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2015  DEM Analyses of an Uplift Failure Mechanism with Pipe Buried in Cemented Granular Ground

2015  Numerical and Experimental Study of Uplift Mobilization of Buried Pipelines in Sands

2015  Uplift-Restricted and Slip-Permitted T-Shape Connectors

2014  Analyzing Loads from Ice Shedding Conductors for UHV Transmission Towers in Heavy Icing Areas

2014  Evaluating Wind Uplift for Exposed Geomembranes Using Computer Modeling

2014  Extending the Direct Strength Method for Cold-Formed Steel Design to Through-Fastened Simple Span Girts and Purlins with Laterally Unbraced Compression Flanges

2014  Non-Linear Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subject to Internal Explosions and Uplift Effects: CFD and Applied Element Methods

2014  Soil Liquefaction-Induced Uplift of Underground Structures: Physical and Numerical Modeling

2014  Uplift Resistance of Long Pipelines in the Presence of Seismic Forces

2014  Vertical Uplift Resistance of Pipes Buried in Sand

2014  Vertical Uplift Resistance of Two Interfering Horizontal Anchors in Clay

2014  Wind Uplift of Concrete Roof Pavers

2013  Centrifuge Modeling and Mitigation of Manhole Uplift due to Liquefaction

2013  On the Interpretation of Drilled Foundation Load Test Results

2013  On the Uplift Behavior of Spread Foundations

2013  Pressures on the Crown Wall of Breakwater Formed by New Armor Block KOLOS due to Regular Waves

2013  Uplift Behavior of Anchor Plates in Slope

2013  Uplift Behavior of Vertical Piles Embedded in Oil-Contaminated Sand

2013  Uplift Performance of Anchor Plates Embedded in Cement-Stabilized Backfill

2012  Centrifuge Test to Evaluate the Geotechnical Performance of Anchored Buried Pipelines in Sand

2012  Closed-Form Theoretical Solution for Finite-Depth Seepage below Flat Apron with Equal End Cutoffs and a Downstream Step

2012  Finite Element Modeling of the Progressive Failure of a Low-Rise Building under Uniform Uplift Pressure

2012  Grouting of Anchors to Resist Hydrostatic Uplift at Burnley Tunnel, Melbourne, Australia

2012  Mobilization Distance for Upheaval Buckling of Shallowly Buried Pipelines

2012  Pseudo-Static Uplift Capacity of Obliquely Loaded Horizontal Strip Anchor in Cohesionless Soil

2012  Wind Uplift Capacity of Foam-Retrofitted Roof Sheathing Subjected to Water Leaks

2011  Centrifuge Modeling of Seismically Induced Uplift for the BART Transbay Tube

2011  Effects of Piston Uplift, Piston Friction, and Machine Deflection in Reduced Triaxial Extension Testing

2011  Elucidating the Uplift Behavior of Underreamed Anchor Groups in Sand

2011  Embedment Depth Influence on an Uplifting Anchor

2011  Keying of Rectangular Plate Anchors in Normally Consolidated Clays

2011  Numerical Simulation Analysis for the Grouting Uplift in Different Expansion Deformation Modes

2011  Pseudo-Static Uplift Capacity of Horizontal Strip Anchors

2011  Quantification of Uplift Resistance of Adhesive-Applied Low-Slope Roof Configurations Subjected to Tensile Loading Test Protocol

2011  Shaft Resistance of Piles in Normally Consolidating Marine Clay Subjected to Compressive and Uplift Load

2011  Ultimate Uplift Capacity of Multiplate Helical Type Anchors in Clay

2011  Uplift Capacity of Axially Loaded Piles in Clays

2011  Uplift Response of Large-Diameter Buried Pipeline in Liquefiable Soil Using Pipe-Soil Coupling Model

2010  Bearing Capacity and Deformation Characteristics of Uplift Piles in Soft Ground

2010  Behavior of Uplift Pile Foundation during Large-Scale Deep Excavation

2010  Displacement Field of an Uplifting Anchor in Sand

2010  Distortional Buckling of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Wall Studs under Uplift Force

2010  Effect of Fastener-Deck Strength on the Wind-Uplift Performance of Mechanically Attached Roofing Assemblies

2010  Effect of Sheetpile Configuration on Seepage beneath Hydraulic Structures

2010  Multicriteria Capacity Envelopes for Biaxial Bending of Concrete Hydraulic Structures

2010  Structural Behavior of Wood Light-Frame Wall Segments Subjected to In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Forces

