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2015  Interaction Mechanism between Two Large Rock Caverns

2015  Netherlands Museum Renovated, Expanded Underground

2015  Structural Behaviors of Large Underground Earth-Retaining Systems in Shanghai. II: Multipropped Rectangular Diaphragm Wall

2014  3D Geospatial Visualization of Underground Space to Enhance Geo-Governance

2014  Analysis, Design, and Construction of Tunnels and Underground Structures

2014  Applying Ergonomics and Two-Factor Theory to Long Tunnel Safety Policy Debate

2014  Estimation of Confinement Loss by Using Convergence Data in Tunneling

2014  Field Performance of High-Speed Rail Box Tunnel during Horizontal Grouting

2014  Front Matter

2014  Holistic Approach to Clean Coal Energy Management

2014  Impact of Repeat Overweight Truck Traffic on Buried Utility Facilities

2014  Investigation of Soil Arching with Centrifuge Tests

2014  Optimal Tilt Sensor Configuration of Urban Subway Shield Tunnel Structure

2014  An Optimization Model for Setting Subway Station Foundation Pit Monitoring Item

2014  Physical Simulation Study on Excavation of Multi-Tunnel Intersection

2014  Research Program on Design and Construction for 500kV Underground Substation

2014  Segment Stress Responses of Shield Tunnels Caused by Deep Excavations in Improved Soil

2014  Shear Capacity Enhancement of Existing Underground Wall Structures Using Postinstalled Reinforcing Bars

2014  Simulation Analysis on Ground Surface Settlements and Creep Behavior Induced by Double-O-Tube Shield Tunneling

2014  Soil Liquefaction-Induced Uplift of Underground Structures: Physical and Numerical Modeling

2014  Study on TBM Launching in Parallel with Small Spacing

2014  Study on the Optimization Method for the Deformation Prediction of Tunnel Construction on Adjacent Bridge Piles

2014  The Race Underground: Boston, New York, and the Incredible Rivalry That Built America’s First Subway By Doug Most. New York City: St. Martin’s Press, 2014

2014  Wave Propagation in a Periodic Jointed Tunnel Model

2013  Deep Science

2013  Dynamic Reliability of an Underground Structure Based on the JC Method

2013  Energy Saving Potentials of Demand-Controlled Ventilation Based On the Real-Time Traffic Load in Underground Parking Facilities

2013  Experimental Study on Dynamic Behavior of Suspended Laminar Multidirectional Shear Box

2013  Large-Span Rock-Anchored Beam Safety Pre-warning Method and Its Application in Underground Powerhouse

2013  Mitigating Ground Shocks with Cellular Solids

2013  Mitigation of Blast Effects on Underground Structure Using Compressible Porous Foam Barriers

2013  Numerical Simulations of Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling of Seismic Earth Pressures on an Underground Restrained Structure

2013  Quantification of Sustainability Index for Underground Utility Infrastructure Projects

2013  Simulating Groundwater Inflow in the Underground Tunnel with a Coupled Fracture-Matrix Model

2013  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Method for Soil-Building Interaction Based on an Input Wave Field

2012  Application Potential of Ultra-Wide Band Radar for Detecting Buried Obstructions in Construction

2012  Assessment of the Behavior of Buried Concrete Pipelines Subjected to Ground Rupture: Experimental Study

2012  Grouting Experiences in Underground Research Facility Onkalo, Eurajoki, Finland

2012  Imposed Deformations in Concrete: Case Study of an Underground Car Park

2012  Modern Pre-Excavation Grouting for Underground Structures in Rock

2012  Numerical Study of the Long-Term Performance of an Underground Powerhouse Subjected to Varying Initial Stress States, Cyclic Water Heads, and Temperature Variations

2012  Organizing and Managing the Implementation of Large Diameter Tapping and Plugging Technology for a Major Sanitary Improvement Project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2012  Performance Testing of Underground Storage Tank against Buckling

2012  Seaworthy Saga

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Design of New Underground Stations

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Refurbishment of an Existing Underground Station

