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2015  Achievable Privacy in Aggregate Residential Energy Management Systems

2015  Importance of Workplace Relationships and Attitudes toward Organizational Change in Engineering Asset-Management Organizations

2015  Utility Tests Ion Exchange Process to Comply with California’s Chromium 6 Limit

2014  Analysis of Cross-Bores in Unmarked Sewer Service Laterals

2014  Development of a Water Infrastructure Knowledge Database

2014  Evaluating the Performance of Urban Water Utilities: Robust Nonparametric Approach

2014  Evaluating the Utility of Tensiometers for Establishing Water Retention Characteristics Curves of Fly Ash

2014  Impact of Repeat Overweight Truck Traffic on Buried Utility Facilities

2014  Nonparametric Benchmarking of Japanese Water Utilities: Institutional and Environmental Factors Affecting Efficiency

2014  Real-Time Hybrid Virtuality for Prevention of Excavation Related Utility Strikes

2014  Reliability Assessment for Water Supply Systems under Uncertainties

2013  Emergency Repair of 36"-Steel FM in Historic San Francisco Port Area

2013  LUTI Model for the Metropolitan Area of Santander

2013  New ASCE Utility Design and Construction Standards

2013  Pipeline Asset Management using a GIS Solution

2013  Quantification of Sustainability Index for Underground Utility Infrastructure Projects

2013  Renewing Life of Large Diameter Pressure Pipelines with HDPE through Swagelining Technology

2013  San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Water System Improvement Program, Bay Division Pipelines 3 & 4 Crossovers Facilities Project, New Construction Methods and Focused Coordination Resulting in a Successful Project

2013  Using Simulation to Plan Tunnel Construction

2012  Application of Drilled Shaft Foundations for Utility Scale Wind Turbines in a High Seismic Environment

2012  A Graphic Flow Distribution Model for Small Utilities

2012  Identifying Multi Utility Network Similarities

2012  Measuring Energy Efficiency in Urban Water Systems Using a Mechanistic Approach

2012  Protecting the Magic City

2012  Sustainable Utility Placement for University Campuses

2011  Applying Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) to Transportation Projects: The State of the Practice

2011  Asset Management Likelihood of Failure Scoring Improved by Condition Assessment Scoring Integration Techniques

2011  A City within a City: The Tale of the Relocation of a Sanitary Sewer Interceptor

2011  Environmental Permitting for Pipeline Projects

2011  Guidelines for the Physical Security of Water Utilities; Guidelines for the Physical Security of Wastewater/Stormwater Utilities

2011  It’s Never Easy... Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Force Main Condition Assessment

2011  A Knowledge-Based System for Evaluating the Impact of Soil Properties on the Performance of Utility Location Technologies: Design and Case Study

2011  Knowledge-Enabled Decision Support System for Routing Urban Utilities

2011  Lezkairu Utilities Tunnel

2011  Magnetic Field Measurement to Detect and Locate Underground Power Cable

2011  Mapping the Underworld: A Step-Change in the Approach to Utility Location and Designation

2011  Method of Utility Analysis of Traveler Information in Regular Travel

2011  Optimization Model for Layout of Joint Transport Facilities at Urban Rail Passenger Stations Based on Transfer Utility

2011  A Parametric Study of Underground Utility Infrastructure in China

2011  Risk-Based Linear Asset Management at Fort Collins Utilities

2011  Risks, Contracts, and Private-Sector Participation in Infrastructure

2010  Addressing Sustainability in Benchmarking Framework for Indian Urban Water Utilities

2010  Clearing the Utilities on Time and Under Budget

2010  Cost Estimating Models for Utility Rehabilitation Projects: Neural Networks versus Regression

2010  Integrating Global Positioning System with Laser Technology to Capture As-Built Information during Open-Cut Construction

2010  Integrating GPS and Laser Technology to Map Underground Utilities Installed Using Open Trench Method

2010  Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Hybrid Chiller Plants under Dynamic Utility Prices

2010  Materials Handling during Utilities Construction in Areas of Known Soil and Groundwater Contamination

2009  Additional Load Considerations

2009  Back Matter

2009  Belowground Pipeline Networks for Utility Cables

2009  Cable Installation Methods in Duct

2009  Conversion of Wind Speed Averaging Time

2009  Definitions, Notations, and SI Conversion Factors

2009  Direct-Buried Systems

2009  Equations for Gust Response Factors

2009  Examples

2009  Front Matter

2009  Front Matter

2009  Green Approach for Coping with the High Cost of Infrastructure Services in U.S. Colonias

2009  Guidelines for Electrical Transmission Line Structural Loading

2009  Hybrid Belowground Cable Networks

2009  Identification of Decision Drivers for the Strategy of Incorporating Utility Relocations into Highway Construction Contracts

2009  Index

2009  Index

2009  Innovation in Utility Locating and Mapping Technologies

2009  Introduction

2009  Investigation of Transmission Line Failures

2009  Limitations of Reliability-Based Design

2009  Needs and Trends of the Nation’s Water Infrastructure — The Utility Perspective

2009  NewsBriefs: Social Utility Site Will Benefit Design and Construction Industry

2009  Numerical Constant, Q

2009  Omaha Plans Ahead

2009  Overview of Load Criteria

2009  Quantification of Carbon Footprint on Underground Utility Projects

2009  References

2009  References

2009  Seismic Performance Assessment of Interdependent Utility Network Systems

2009  Status of Belowground Cable Networks

2009  Supplemental Information on Force Coefficients

2009  Supplemental Information on Ice Loading

2009  Supplemental Information on Special Loads

2009  Supplemental Information on Structure Vibration

2009  Underground Conduit Systems

2009  Weather-Related Loads

2009  Wire System

2008  ”Carpet Center of the World” Is Guaranteed a Long Term Water Supply

2008  Case Study and Statistical Analysis of Utility Conflicts on Construction Roadway Projects and Best Practices in Their Avoidance

2008  Route Diversion Probability Model Based on Guidance Utility and Its Application

2008  Seattle Public Utilities’ Natural Drainage System Operation and Maintenance

2008  Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Technology-Driven Process that Results in Increased Safety, Fewer Design Changes, and Lower Costs

2008  Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Technology-Driven Process That Results in Increased Safety, Fewer Design Changes, and Lower Costs

2008  Subsurface Utility Engineering for Highway Construction

2008  Utility Asset Management through a Joint-Use Pipeline Network for Cables

2007  Development of Keyhole Pipe Tapping and Plugging Tools

2007  Distributed Generation with Heat Recovery and Storage

2007  HDD Utility Tunnel to Peddocks Island — Fort Andrews

2007  Integrated Leak Detection at Dallas Water Utilities

2007  Interconnection of Distributed Generators to Distribution Networks

2007  LADAR-Based Pipeline Inspection and Location