2010  Theoretical Studies of the XY-FP Seismic Isolation Bearing for Bridges

2010  The Ultimate Uplift Capacity of Multi-Plate Anchors in Undrained Clay

2010  Uplift Capacity of Pile Anchors in Cohesionless Soil

2010  Use of Single Pot Bearings to Reduce Uplifting on Curved Narrow Segmental Bridges

2010  What Do We Learn from Wind Uplift Tests of Roof Systems?

2010  Wind Tunnel Studies on Sawtooth and Monosloped Roofs

2009  Combined Shear and Wind Uplift Resistance of Wood Structural Panel Shearwalls

2009  Cylindrical Shear or Plate Bearing? — Uplift Behavior of Multi-Helix Screw Anchors in Clay

2009  Effects of Long-Term Dynamic Loading and Fluctuating Water Table on Helical Anchor Performance for Small Wind Tower Foundations

2009  Evaluating Uplift Capacity of Driven Steel H-Piles, Comparing PDA and Load Test Results

2009  Experimental Determination of the Seismic Response of Port Container Cranes Including Uplift Phenomena

2009  Experimental Study of the XY-Friction Pendulum Bearing for Bridge Applications

2009  Numerical Modeling of Dynamic Wave Force Acting on Escambia Bay Bridge Deck during Hurricane Ivan

2009  Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Stability against Uplift during Tail Void Grouting

2009  Structural Assessment of a Concrete Dam Based on Uplift Pressure Monitoring

2009  Study on the Effect of Uplift-Restraint on the Seismic Response of Base-Isolated Structures

2009  Tests of Adhesives to Augment Nails in Wind Uplift Resistance of Roofs

2009  Vertical Uplift Capacity of Equally Spaced Horizontal Strip Anchors in Sand

2009  Wave-Induced Pressures and Forces on Deck Slabs near the Free Surface

2008  Characteristics of Uplifting Velocity of a Buried Pipe in Liquefied Ground

2008  Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Gravity Dams Considering Aftershocks and Reduced Drainage Efficiency

2008  Effect of Arching on Uplift Capacity of Pile Groups in Sand

2008  Evaluation of Uplift Interpretation Criteria for Drilled Shaft Capacity

2008  Optimizing the Wind Uplift Resistance of Mechanically Attached Roof Systems

2008  Study on Uplift Behaviour of Plate Anchor in Geogrid Reinforced Sand Bed

2008  Transient Seepage Analyses of Soil-Cement Uplift Pressures during Reservoir Drawdown

2008  Uplift Mechanisms of Pipes Buried in Sand

2008  Uplift Testing of Rammed Aggregate Pier® Systems

2008  Wind Uplift Behavior of Mechanically Attached Single-Ply Roofing Systems: The Need for Correction Factors in Standardizezd Tests

2007  Model Discussion of Pressure Fluctuations Propagation within Lining Slab Joints in Stilling Basins

2005  Interface Characteristics and Laboratory Constructability Tests of Novel Fiber-Reinforced Polymer/Concrete Piles

2005  Modelling of Displacement Piles in Sand Using a Pressure Chamber

2005  Physically Based Model for Evaluation of Rock Scour due to High-Velocity Jet Impact

2005  Testing and Modeling of Prestressed Isolators

2005  Uplift Phenomenon: Model, Validation, and Design

2005  Wave Induced Uplift Forces Acting on Half-Buried Submarine Pipeline in Sandy Seabed by Numerical Methods

2004  Circular Elastic Plate Resting on Tensionless Pasternak Foundation

2004  Compression and Uplift of Rammed Aggregate Piers in Clay

2004  Uplift Capacity of K-Series Open Web Steel Joist Seats

2003  Effect of Compressive Load on Uplift Capacity of Model Piles

2003  Fluvial Entrainment of Protruding Fractured Rock

2003  Numerical Analysis of Multiple Discrete Cracks in Concrete Dams using Extended Fictitious Crack Model

2002  Axial Uplift Behavior of Pressure-Injected Footings in Cohesionless Soil

2002  Characteristics of Bored Piles Installed through Jet Grout Layer

2002  Dynamic Wind Uplift Performance of Thermoplastic Roofing System with New Seaming Technology

2002  On the Interpretation of Drilled Foundation Load Test Results

2001  A Simulation on Uplift Resistance of Buried Pipe by DEM

2000  Design of Anchored Slabs in Spillway Stilling Basins

2000  Monitoring the Cut-Off Wall Performance of Upper Huia Dam

2000  Parametric Study and Subsurface Exploration Plan for Bluestone Dam

2000  Water Pressure in Propagating Concrete Cracks

1999  Simulation Requirements for Roof Wind Loads near the Corners of Low Buildings with Low-Slope Roofs

1999  Tubular Steel Walls for Residential Construction

1998  Differential Upheaval of Phosphoric Acid Storage Tanks in Aqaba-Jordan