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2014  Advances in Transportation Geotechnics and Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure

2014  Alteration of the Permeability Coefficient by Back Analysis of the Dewatering Pumping Data

2014  Analysis of Change Rule of Moisture Content for Soil-Slope under Rainfall Infiltration

2014  Analytical Study of Dolomite Sinkholes in Centurion, South Africa

2014  Application of Shear Keys to Improve the Slope Stability of Earth Dams on Weak Alluvial Foundations

2014  Challenges in Water Migration Modeling for Expansive Soils

2014  Characterization of Internal Structures in Triaxial Sand Specimens at the Microscopic Scale Level

2014  Characterization of Unsaturated Soils: The Importance of Response to Wetting

2014  Comparison of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D Water Migration Study in Expansive Soils

2014  Comparisons of One-Dimensional Consolidation Characteristics of Clays by Using Two Different Specimen Sizes

2014  Compression Behavior of Unsaturated Clay under High Stresses

2014  Consolidation of a Two-Layer System for Unsaturated Soil with the Differential Quadrature Method

2014  Coupled Approach to Assess Caprock Deformation Caused by CO2 Injection

2014  Coupling Thermal Conductivity Dry-Out Curves with Unsaturated Soil Modeling of Shallow Horizontal Geothermal Exchange Loops

2014  Creeping Displacement Behavior of Clayey Soils in A New Creep Test Apparatus

2014  Cyclic Volumetric Strain Behavior of Sands with Fines of Low Plasticity

2014  Dam Breaching Models and Soil Mechanics Analysis

2014  DEM Simulation of Shearing Rockfills along Different Stress Paths

2014  Development and Evaluation of a Thermo-TDR Probe

2014  Development of a New High-Suction Tensiometer

2014  Direct Shear Strength of Soil and Theoretical Modification under Different Preconsolidation Pressures

2014  Effect of Intermediate Principal Stress on the Mechanical Behavior of Angular Sand

2014  Effect of Moisture Conditions on Results of Pressuremeter Testing in Unsaturated Soil

2014  Effect of Raker Piles in Lateral Load Capacity of Laterally Loaded Pile Group

2014  Effect of Soil Density and Suction on the Elastic and Plastic Parameters of Unsaturated Silty Soil

2014  Effect of Temperature and Water Content on Creep Behavior of Anchor in Ice-Rich Silt

2014  Effect Study of the Hydraulic Gradient and the Vertical Load on the Collapse Potential of Soils

2014  Equivalent Stress Approach in Creation of Elastoplastic Constitutive Models for Unsaturated Soils

2014  Expansive Soil Crack Depth under Cumulative Damage

2014  Experiment on the Consolidation Property of Dredger Soft Soil under Different Moisture Contents in Tianjin

2014  Experimental Identification of Plastic Shakedown Behaviors of Saturated Clay Subjected to Traffic Loading

2014  Experimental Research on Unsaturated Soils Shear Strength Theory

2014  Experimental Study on the Influence of Foundation Pit Dewatering on Shear Strength and Deformation of Pit Bottom Soil in Soft Soil Area

2014  Experimental Study on the Influenced Mechanical Parameters of Shear Strength of Unsaturated Clay Slope

2014  Experimental Study on Time-Dependent Properties of Soft Soil under Unloading

2014  Experimental Test of Theory for the Stability of Partially Saturated Vertical Cut Slopes

2014  FEM Simulation of Progressive Failure for Dense Sandy Foundation

2014  Finite Element Analysis of Hydro-Mechanical Coupling Effects on Shear Failures of Fully Saturated Collapsible Geomaterials

2014  From Compression Behavior to Plastic Anisotropy of Reconstituted Soft Soils

2014  Front Matter

2014  Geological and Mechanical Properties of Shallow Gassy Shell Sand in Cangnan

2014  Hydraulic and Mechanical Behaviour of GMZ Ca-Bentonite

2014  Impact of Strain Rate on the Shear Strength and Pore Water Pressure Generation of Saturated and Unsaturated Compacted Clay

