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2015  Lifting of GFRP Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels

2014  Major Utah Groundwater Project Features State’s Deepest Wells

2013  Addressing Geotechnical Challenges on Utah’s Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project

2013  Assessing the Transportation Needs of Low-Mobility Individuals: Case Study of a Small Urban Community in Utah

2013  Design of the Ruby Pipeline at the Wasatch Fault Crossing, Northern Utah, USA

2013  Framework for Highway Safety Mitigation: The Utah Experience

2013  An Insight into Molecular Scale Interactions and In-situ Nanomechanical Properties of Kerogen in Green River Oil Shale

2013  Measuring the Value of Multimodal Investments

2013  Refraction Microtremor Characterization of a Landslide SR 14, Cedar Canyon, Utah

2013  Simple Optimization Method to Determine Best Management Practices to Reduce Phosphorus Loading in Echo Reservoir, Utah

2012  Applications of DInSAR for Measuring Mine-Induced Subsidence and Constraining Ground Deformation Model

2012  Correlations between Total Solids, Total Suspended Solids, Total Volatile Suspended Solids, and Phosphate at Deer Creek Reservoir

2012  Culvert Roughness Elements for Native Utah Fish Passage

2012  Developing County-Level Commodity-Flow Models Incorporating Land-Use Characteristics and Economic Factors for Utah

2012  Simulated Climate Change Effects in Deer Creek Reservoir with a Two-Dimensional Model

2012  Spatial and Temporal Statistical Analysis of Water Quality Patterns in a Small Temperate Supply Reservoir

2011  Dynamic Displacement Analysis of a Shallow Landslide in Norwood Tuff

2011  Field Algae Measurements Using Empirical Correlations at Deer Creek Reservoir

2011  Sediment Oxygen Demand and Pore Water Phosphate Flux: Measurement, Characterization, and Monitoring in Deer Creek Reservoir

2011  Tsunami and Seiche Risk Framework for the Great Salt Lake

2011  Utah Bridge Move Makes History

2010  ADAPTATION: Block 75 Redevelopment Shoring and Dewatering

2010  Collecting and Converting 2-D Utility Mapping to 3-D

2010  Completing the Loop: The Tehachapi Pass Railroad

2010  Planning, Design, and Construction of the Central Utah Water Conservancy District Water Development Project — CWP Pipeline

2010  Plant Selection for Bioretention in the Arid West

2010  Quality Assurance of Soil Nail Grout for Provo Canyon Reconstruction Project

2010  Simplifying Upper Diamond Fork System Hydraulic Operations

2010  Stabilization Project Will Preserve Dinosaur Quarry Site

2010  System Analysis to Improve Wetland Water Allocation at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Utah

2009  Colorado River Crossing Mirrors Its Surroundings

2009  Condition Assessment Challenges in a Mountain Canyon: Ogden, Utah Case Study

2009  Condition Assessment for Aging Water Transmission Pipeline and Implementation of Replacement Priorities

2009  Deer Creek Dam Modifications Completed ahead of Schedule

2009  Innovative Earth Retention, Underpinning, and Water Control Techniques for a Mega-Development in Salt Lake City, Utah

2009  Laying the Groundwork

2009  The Riverdale Outlet Sewer Replacement: A Case Study in Auger Boring and Cured-in-Place Pipe

2008  Case Study: Two-Dimensional Model Simulation of Channel Migration Processes in West Jordan River, Utah

2008  CFD Analysis of Outlet Energy Dissipation Structure at the Big Sand Wash Reservoir — Upalco, Utah

2008  Fit for the Future

2008  Integrated Modeling for Regional Transport Planning: Salt Lake Region, Utah

2008  Low Impact Development in Utah: Progress, Constraints, and Future Outlook

2008  Natural History Museum Reflects Utah Landscape

2007  Acoustic Achievement

2007  Evaluating Economic Analysis Alternatives in the Transportation Decision Making Process

2007  Gathering Strength

2006  Calibrating Vertical Deformations in a Finite Element Model of an MSE Wall

2006  Converting Open Ditches into Underground Pipelines on a System with no Formalized Scheduling

2006  Evaluation of Transition Cement for Stabilization of Frost-Susceptible Base Material in Conjunction with Full-Depth Recycling in Weber Canyon, Utah

