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2015  Analysis of Fluid-Solid Coupling Characteristics of Oil and Gas Submarine Span Pipelines

2015  Buried Pipe Affected by River Erosion When Crossing the Yangtze River

2015  Landslide Impact on Submarine Pipelines: Analytical and Numerical Analysis

2015  Numerical and Experimental Study of Uplift Mobilization of Buried Pipelines in Sands

2013  Brief History of Upheaval Buckling Studies for Subsea Buried Pipeline

2013  Mechanics of Three-Dimensional Pipeline Scour in Unidirectional Steady Current

2013  Model Test Studies on Soil Restraint to Pipeline Buried in Bohai Soft Clay

2013  Pipeline Steel Bracket Finite Element Analysis in Shield Tunnel

2013  Self-Burial and Potential Hazards of a Submarine Pipeline in the Sand Wave Area in the South China Sea

2013  Stress Analysis of Shallow Sea Gas Pipelines

2013  Tensile Behavior of Polypropylene Composite Insulator for Deepwater Pipelines

2012  Analytical Prediction of Pipeline Behaviors in J-Lay on Plastic Seabed

2012  Centrifuge Modeling to Support the Design of Subsea Pipelines

2012  Fault Tree Analysis of Submarine Pipeline Corrosion Factors

2012  Free-Spanning Submarine Pipeline Response to Severe Ground Excitations: Water-Pipeline Interactions

2012  Limit Load Analysis of Subsea Pipeline Structural Component

2012  Research on the Design of ELF Electromagnetic Communication for Subsea Pipelines

2012  Study of Scour around Submarine Pipeline with a Rubber Plate or Rigid Spoiler in Wave Conditions

2012  Three-Dimensional Scour at Submarine Pipelines

2012  Wave-Induced Fatigue Damage Analysis for Submarine Pipeline Span

2011  Analysis of Vortex-Induced Vibration of Offshore Riser and Pipeline with Unsupported Span in Steady Current

2011  Hampton Roads Crossing (HRX) Pipeline: Innovative Marine Pipeline Design and World Record Trenchless Crossing

2011  Lake Oswego’s Innovative Buoyant Interceptor Sewer System Takes Shape

2011  Research on Directional Drilling Crossing Technology for Complex and Ultra-Long Stratum

2011  Risk Assessment of Underwater Gas Shield Tunnel

2011  Study on the Safety Technology of the Submarine Pipeline Impending Segment in Chengdao Oilfield

2011  Submarine Pipeline HSE Management System and Application

2011  Wave-Induced Fatigue Reliability Study of Submarine Pipeline Span by First Passage Failure Approach

2010  Large Deformation Finite-Element Analysis of Submarine Landslide Interaction with Embedded Pipelines

2010  Numerical Model for Three-Dimensional Scour below a Pipeline in Steady Currents

2010  Parametric Solutions for Slide Impact on Pipelines

2010  Pipe Walking-Lateral Buckling Interaction

2010  Plastic Interaction Relations for Corroded Steel Pipes under Combined Loadings

2010  Three-Dimensional Scour at Submarine Pipelines in Unidirectional Steady Current

2009  Commonly Used Methods of Underwater Cutting and Diamond Wire Saw Cutting

2009  Design of Automatic Submarine Oil and Gas Pipeline Tapping Machine

2009  The Experimental Study of Vortex-Induced Vibration of Submarine Pipelines in Steady Current

2009  Hydraulic Calculation for Subsea Pipeline of Water and W/O Emulsion Multiphase Flow with Variation Mass and Viscosity

