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2015  Mechanical Behavior of B500c Steel with an Aluminum Layer Coating in a Marine Environment

2014  Experiments of Chloride Ingression in Loaded Concrete Members under the Marine Environment

2013  Durability-Based Ranking of Typical Structural Repairs for Corrosion-Damaged Marine Piles

2013  Field Experimental Study on Mechanical Effect of Invert Construction for Shallow Embedded Underwater Highway Tunnel

2012  Characteristics of Shear Layer and Primary Vortex Induced by Solitary Waves Propagating over Rectangular Structures with Different Aspect Ratios

2011  Diffraction of Water Waves by a Semisubmerged Structure in a Channel

2011  An International Connection: The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

2011  Limited Value of Longitudinal Seam Stretching for Underwater High-Speed Railway Shield Tunnel

2011  Use of CEM Approach to Develop and Optimize High-Performance Underwater Concrete

2009  Deepwater Transmission Line Foundations Meet Trophy Bass Lake Environment

2009  Transmission Line at St. Andrew Bay

2007  NewsBriefs: Underwater Laboratories Use Telecommunications Infrastructure (British Broadcasting Corporation)

2007  Stone Columns for Underwater Wall Stability, U.S. Coast Guard, Seattle, Washington

2006  The Application of Underwater Pressuremeter Test to In-Situ Testing of Bridge Foundation

2006  Case Study: Application of GPR to Detection of Hidden Dangers to Underwater Hydraulic Structures

2006  Membrane Analysis and Minimum Weight Design of Submerged Spherical Domes

2005  Approximate Solution for the Shape of Submerged Funicular Arches with Self-weight

2005  Burial of Short Cylinders Induced by Scour and Bedforms under Waves plus Currents

2005  Underwater Fiber.Reinforced Polymers Repair of Prestressed Piles in the Allen Creek Bridge

2004  Freeze—Thaw Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Adhesive Bonds with Underwater Curing Epoxy

2003  Energy: Underwater Turbine Runs on Tidal Motions

2003  Selection Criteria of Polyurethane Resins to Seal Concrete Joints in Underwater Road Tunnels in the Montreal Area

2003  Shapes of Submerged Funicular Arches

2002  The Submarine Mission

2001  Administrative Considerations

2001  Bibliography

2001  Documentation and Reporting

2001  Front Matter

2001  Glossary

2001  Index

2001  Introduction

2001  Scope of Inspection Work

2001  Special Considerations for Specific Structure Types and Systems

2001  Standards of Practice

2001  Types and Causes of Defects and Deterioration

2001  Underwater Deterioration of Concrete Piles

2001  Underwater Geotechnical Foundations

2001  Underwater Investigations, Standard Practice Manual

2001  Wave-Induced Mean Magnitudes in Permeable Submerged Breakwaters

2000  Advances in Flooded Tunnel Inspections by ROV

2000  Automated 3D Mapping of Submarine Tunnels

2000  Pile Construction Issues at the P-700 Aircraft Carrier Wharf Project

2000  Short-Wave and Wave Group Scattering by Submerged Porous Plate

2000  Submerged Funicular Arches

2000  Towers in Motion (available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)

2000  Trapping and Generation of Waves by Vertical Porous Structures

1999  Underwater Sill Impedes Mississippi River Saltwater Wedge

1998  Flow Separation During Solitary Wave Passing Over Submerged Obstacle

1998  Impedances of Underwater Rigid Square Foundations

1998  Undersea Pumped Storage for Load Leveling

1997  Advanced Computational Model for Sacrificial Cathodic Protection of Partially Submerged Reinforced Concrete Marine Footers

1997  Control of Wave Propagation Angle by Tapered-Submerged Breakwater

1997  Improved Pump Motor Protection Permits Increase in Fish Attraction Water

1997  Interference of Small Structures in the Vicinity of Large Structures

1997  Noisy Nonlinear Motions of Moored System. Part I: Analysis and Simulations

1997  Nonlinear Wave Transformation over a Submerged Triangular Breakwater

1997  Performance of a Submerged Breakwater for Shore Protection

1997  Second-Order Interaction Between Random Wave and Surbmerged Obstacle

1997  Water Wave Control by a Pitching Plate

1996  Undersea Engineering Feat

1996  Wave Scattering by Submerged Elliptical Disk

1995  Design and Construction of Immersed Tubes in the Fort Point Channel

1995  Stability of Low-Crested Rubble-Mound Breakwater Heads

1995  Steady-State Analysis of Underwater Cables

1995  Structural Design of the MHD’s Third Harbor Tunnel

1995  Wave Breaking over Submerged Horizontal Plate

1994  Experimental Verification of Numerical Model for Nonlinear Wave Evolutions

1994  URSULA: Design of an Underwater Robot for Nuclear Reactor Vessel Inspection

1994  Water Waves Above Submerged Porous Plate

1994  Wave Scattering by Submerged Porous Disk

1993  Analysis of Wave Scattering by Submerged Circular Disk

1993  Design of Shotcrete Linings at the Channel Tunnel

1993  Transient Scattering from Submerged Cylindrical Shell with Appendages

1991  Artificial Headland and Submerged Groyne for a Beach Improvement Project

1991  Monitoring of a Nearshore Disposal Mound at Silver Strand State Park

1991  Scattering of Short-Wave Groups by Submerged Horizontal Plate

1990  Dynamic Response of Submerged Shells With Appendages

1990  Extraction Forces for Offshore Foundations Under Undrained Loading

1990  Startups

1990  Storage of Combined Sewage in a Marine Waterbody

1989  Dredged Material Underwater Berms

1989  Jersey Firm Dives into Underwater Inspection

1989  Submarine Siphons for Athens Sewerage System

1989  Underwater Dam and Embayment Aeration for Striped Bass Refuge

1988  Structures Beyond Tomorrow

1987  Underwater Inspection of Hydraulic Structures

1986  Modern Inspection Techniques n Port Maintenance

1985  Force Spectrum of Horizontal Member

1984  An Offshore Mound Constructed of Dredged Material

1983  Nearshore Bottom-Mounted OTEC Platforms and Pipes

1981  Deterministic Fluid Forces on Structures: A Review

1981  Fixed Pile-Supported Steel Offshore Platforms

1981  Role of CPT in North Sea Foundation Engineering

1981  Undersea Suspended Cable Structures

1981  Underwater Inspection Risks

1980  Tokyo’s Dainikoro Underwater Tube-Tunnel

1979  Added Mass of Sphere near Floor in Oscillatory Waves

1979  Research Needs in Structural Engineering

1979  Settlements of Immersed Tunnels

1975  Analysis of Behavior of Edward Hyatt Power Plant