2014  Instability of Saturated and Unsaturated Coarse Granular Soils

2014  Interfacial Micro-Mechanical Behavior of Discrete Fiber-Reinforced Soil

2014  Issues in the Implementation of Sustainable Heat Exchange Technologies in Reinforced, Unsaturated Soil Structures

2014  Laboratory Fall Cone Testing of Unsaturated Sand

2014  Long-Term Performance of a Capillary-Barrier Cover with Unsaturated Drainage Layer in a Humid Climate

2014  Mechanical Behaviour of Waste Oil-Lime Additive Mixtures on Granitic Residual Soil

2014  Mechanism Study and Model Tests on Soft Clay Cracking

2014  Meso-Direct-Shear Test of Sands Based on the Digital Image Method

2014  Micro and Macro Modeling of Ground Depression Due to Internal Erosion

2014  Micro-Mechanism of the Intermediate Principal Stress Effect on the Strength of Granular Materials

2014  Micro-Scale Modelling of the Breakage Mechanism of Structured Soils

2014  The Model Test and SPH Simulations for Slope and Levee Failure under Heavy Rainfall Considering the Coupling of Soil, Water and Air

2014  Modeling the Microstructure Random Fields of Soft Soil in the South of China

2014  Multi-Phase Mechanics of the Interaction between the Soil, Water, and Coastal Structure during the Tsunami Disaster

2014  Multi-Scale Approach for Modeling Desiccation Shrinkage in Granular Soils

2014  Multi-Scale Modeling of Enhanced Dissolution and Deformation of Geomaterials: A Discrete Element Approach

2014  Mutual Interaction between Cyclic Swelling-Shrinkage and Structure of Clays

2014  Nonisothermal Shear Strength of Compacted Silt at Residual Saturation

2014  Nonlinear Dilatancy Model and Its Matrix [D] of Rockfill Materials

2014  Numerical Modeling of Strain-Softening Response in Triaxial Testing of Silty Sand using FLAC2D

2014  Numerical Research on the Deformation Characteristics of a Reservoir Landslide

2014  Numerical Simulation Based on Actual Mesostructures of Soil Stabilized by Cement Mortar

2014  Numerical Simulation of Static Liquefaction of Loose Sand

2014  Numerical Simulation of the Evolution of Pore Characteristics in Biaxial Compression

2014  Numerical Studies on Filter of Piping in Broadly Graded Cohesionless Soils

2014  Numerical Study of High Pressure Injection in Unconsolidated Reservoirs

2014  Numerical Study on the Elasto-Plastic Behavior of Sand

2014  On the Fluid Retention Properties of Shales

2014  One-Dimensional Consolidation of Unsaturated Soil Deposit with Various Initial Conditions

2014  One-Dimensional Consolidation of Unsaturated Soil Subjected to Time-Dependent Loading with Various Initial and Boundary Conditions

2014  Physical States and Strength Parameters of Low-Compacted Garden Hill Fill in Shanghai

2014  Pore Water Pressures in Unsaturated Soils

2014  Pore-Scale Model for Estimating Saturated and Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity from Grain Size Distribution

2014  Power Law for Elastic Moduli of Unsaturated Soil

2014  Preliminary Study of Pore Water Salinity Effects on the Swelling Behavior of Ca-Bentonite

2014  Preliminary Study on Small-Strain Triaxial Testing Method for Soft Shanghai Clays

2014  Properties and Variation of Electrical Resistivity Due to Temperature Change

2014  Reassessment of Soil Suction at the Evaporation Rate Reduction Point for Saturated-Unsaturated Soil Surfaces

2014  Relevance of Capillarity to Thermal and Electrical Conductivity in Unsaturated Granular Soils

2014  Research on Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Aeolian Sand in Keerqin Desert Area

2014  Roscoe and Hvorslev Surfaces for Unsaturated Silty Soil

2014  Sea Channel Consolidation Settlement Analysis of a Land Reclamation Project

2014  Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils under Multiple Drying-Wetting Cycles

2014  Slope Stability Analysis for Filled Slopes Using Finite Element Limit Analysis Method

2014  Slope Stability Analysis of Zoned Earth Dam with RCC Overtopping Protection

2014  Slow Shearing Rates’ Effect on Residual Strength of Landslide Soils

2014  Soil Behavior and Geomechanics

2014  A Soil Model Considering Principal Stress Rotations

2014  Strain Localization in Unsaturated Elastic-Plastic Materials Subjected to Plane Strain Compression

2014  Strain-Rate Dependency of Shear Strength for a Highly Overconsolidated Clay

2014  Strength Recovery of Landslide Soils from the Residual State of Shear

2014  Study on Implementation Algorithm for Simulation the Softening with Strain Localization in Plane Strain Compression Behavior of Sand

2014  Study on Soil Arching in the Cushion of Composite Foundation

2014  Study on the Fissures Evolution of Expansive Soil under Different Initial Water Content

2014  Study on the Swelling Mechanism and Characteristics of Bentonite

2014  Surface Fractal Dimension of Bentonite from Nitrogen Adsorption

2014  Swell and Compressibility of Sand-Expansive Clay Mixtures