2012  Seismic Response Analysis of Shallow Utility Tunnel in Liquefiable Soils

2012  Social Cost Analysis of Urban Underground Expressway in Construction

2012  Sustainability and Resilience of Underground Urban Infrastructure: New Approaches to Metrics and Formalism

2012  Sustainable Approach to Underground Metro Rail Structures for Longer Service Life

2012  Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

2012  Underground Structure D-Wall-Soil Interactive Finite Element Analytical Model for Huge TPS2

2012  The Use of Drilling Parameters Recording as a Tool for Quality Control in Jet Grouting Treatments

2012  The Utilization of Underground Space and Sustainable Development with Regard to the Xi’an Metro

2011  Analytical Approach to Augmenting Site Photos with 3D Graphics of Underground Infrastructure in Construction Engineering Applications

2011  Applying Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) to Transportation Projects: The State of the Practice

2011  Full-Scale Field Load Testing of Storm-Water Storage Chamber Structures

2011  Improved Depot Choice Model of Underground Expressway under Capacity Restraint

2011  In-Structure Shock Assessment of Underground Structures with Consideration of Rigid Body Motion

2011  Masters of the Underground

2011  Modeling of Surface Blast Effects on Underground Structures

2011  New Models for Strength and Deformability Parameter Calculation in Rock Masses Using Data-Mining Techniques

2011  NewsBriefs: No Room to Build Up? How about Down? (CNN)

2011  Pipe Heating System with Underground Water Tank for Snow Thawing and Ice Prevention on Roads and Bridge Decks

2010  FDTD Simulation of GPR Electromagnetic Wave

2010  Front Matter

2010  Investigation and Failure Analysis of Deep Underground Sewage Pump Station

2010  Practical Guide to Grouting of Underground Structures

2010  Reliability Assessment of Excavation-Related Movements of Underground Structures

2010  Seismic Design Considerations for Underground Box Structures

2010  Understanding Your Manholes — Translating Inspection Data to Design

2010  Update on the U.S.-China Collaborative Research Directions on Trenchless Technology and Critical Underground Infrastructure Issues

2010  The Use of Geophysical Methods to Detect Abandoned Mine Workings

2009  The 2008 Iowa Floods: Structural Challenges and Solutions

2009  Assessment of Hydrodynamic Separators for Stormwater Treatment

2009  Case Study: Cement-Bentonite Pre-Trenching and Cutter Soil Mixing(CSM) for Temporary Shoring and Groundwater Cutoff

2009  Contractor Perspective on Factors for Evaluating Installation Options for Small-Diameter Utilities

2009  Laboratory Testing to Examine Deformations and Moments in Fiber-Reinforced Cement Pipe

2009  Modeling and Visualization of Underground Structures

2009  Numerical Simulation for Large-Scale Seismic Response Analysis of Long-Distance Water-Conveyance Shield Tunnel

2009  On the Effects of Subgrade Erosion on the Contact Pressure Distribution under Rigid Surface Structures

2009  Protecting Underground Tunnel by Rubber-Soil Mixtures

2009  Rethinking Waterproofing for Subsurface Structures

2009  Seismic Damage Control of Underground Structures Associated with Reduced Stiffness of Soil Foundation

2009  Seismic Performance of Large Underground Structures in Unsaturated and Liquefiable Soils

2009  Study on a Passageway Location Model of Underground Expressway

2009  Underground Science at DUSEL: A Window into the Heavens and the Earth

2009  The Waste Water Network: An Underground View of Paris

2008  Achieving a More Complete View of the Subsurface with 3D Underground Imaging

2008  Assessing the Damage

2008  Centrifuge Modeling of Explosion Craters Formed over Underground Structures

2008  Cost of Underground Infrastructure Renewal: A Comparison of Open-Cut and Trenchless Methods

2008  The Development Timeline Framework: A Tool for Engendering Sustainable Use of Underground Space

2008  Impact of Hurricanes on Buried Infrastructure Networks — A Case History

2008  Measuring Soil Pressure on a Buried Model Structure for the Validation of Quantitative Frameworks

2008  The Present Conditions and Sustainability of Underground Infrastructure Asset Management in Mainland China

2008  Structures: Shanghai’s Underground Cruise Terminal Features Elevated ’Bubble’

2008  Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Technology-Driven Process that Results in Increased Safety, Fewer Design Changes, and Lower Costs

2008  Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Technology-Driven Process That Results in Increased Safety, Fewer Design Changes, and Lower Costs

2008  Theme Paper: Earthquake Engineering for Tunnels and Underground Structures. A Case History