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Found 47 Records with the keyword term of "Uniformity"

2015  Sprinkler Distribution Uniformity for Strawberry Cold Protection

2005  Analytical Expressions for Hydraulic Calculation of Trapezoidal Drip Irrigation Units

2004  Coupled Crop and Solid Set Sprinkler Simulation Model. I: Model Development

2004  Coupled Crop and Solid Set Sprinkler Simulation Model. II: Model Application

2003  Analytical Equation for Variation of Discharge in Drip Irrigation Laterals

2003  Performance of Rotating Spray Plate Sprinklers in Indoor Experiments

2000  Easing the Way for E-Permitting

2000  SEI Can Lead the Way (ltr)

1998  Image Texture Analysis and Neural Networks for Characterization of Uniform Soils

1997  Estimation of Global Irrigation Distribution Uniformity

1997  Initial Fabric and Uniformity of a Sand Specimen - An Image Analysis Approach

1997  Irrigation Performance Measures: Efficiency and Uniformity

1997  New Optimization Method for Paddle Motion of Multi-Directional Wavemaker

1997  Optimal Spherical Masonry Domes of Uniform Strength

1996  Risk Variability Due to Uniform Soil Remediation Goals

1996  Soil-Limiting Flow from Subsurface Emitters. I: Pressure Measurements

1996  Soil-Limiting Flow from Subsurface Emitters. II: Effect on Uniformity

1996  Toward a Unified Nomenclature for Reinforced-Concrete Theory

1996  Uniformity Evaluation of Cohesionless Specimens Using Digital Image Analysis

1995  Defining Efficiency and Uniformity: Problems and Perspectives

1995  Determining Accuracy of Estimates for Irrigation Efficiency and Uniformity

1995  Identification and Quantification of Efficiency and Uniformity Components

1995  Management of Surface Irrigation Systems in Heavy Clay Soils

1995  Practical Potential Irrigation Efficiencies

1995  Procedures for Combining Distribution Uniformity Components

1995  Strain Localization in Extension Tests on Granular Materials

1994  Migration of Backward-Facing Step

1993  Thermal Postbuckling of Uniform Columns on Elastic Foundation

1993  Unified Design of Horizontal Circular Curves

1992  Calculating Flow in Manifold and Orifice System

1992  Design and Maintenance Factors Affecting Application Uniformity of Low Pressure Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems

1991  Deflection and Stability of Elastically Restrained Nonuniform Beam

1991  Irrigation Uniformity Relationships for Irrigation System Management

1991  Surface-Slope Effects on Sprinkler Uniformity

1990  Deep Seepage Under Nonuniform Sprinkler Irrigation: I. Theory

1990  Deep Seepage Under Nonuniform Sprinkler Irrigation: II. Field Data

1990  The Influence of Uniformity on Riprap Stability

1989  Calculation of Distribution and Efficiency for Nonuniform Irrigation

1987  Simulating Sprinkler Performance in Wind

1980  Comparison of Sprinkler Uniformity Models

1980  Effect of Sediment on Advance Rates and Intake Rates

1978  Describing Irrigation Efficiency and Uniformity

1978  Trickle Irrigation Uniformity and Efficiency

1976  Uniformity among Weather Modification Laws

1975  Nonlinear Analysis of Uniformly Loaded Hexagonal Shells

1974  Permeability of Cohesionless Soils

1973  Hydraulics and Uniformity for Drip Irrigation