2009  Hyperbaric Welding Maintenance Techniques of Subsea Pipeline

2009  Local Scour and Self-Burial of a Submarine Pipeline on Cohesive Seabed

2009  Method and Apparatus for Inserting and Securing a Plugging Pig into Subsea Pipeline

2009  Nonlinear Analysis of Submarine Pipeline Impacted by Dropped Objects Based on Pipe-Soil Model

2009  Research on Fatigue Life Prediction of Submarine Pipeline Free Span (X60) by High-Cycle Multi-Level Fatigue Test

2009  Study on Heat Transfer of Start-Up of Submarine Oil Pipeline

2009  Study on the Unstable Geological Factors of Oil Gas Submarine Pipeline in Shallow Sea Shelf Area

2008  Clear-Water Scour below Underwater Pipelines under Steady Flow

2008  Modeling of Pipe – Soil Interaction and Its Application in Numerical Simulation

2007  Flotation to Trigger Lateral Buckles in Pipelines on a Flat Seabed

2007  Ocean Currents-Induced Pipeline Lateral Stability on Sandy Seabed

2006  Artificial Intelligence Designing, Study, and Behaviour Using the Movable Joints and Structural Dynamic Properties

2006  Considerations for Storm-Water Outfalls off Exposed Coasts

2006  Critical Flotation Density of Pipelines in Soils Liquefied by Waves and Density of Liquefied Soils

2006  Finite Element Modelling of Upheaval Buckling of Buried offshore Pipelines in Clayey Soils

2006  Improved Analysis Method for Wave-Induced Pipeline Stability on Sandy Seabed

2006  Liquefaction around Pipelines under Waves

2006  Stability of Submarine Pipelines on Liquefied Seabeds

2005  Installation Load Consideration in Ultra-Deepwater Pipeline Sizing

2005  Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Scour around Submarine Pipeline due to Currents

2005  Numerical Model for Wave-Induced Scour below a Submarine Pipeline

2005  Polyurethane Based Grouts for Deep Off-Shore Pipe-in-Pipe Application

2005  Thermal and Bonding Shear Strength of Polymer Based and Cementitious Grouts for Pipe-in-Pipe and Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

2005  Wave Induced Uplift Forces Acting on Half-Buried Submarine Pipeline in Sandy Seabed by Numerical Methods

2004  Buoyant Jets of Elliptic Shape: Approximation for Duckbill Valves

2003  Some Points of Clarification

2003  Subaqueous Pipeline Design, Installation and Material Selection

2003  Thinking Deep

2002  Efficiency Limits for Slip-on Type Buckle Arrestors for Offshore Pipelines

2002  Modeling of Shallowly Embedded Offshore Pipelines in Calcareous Sand

2002  Numerical and Experimental Study of Offshore Pipeline Stability in Trench

2001  Field Wave and Current Model Testing for Pipelines

2001  Prediction of Lee-Wake Scouring of Pipelines in Currents

2001  Stresses and Deformation of Buried Pipeline under Wave Loading

2000  Response of Inhomogeneous Seabed around Buried Pipeline under Ocean Waves

1999  Depth of Erosion under Storm Conditions

1999  Numerical Model for Local Scour under Offshore Pipelines

1999  Renovation of Three 108-Inch PCCP Water Pipelines

1999  Scour under Submarine Pipelines in Waves in Shoaling Conditions

1998  Joint Agency Cooperation to Ensure Safety and Protection of the Environment Through Pipeline Inspections

1998  A Response Based Method for Developing Joint Metocean Criteria for Seabed Pipeline Design

1997  Hydrodynamic Forces on Piggyback Pipeline Configurations

1997  Pipeline Operations

1996  Seismic Assessment for Offshore Pipelines

1996  Tunneling Under Pressure

1995  Buckle Propagation and Arrest in Deep-Water Pipelines

1995  Estimation of Burial Depths for Pipelines in Arctic Regions

1995  Microtunneling Meets Mother Nature

1995  Seismic Assessment for Offshore Pipelines

1994  Cured-in-Place Pipe Doesn’t Cause a Ripple

1994  Dredged Material Dispersion from the Vicinity of a Pipeline Discharge, Tylers Beach, Virginia

1994  Forces on Vibrating Cylinder Near Wall in Current and Waves

1993  Design of a Submarine Oil Pipeline

1993  Effect of Spoilers on Wave-Induced Scour at Submarine Pipelines

1993  Velocity Downstream of a Submerged Pipe Outlet

1993  Velocity Reduction at a Submerged Pipe Outlet

1992  Buckle Propagation in Submarine Pipelines

1992  Effect of Spoilers on Scour at Submarine Pipelines

1992  Elastic Analysis of Submarine Pipelines

1992  A Fourier Series Solution to Bottom Roughness Induced Stresses During Pipe Laying

1992  Parametric and External Excitation of Marine Risers

1992  Pipeline Storm Behavior on Clay Soils