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2015  Corps of Engineers Helping to Build Hospitals in Ebola-Stricken Liberia

2015  Corps Outlines Plan for Boosting Coastal Resilience in Northeast

2014  Corps Completes Dam to Protect Puerto Rico’s Second-Largest City

2013  Case Studies

2013  Corps of Engineers’ Studies Will Inform Response to Climate Change

2013  Cost

2013  Development of Channel Contraction Widths

2013  Dikes

2013  Environmental Design

2013  Evaluation of the Impact on St. Johns River Circulation and Salinity for the Jacksonville Harbor Deepening Project

2013  Front Matter

2013  History

2013  Index

2013  Inland Navigation, Channel Training Works

2013  Introduction

2013  Model Studies

2013  A Nationwide Comprehensive Water Management System: Can We Get There and Why Should We Care

2013  Other Types of Training Structures

2013  Performance, Evaluation, and Inspection

2013  Port of Long Beach (-)76 MLLW Main Channel Dredging

2013  Repair Techniques

2013  Revetments

2013  Review of Water Law, Water Supply, and Surplus Water Available for Corps of Engineers Projects

2013  Sedimentation and Sediment Management in River Channels

2013  Special Report: Defending New Orleans

2013  St. Louis Service Base Floating Wharf Mooring System Replacement

2013  Terminology

2013  Training Structure Types and Layout

2013  U.S. Army Corps Loses $7-Million Claim against Design Engineer

2012  Corps of Engineers Forensic Studies

2012  The Lessons of Katrina: What Went Wrong and Why

2012  Regulatory Challenges to a New York Harbor Storm Barrier System

2011  Buffalo River Dredging Will Remove Contamination, Facilitate Remediation

2011  Design of High Soil Berms Over Soft Soils: An Update

2011  Draft Guidance Document Would Expand Reach of Clean Water Act

2011  Levee to Defend Downtown Washington, D.C.

2010  Case Studies on Negotiation and Mediation for Coastal Zone Conflicts

2010  Corps Unveils $1.7-Billion Plan for Restoring Anacostia River Watershed

2010  Flood Risk Assessment of Complex Riverine Systems

2010  Integrated Planning Framework for Urban River Rehabilitation

2010  Linking the Lakes: The Lake Washington Ship Canal

2010  Slow Pace of Corps ’Reform’ Criticized by House Committee, Witnesses

2010  Supreme Court Made Sound Engineering Decision

2010  Supreme Court Rules Against Michigan In Legal Battle over Chicago Canals

2010  Vision from Inland Navigation Technology ’09 Workshop

2010  Water Resources Development Act Of 2010 Clears First Hurdle in House

2009  Assessment of Lumped, Quasi-Distributed and Distributed Hydrologic Models of the US Army Corps of Engineers

2009  A Comparison of Formed Suction Inlets for Flood Control Applications

2009  Constructing a Big Dam after the 1951 Missouri River Flood: Tuttle Creek Reservoir, Kansas

2009  Construction Begins on Next Phase of Canton Lake Auxiliary Spillway Channel

2009  Corps’s Largest Design/Build Civil Works Project To Shield New Orleans

2009  Creating Organizational Change: Minimizing Client Generated Construction Inefficiencies at the US Army Medical Command

2009  Flood Risk Assessment of Complex Riverine Systems

2009  Geotube Reinforced Sand Dunes to Buffer Louisiana Barrier Island from Hurricanes

2009  NewsBriefs: New Corps of Engineers’ Policy Considers Rising Sea Levels

2009  Nexus Projects in Kansas City’s Suburban Watersheds

2008  Are Condition Assessments Enough?

2008  ASCE Recommends Changes to Water Resource Guidelines

2008  External Review Panel Delivers Final Assessment to the IPET, Points out Risks to New Orleans

2008  People: Manous Retires with Honors

2008 One Door to the Corps for USACE Water Management

2008  Short Takes: Corps of Engineers Workshop Considers Technical Competency

2008  U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Management for Environmental Sustainability

2008  Waterways: Army Corps of Engineers Digs Deep for Lock Replacement

2007  ASCE Voices Qualified Support of Water Resources Bill

2007  The Corps of Engineers Ice Engineering Manual

2007  Environmental Engineering: Construction Begins on Next Phase of Kissimmee River Restoration

2007  Flood Control: Corps Issues List of Deficient Levees, Develops Database

2007  NewsBriefs: Corps of Engineers Studies Hawaii Dams (Honolulu Star-Bulletin)

2007  Photo and Caption

2007  Policy Briefing: Document and Legislation Renew Debate over Clean Water Act’s Reach

2007  Policy Briefing: White House, Congress Debate Water Resources Bill

2007  Strock Honors ERP Members with Outstanding Civilian Service Medal

2007  Water Resources: Judge Halts Corps’s Flood Control Project in Missouri

2006  ASCE Reviews First Phase of Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force’s Investigation of Levees

2006  ASCE’s External Review Panel Expresses Concerns Over Safety, Urges Corps to Complete Risk Assessment of New Orleans Hurricane Protection System

2006  Corps Addresses Concerns of ASCE’s External Review Panel, Comments on Report Prepared by Corps Task Force.

2006  Environmental Engineering: Pittsburgh Completes Restoration of Urban Stream

2006  Environmental Engineering: Proposed Rule Emphasizes Mitigation Banking

2006  Future Trends: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood and Coastal Research and Development for Cold Regions

2006  In the Field: Corps of Engineers Term Manages Construction of Afghan Army Facility

2006  Policy Briefing: Congress Heeds Calls for Levee Safety Legislation

2006  Strock Reflects on Past Five Years, Commends ASCE for Its Work

2006  The Sustainable Rivers Project: A partnership between the Corps of Engineers and the Nature Conservancy

2006  Workshop Considers Preparedness and Resilience Strategies for Critical Infrastructure

2005  Dam Rehabilitation: Corps to Use Embedded Wall to Repair Lake Okeechobee Dike

2005  Dams: Corps Undertakes Its Largest Dam Safety Project

2005  Dams: Prado Seepage Prompts Brief Evacuation

2005  Flood Control: Major Work to Begin on Comite River Diversion Project

2005  Flood Protection: North Dakota Begins Operating Devils Lake Diversion

2005  Low-Impact Development in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Army Case Studies, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

2005  Policy Briefing: Senate Resumes Perennial Debate Over Water Resources Bill

2005  The Present Day Civil Works Role of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Developing, Managing and Protecting California’s Coastal Resources

2005  Proper Use of Resources?

2005  The Prospect of a Water Resources Development Act for 2003

2005  Tsunami Workshop Advances Rebuilding and Recovery Strategies

2005  Water Resources: Corps Preserves Arkansas Aquifers with Surface Water Project

2004  ASCE Focuses on Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure at Corps’s Leadership Conference

2004  Dams: Corps Builds World’s Largest Fuse Gates in California

2004  Dams: Corps to Complete Billion-Dollar Ohio River Lock Project