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2015  Analysis of Flood Fatalities in Texas

2015  Choice of Land Use Development Type within Commercial and Industrial Zoning

2015  Cities Built for and by Residents: Soil Sealing Management in the Eyes of Urban Dwellers in Germany

2015  City Growth and Urban Drainage Alternatives: Sustainability Challenge

2015  Cluster Analysis of Interregional Migration in Turkey

2015  Concrete Jungle: New York City and Our Last Best Hope for a Sustainable Future, By Niles Eldredge and Sidney Horenstein. Oakland, California: University of California Press, 2014

2015  Convergence of China’s Urbanization

2015  The Cul-de-sac Effect: Relationship between Street Design and Residential Social Cohesion

2015  Disaggregation of an Urban Population with M_IDW Interpolation and Building Information

2015  Do Megaregions Produce Greater Regional Convergence or Divergence? Implications for Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Investment

2015  Effects of Volume Regulation on Urban Spaces in Seoul, South Korea

2015  Forces Driving Changes in Urban Construction Land of Urban Agglomerations in China

2015  GIS-Based Framework for Supporting Land Use Planning in Urban Renewal: Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Identifying Rehabilitation Options for Optimum Improvement in Municipal Asset Condition

2015  Measuring Spatial Structure of China’s Megaregions

2015  New Orleans under Reconstruction: The Crisis of Planning, By Carol McMichael Reese, Michael Sorkin, and Anthony Fontenot. Brooklyn, New York: Verso, 2014

2015  Optimization of Land Use in a New Urban District

2015  Overwhelming Farmland Conversion for Urban Development in Transitional China: Case Study of Shanghai

2015  Port-City Relationship and the Environment: Literature Survey and Methodological Approach for Project Appraisal in Presence of Environmental Externalities

2015  Principle of Selectivity in Housing Rehabilitation Subsidies: Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Quantitative Analysis of Structural Changes during Rapid Urban Growth: Case Study of Kerman, Iran

2015  Role of Urban Planning in Encouraging More Sustainable Lifestyles

2015  Spatial Patterns of Distinct Urban Growth Forms in Relation to Roads and Pregrowth Urban Areas: Case of the Nanjing Metropolitan Region in China

2015  Sprawl Costs the U.S. More Than $1 Trillion a Year, Study Says

2014  A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for Urban America By Vishaan Chakrabarti. New York City: Metropolis Books, 2013

2014  Analysis of the Mechanisms Contributing to Spatial Mismatch in Transitional Chinese Cities

2014  Atlas of Cities Edited By Paul Knox. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2014

2014  Becoming the Green-Blue City

2014  Brownfield Development Selection Using Multiattribute Decision Making

2014  Choice-Based Modeling by Destination Value and Type of Planning for Domestic Leisure Travelers in India

2014  ’City Beach’ Plan Would Bring Sand Dunes to Urban Waterfront

2014  Climate Change, Urban Development, and Storm Water: Perspectives from the Field

2014  Clustering Urban Multifunctional Landscapes Using the Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network Model

2014  Euclidean Distance Mapping and the Proposed Greenway Method in Malta

2014  Exploring Operating Speeds on Urban Arterials Using Floating Car Data: Case Study in Shanghai

2014  Expo 2010: Strategic Transformation of Former Industrial Areas by Means of International Events

2014  From the Editorial Board

2014  Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design By Charles Montgomery. New York City: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013

2014  Impacts of Spatial Distribution of Impervious Areas on Runoff Response of Hillslope Catchments: Simulation Study

2014  Impacts of Urbanization on Precipitation in Taihu Lake Basin, China

2014  Improving the Conditions for Urban Resilience through Collaborative Learning of Parisian Urban Services

2014  Inner-City Urban Redevelopment in China Metropolises and the Emergence of Gentrification: Case of Yuexiu, Guangzhou

2014  Innovative Technologies for Storm-Water Management Programs in Small Urbanized Areas

2014  MIT’s CitySCOPE Features 3-D Models for Urban Planning

2014  Modeling and Simulation of Greater Cairo Region Urban Dynamics Using SLEUTH

2014  Modeling the Effects of Pro Bicycle Infrastructure and Policies Toward Sustainable Urban Mobility

2014  News2Note

2014  Planning for Sustainable Land-Use Changes: Indications from an Assessment of Soil Consumption in a Polycentric Region

