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2014  Treating Navy Wastewaters Using High-Shear Rotary and Tubular Membrane Systems

2013  AIMS Array Design and Construction

2013  Improvements for an Aging Sheetpile Wharf at Mayport Naval Station

2013  Methodology for Assessing and Providing Recommendations for Waterfront Lighting Efficiency Improvements

2013  Practical Implementation of Marine Concrete Specifications for Waterfront Structures

2013  Systemic Coating Failure on a Nuclear Submarine Drydock, Evaluation and an Engineering Solution

2013  Universal Composite Submarine Camels - Design of a Prototype

2012  The U.S. Navy’s Approach to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

2010  Case Study of a Navy Magnetic Silencing Facility

2010  Development and Qualification of a Floating Pier for the U.S. Navy Fleet

2010  Development of Wind and Current Coefficients for Multiple U.S. Navy Vessel Analysis Using OPTIMOOR

2010  Passing Ship Effects at Typical Waterfronts

2010  Piers 6 and 31 Replacement—Evolution of Design

2010  Rehabilitation of Drydock No. 2, Portsmouth Navy Shipyard: Innovative Solutions for a 108 Year Old Drydock

2010  Rehabilitation of Navy Pier: Facility Modernization and Extension of Service Life, San Diego Unified Port District, San Diego, California

2010  Subsurface Investigation of Uniform Wharf at Naval Base Guam

2009  Design Work Begins on Remediation of Alameda Point Site

2009  Rebuilt to Last

2007  Stabilization of Dredge Spoil Basin and Filled Marsh for Container Terminal Development at the Former Charleston Naval Base

2007  U. S. Navy Double Deck Piers

2005  From the Sea ... Naval Ocean Engineering Technology

2005  Measuring Sea Bed Properties using Static and Dynamic Penetrometers

2005  Mechanisms of Air-Sea Turbulent Interactions at Small Scales

2005  NewsBriefs: Navy Joins Forces With M Ship Company For New Boat Design (

2004  Concrete Sheet Pile Repair Naval Station, San Diego California

2004  Detecting Voids under Airfield Pavements

2004  Displacement-Based Seismic Design of a Large Naval Pier

2004  In Memoriam, Arthur Raymond “A. Ray” Miller, Jr.

2004  In Memoriam, Charles Pankow

2004  Inventory Hierarchy Development for the U.S. Navy’s WHARFER Engineered Management System

2004  Load Test of Timber Piers at Naval Weapons Station, Concord, California

2004  Marine Fender Systems

2004  Modular Hybrid Pier for Naval Ports

2004  Optimizing Complex Plume Pump and Treat Systems for Blaine Naval Ammunition Depot, Nebraska

2004  Repair Pier 4 Naval Station, San Diego California

2003  Case Study to Illustrate Evaluation of Contaminant Pathways for Upland Dredged Material Disposal

2003  In Memoriam, Leo Levantine

2003  In Memoriam, Perry M. Boothe

2003  Military Mission and the Environment: The Navy in San Diego Bay

2002  Landmarks in American Civil Engineering History: Goodyear Airdock

2002  Northern Gulf of Mexico Littoral Initiative Modeling Program

2001  Brownfields: U.S. Navy Adapts Historic Building for Office Space

2001  Confined Aquatic Disposal of Contaminated and Unsuitable Marine Sediments at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington

2001  Engineer Gets Second Star, New Naval Reserve Post

2001  In Memoriam. George S. Nolte

2001  In Memoriam. James A. Maple

2001  In Memoriam. Rino M. Monti

2001  In Memoriam. Theodore Paul Stivers

2001  Inactive Moorings for Battleship and Carriers

2001  Naval Base to Container Terminal Conversion: The Smallest 500 Acres You Have Ever Seen

2001  The Port of Oakland’s Vision 2000 Development - Meeting Customers Needs through the Redevelopment of a Former Naval Facility and Railyard into a Modern Marine Terminal Complex

2001  Unique Design and Construction Features of a US Navy Submarine Research Facility

2001  U.S. Navy Ship Mooring Practices - Design, Construction, Inspection, Maintenance

2000  In Memoriam. Gerald R. “Gerry” Manning

2000  U.S. Navy Tries Outcomes-Based Contract to Remediate Base

1999  The Economic Analysis of “Soft” Versus “Hard” Solutions for Shore Protection: An Example

1999  In Memoriam. Ralph Michael Cerreta

1999  Risk Based Corrective Action at a Former Military Site

1999  Vacuum Recovery of Free Phased Leaded Gasoline Plume: Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia

1998  Combination Breakwater and Pier, Naval Station Everett

1998  Conceptual Planning and Analysis of the Proposed Naval Station Container Terminal Port of Long Beach

1998  Environmental Impacts of Dredging to Support the Homeporting of a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier at Naval Air Station, North Island, Coronado California

1998  Feasibility Study for Homeporting of Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers

1998  Major Military Blunder

1998  Modular Concepts for Rapid Repair of Navy Waterfront Structures

1998  Navy Oil Spill Contingency Planning

1998  Productive Reuse of Military Facilities by Ports

1998  Proposed Naval Station Container Terminal Dredging & Disposal

1998  Seismic Design Criteria for Navy Piers and Wharves

1997  Analyses to Identify Optimum Value Pollution Prevention Alternatives

1997  ASCE Hosts Army and Navy at Leadership Conclave in D.C.

1997  Seismic Design Criteria for Navy Wharves

1996  Composite Applications in the Navy Waterfront Infrastructure

1996  Development of a Large-Scale Tidal Circulation Model for the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas

1996  Environmentally Acceptable Piling for Use in Navy Pier Fender Systems

1996  Prefabricated Epoxy-Coated Rebar for the U.S. Navy

1995  Concrete Box Caissons Earth-Retaining Wharf Structure

1995  Design Build: a Navy Perspective

1995  Design-Build Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be What You Thought It Was: A Case Study in which the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Explores Alternatives to ‘Conventional Wisdom’ on Issues Associated with Design-Build

1995  Environmental Evaluations in the Multi-Purpose Canister Environmental Impact Statement

1995  Epoxy-Coated Rebar for Marine Structures

1995  Evaluation of Permanent Monitoring Sensors of Navy Piers

1995  Fatigue Resistance of Various Longitudinal Weld Joints

1995  George Knows Best

1995  Master Plan for the U.S. Navy Base at Charleston

1995  Naval Weapons Station Trestle Replacement Features Unique Elements, Colts Neck, NJ

1995  Navy Submarine Wharf Design, Pearl Harbor

1995  Navy Waterfront RDT&E

1995  New U.S. Navy Fuel Pier at Puget Sound

1995  Rehabilitating the Navy’s Waterfront Infrastructure

1995  Underwater Rehabilitation and Maintenance Magnetic Silencing Facility Trident Submarine Base Bangor, Washington

1993  The Lowdown on Partnering

1993  Management of San Diego Bay Dredged Material Disposal

1992  Analysis of Dredged Material Deposition Patterns

1992  Design and Construction of Waterfront Facilities at U.S. Navy Homeport at Ingleside, Texas

1992  Environmental Monitoring and Operator Guidance System (EMOGS) for Shallow Water Ports

1992  Naval Pier Foundation Design and Construction, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

1992  Pier and Wharf for U.S. Navy Homeport, Everett

1992  A Removable Submarine Cover for Drydock No. 2 Modernization

1992  Seabees Celebrate Golden Anniversary