discussion: Correlations Between Vane Shear Strength and Cone Resistance in Some Norwegian Soft Clays

1975  Discussion: In Situ Measurement of Shear Strength

1975  Discussion: Use of Vane Shear Test for Determining the Undrained Shear Strength of Clays

1975  Study of the Vane Shear

1975  Vane Shear Strengths at Two High Rotation Rates

1970  In Situ Strength of Rolled and Hydraulic Fill