2014  Prototype Decision-Support System for Designing and Costing Municipal Green Infrastructure

2014  Quantitative Delimitation of Urban Influential Hinterland in China

2014  Quantitative Study of the Network Tendency of the Urban System in China

2014  Role of Public Administration in Fostering Urban Housing Rehabilitation

2014  T&DI Congress 2014, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

2014  Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development

2014  Urbanization for Everyone: Benefits of Urbanization in Indonesia’s Rural Regions

2013  Analysis of Harbin Urbanization Factors

2013  Analysis of the Challenges and Solutions of Building a Smart City

2013  Analysis on Changchun Urban Planning of Construction and Management

2013  APM and Other Driverless Systems for Integrated Urban Planning and Sustainability

2013  Are Engineers Responsible for Rise of Sprawl?

2013  Assessing the Transportation Needs of Low-Mobility Individuals: Case Study of a Small Urban Community in Utah

2013  Assessing Walkability in the City of Buffalo: Application of Agent-Based Simulation

2013  Assessment of Spatial Dependence Using Spatial Autoregression Models: Empirical Analysis of Shopping Center Space Supply in Ohio

2013  Behavioral Decision-Making Framework Responding to City Power Supply Facilities Damaged in Natural Disaster

2013  Changing Our Scale of Thinking: Value of a Megaregional Planning Course

2013  Complex Adaptive Systems Approach to Simulate the Sustainability of Water Resources and Urbanization

2013  Comprehensive Delimitation and Ring Identification on Urban Spatial Radiation of Regional Central Cities: Case Study of Zhengzhou

2013  Design for Green Property Development in Developing Cities

2013  Effect of High Gasoline Prices on Low-Density Housing Development

2013  Effects of Visual Indicators on Landscape Preferences

2013  An Engineer’s Viewpoint of Sprawl

2013  Evaluation on Urban Development Resources of Northeast China

2013  Exploring Influencing Factors of Short-Lived Buildings in China’s Urban Renewal: Evidence from Chongqing

2013  Green Streets, Highways, and Development 2013, Advancing the Practice

2013  High-Speed Railways’ Guiding Role in Urban Development

2013  Hydrologic Analyses of the July 17-18, 1996, Flood in Chicago and the Role of Urbanization

2013  ICCREM 2013, Construction and Operation in the Context of Sustainability

2013  Indicators of Community Recovery: Content Analysis and Delphi Approach

2013  Integrating Space-Syntax and Discrete-Event Simulation for E-Mobility Analysis

2013  Integrative Urban Development: Practices and Tools for a Sustainable Winter City

2013  Municipal Spending in Spain: Spatial Approach

2013  Population Distribution and Density Function Improvement in China’s Pearl River Delta

2013  Reconstruction Issues Research of Harbin Shantytowns

2013  Relationship between Morphological Characteristics and Land-Use Intensity: Empirical Analysis of Shanghai Development Zones

2013  Research on the Strategic Goal of China’s Housing Development against the Background of Rapid Urbanization

2013  Residential Satisfaction of Young Adults in Large Chinese Cities: A Study on New College Graduates in Beijing

2013  Students’ Tendency to Walk to School: Case Study of Tehran

2013  Study of Configuration and Use of Public Facilities in Villages and Towns against New-Type Urbanization Background

2013  Study on Land Use Structure Based on Information Entropy and GM Prediction in Xuzhou City

2013  A Study on Urbanization Construction’s Impacts on Real Estate Industry in China

2013  Supersized

2013  Sustainable Development Planning of Protected Areas near Cities: Case Study in China

2013  Uncontrolled Sprawl or Managed Growth? An Australian Case Study

2013  Understanding Engineers’ Roles in Delivering Solutions to Curtail Urban Sprawl

2013  Urban and Energy Assessment from a Systemic Approach of Urban Morphology, Urban Mobility, and Buildings: Case Study of Agua Branca in Sao Paulo

2013  Urban Transformation and Institutional Policies: Case Study of Mega-Region Development in China’s Pearl River Delta

2013  Using Construction Expansion Regulation Zones to Manage Urban Growth in Hefei City, China

2012  Achieving Sustainable Urban Renewal in Hong Kong: Strategy for Dilapidation Assessment of High Rises

2012  Assessment of the Role of International Organizations in the Rehabilitation of Historic Districts: Case of Darb Alahmar

2012  Bicycle Master Plan for Adana, Turkey