2006  Field Performance Analysis of Center Pivot Sprinkler Packages

2006  Impact of Politics on the Colorado River Basin Water Agreement: In-Depth Administrative Analysis

2006  In the Field: ASCE APWA Host Town Meeting in Salt Lake City

2006  Lysimeter Tests for an ET Cover Design at Monticello, Utah

2006  Mass Transit: Commuter Rail Rolls into Northern Utah

2006  Modeling Channel Morphologic Change in the West Jordan River, Utah

2006  New Standard Available

2006  Streaming Solutions

2006  Water Banking as a Method to Improve Water Management in Utah’s Sevier River Basin

2006  Water Demand Estimation Using Land Use and Population Growth Information: A Case Study in Salt Lake County, Utah

2006  Water Resources: Utah Developer Creates Lake to Enhance Planned Community

2005  Environmental Engineering: Mill Tailings to be Removed from Colorado River Site, Energy Department Says

2005  Highways: Road Widened through Landslide-Prone Canyon

2005  Historic Preservation: Salt Lake City’s Mormon Tabernacle Receives Seismic Upgrades

2005  Structural Engineering: Novel Braced Frames Will Help Salt Lake City Hospital Withstand Earthquakes

2005  Water Resources: Design May Begin This Year on Utah Lake System

2004  120” Olmsted And 90” Alpine Aqueducts Landslide Crossings

2004  Accelerating Construction of Bridge Abutments: Legacy Parkway Project, UT

2004  Analysis of Geotechnical Instrumentation to Assess Foundation Performance of I-15

2004  Autorun Persistence of the Great Salt Lake Water Level Fluctuations

2004  Background and Approach to Securing a Vital Water Lifeline in Utah: The Olmsted Flowline

2004  Bird Use of Habitat Created by Irrigation and Drainage Practices in the Delta, Utah Area

2004  Cache Valley: Optimizing Sustainable Water Use and Ecosystems While Considering Water Rights

2004  Condition Assessment of Utah Highway Culverts and Determination of Culvert Performance Measures

2004  Contrasting the Impact of the Natural Hydrologic Cycles and Legacy Highway Construction on Farmington Bay Wetlands of the Great Salt Lake.

2004  Dynamic Health Monitoring and Modeling of a Full-Scale Bridge

2004  Effect of Optimization Problem Constraints on Pump and Treat Designs for Tooele Army Depot

2004  Evaluating the Benefits of Coordinated Ramp Metering Algorithms Using WATSIM

2004  Experience with using Lime Cement Dry Mix Process to Avoid Construction-Related Damage to Existing Roadways and Railroads

2004  A GIS Based Pipeline Route Selection Process

2004  A History of Utah Water Law

2004  Hydraulic Design Considerations for the Olmsted Flowline Replacement Project

2004  Hydraulic Research at the Utah Water Research Laboratory: Past, Present, and Future

2004  Implementing Advanced Early Warning Systems to Safe Guard Public Drinking Water

2004  Optimization of Water Resources for the Salt Lake Valley

2004  Photo Essay: Construction Photographs of the Strawberry Valley Project, Utah

2004  Reaching Multiple Audiences with One Droplet: The Salt Lake County Storm Water Coalition’s Media Outreach Campaign

2004  A Review of Stormwater Quality Data for Salt Lake County, Utah

2004  Salt Lake City - Watershed Management Plan

2004  Seismic Retrofit of State Street Bridge on Interstate 80

2004  Structures: Outsourced Concrete Panels Shape Innovative Salt Lake Library

2004  Urban Storm Water Management: Understanding Past Flows to Prepare for Future Inundations

2004  Water Development in the Salt Lake Valley

2003  Environmental Engineering: Massive Utah Remediation Scheme to Produce Drinking Water

2003  Managing the Earthquake Risk: Research and Implementation Efforts on Utah’s Highway Infrastructure

2002  Design and Implementation of a Sign Inventory Program for the Uinta National Forest

2002  Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement: I-15 Design/Build Reconstruction Project

2002  Selection of Driven Pile Design Parameters for the I-15 Reconstruction Project

2002  State of Utah Performance Information Procurement System Tests

2002  Structures: Retractable Arch Will Take Center Stage in Salt Lake

2002  Testing of Minimization of Subjectivity in Best Value Procurement by using Artificial Intelligence Systems in State of Utah Procurement