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Found 83 Records with the keyword term of "Uniform flow"

2014  Quantifying the Dynamic Evolution of Graded Gravel Beds Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

2012  Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Dispersion with Time-Dependent Source Concentration along Uniform Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Porous Formation

2012  Resistance to Shallow Uniform Flow in Small, Riprap-Lined Drainage Channels

2011  Validity of Uniform Flow Hypothesis in One-Dimensional Morphodynamic Models

2010  Limit Slope in Uniform Flow Computations: Direct Solution for Rectangular Channels

2010  Self-Aeration and Friction over Rock Chutes in Uniform Flow Conditions

2010  Stability of Stones under Uniform Flow

2009  Evaluation of Quasi-Steady Theory Applied to Windborne Flat Plates in Uniform Flow

2009  Nonlinear Mixing Length Model for Prediction of Secondary Currents in Uniform Channel Flows

2009  Uniform Flow of Modified Bingham Fluids in Narrow Cross Sections

2008  Flooding Probability-Based Optimal Design of Trapezoidal Open Channel Using Freeboard as a Design Variable

2008  Inception Point and Air Concentration in Flows on Stepped Chutes Lined with Wedge-Shaped Concrete Blocks

2008  Inception Sediment Transport Relationships at High Slopes

2008  Simplified Design of Hydraulically Efficient Power-Law Channels with Freeboard

2008  Variable-Concentration and Boundary Effects on Debris Flow Discharge Predictions

2006  Hydraulic Elements Chart for Pipe Flow using New Definition of Hydraulic Radius

2006  Improving Fluid Flow in Clarifiers using a Highly Porous Media

2006  Method of Fundamental Solutions for Three-Dimensional Stokes Flow in Exterior Field

2006  Soil Hydraulic Properties Affecting Discharge Uniformity of Gravity-Fed Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems

2005  Uniform and Critical Flow Computations

2005  Upstream Discharge Distribution in Compound-Channel Flumes

2004  Critical Submergence for a Rectangular Intake

2002  Hydraulic Analysis and Optimum Design of Multidiameter Irrigation Laterals

2002  Multi-Phase Plumes in Uniform, Stratified, and Flowing Environments

2001  Design of Minimum Seepage-Loss Nonpolygonal Canal Sections

2000  Design of Minimum Seepage Loss Canal Sections

2000  Shear Stress Distribution in Partially Filled Pipes and its Effect on the Modeling of Sediment Transport in Storm Drains

1999  Terminal Velocity of Cylinders Rolling in Uniform Flows

1997  Distance for Complete Mixing in Open-Channel Flow

1997  Effect of Shape on Uniform Flow in Smooth Rectangular Open Channels

1997  Sediment Flux, Grain Sorting and the Bed Condition

1996  Vegetation-Induced Drag: An Experimental Study

1995  Analysis of Hydraulic Barriers for Ground Water in Stream-Aquifer Systems

1995  Critical Submergence for Intakes in Open Channel Flow

1995  Experimental Study on Flow-Resistance Law for Small-Diameter Plastic Pipes

1995  Hybrid Approach to Uniform Flow Past Two Cylinders

1995  Optimal Irrigation Canal Sections

1995  Waterfilm Flow Depth and Hydraulic Resistance From Runoff Experiments on Portland Cement Concrete Surfaces

1994  Chezy Formula Versus Theory and Common Sense

1994  Experimental Study of Debris Flows

1994  Normal-Depth Equations for Irrigation Canals

1993  Design of Sewers Based on Minimum Velocity

1992  Wind Effect on Oblique Motion of Two Bodies in a Uniform Flow

1991  Unified Theory on Power Laws for Flow Resistance

1991  Uniform Aerated Chute Flow

1991  Vortex-Induced Loadings on Taut Cables with PET Shrouds

1990  Numerical Computation of Free Surface Weir Flow Using Isoparametric Finite Elements

1990  Upstream Blocking and Stratified Flow Hydraulics

1989  Several Sources of Nonuniformity in Irrigation Delivery Flows

1988  General Solutions for Viscoplastic Debris Flow

1988  Generalized Viscoplastic Modeling of Debris Flow

1988  Hydraulics of Horseshoe and Arch Sewers

1987  Canal Design: Optimal Cross-Sections

1987  Hydraulics of Partially Filled Egg Sewers

1986  Applications of Sediment Pick-Up Function

1986  Boundary Conditions for Multiple Bifurcations

1986  Uniform Flow Around Circular Cylinders: A Review

1984  On the Steady and Uniform Turbulent Flow

1983  On Uniform Flow Around Rough Cylinders

1983  Permissible Velocity Correction Factors

1982  Application of HEC-2 for Ice-Covered Waterways

1982  Equal Volume Stack Sampling Methodology

1982  Uniform Flow over Skew Side-Weir

1981  Separated Flow Through Large Sudden Expansions

1978  Analytical Velocity Distribution

1978  Dispersive Sources in Uniform Ground-Water Flow

1978  Fluid Forces on Oscillating Cylinders

1978  Uniformly Discharging Lateral Weirs

1977  Numerical Model for Discrete Settling

1974  Designing Trickle Irrigation Laterals for Uniformity

1973  Simulation of Dispersion of Suspended Particles

1970  Limit Slope in Uniform Flow Computations

1970  Resistance Studies on Smooth Open Channels

1969  Dispersion of Floating Particles in Uniform Channel Flow

1967  The Increase of Bed Shear in a Current Due to Wave Action

1967  Stability Criteria for Open-Channel Flow

1965  Evaluation of Hydraulic Efficiency of Sedimentation Basins

1963  An Expression for Bed-Load Transportation

1963  Solving the Equations of Uniform Flow

1963  Uniform Flow in a Shallow, Triangular, Open Channel

1962  Analyzing Ground-Water Mounds by Resistance Network

1961  Uniform Flow in a Shallow, Triangular Open Channel

1932  A Discharge Diagram For Uniform Flow in Open Channels