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2014  Adaptive Computational Simulation of TBM-Soil Interactions during Machine-Driven Tunnel Construction in Saturated Soft Soils

2014  Analysis of Lateral Load Tests on Auger Cast Piles

2014  Analysis on Environmental Impact of Deep Excavation in Shenzhen, China

2014  Analysis on Inducing Factors to Inrushing Plastic Deformation Failure of Foundation Pit with Confined Water

2014  Application of a New Shotcrete Constitutive Model to the Numerical Analysis of a Tunnel Excavation

2014  Application of FEM to Evaluate Pile Loading Test in Some Special Situations

2014  Application of the Piezocone Penetration Testing to Assess Flow Characteristics of Marine Clay

2014  Assessment of 3D Excavation and Adjacent Building’s Reponses with Consideration of Excavation-Structure Interaction

2014  Bayesian-Based Hybrid Simulation Approach to Project Completion Forecasting for Underground Construction

2014  Blasting Vibration Analysis for the Interlaid Rock in Small Interval Tunnel

2014  A Case Study on Pile Performance Due to Tunnelling

2014  Centrifuge and Numerical Model Studies on the Behaviour of Soil-Nailed Slopes with and without Slope Facing

2014  Centrifuge Model Test Study of Behavior of Foundation Pit

2014  Characteristics of Earth Pressure and Soil Displacement Surrounding Deep Underground Structures

2014  Comparative Research on Mechanical Behaviors between SDS Piles and HS Piles

2014  Comparison and Analysis of Different Dilution Standards of Pollutants in Tunnel Ventilation

2014  Complex Variable Solution for a Tunnel Excavation Problem by Considering Lining Inner Pressure

2014  A Computational Method for Ground Penetrating Shield Tunnel

2014  Construction of a Foundation Pit without Dewatering

2014  Correlations between the Surface Stiffness Evaluated by Light-Weight Deflectometer and Degree of Compaction

2014  Coupled Computational Simulation of Excavation and Soil Transport in Earth-Pressure Balance Shield Tunneling Machines Using a Viscous Two-Phase Fluid Model for Soil-Foam Mixtures

2014  Determination of a Wall Performance in Multi-Layered Soil Conditions - A Case Study

2014  Difficulties in 1D Modelling and Analysis of Monopile subjected to Lateral Force

2014  The Effect of Model Scope on Numerical Results for Deep-Buried Tunnel

2014  Effect of Relative Density on Settlements above Tunnels in Sands

2014  Effect of Tidal Fluctuation on Ground Movement and Pore Water Pressure

2014  Elastic Buckling Analysis of Steel Pipe-Jacking Embedded in the Winkler Foundation

2014  Evaluation of Dynamic Resistance of the Toyserkan Doolayi Tunnel by Rock Bolt and Reinforced Shotcrete Composite System

2014  Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Behavior and Failure Form of RC Segment Reinforced with a New Composite Structure

2014  Experimental Study on Failure Modes of Composite Structures with Scattered Row Piles and Soil Nailing

2014  Experimental Study on Model Micropiles under Oblique Pullout Loads

2014  Field Experimental Study of Lateral Load Capacity of Bored Pile in Soft Soil

2014  Fluid-Solid Coupled Finite Element Modeling of Bridge Pile Foundations Embedded in Laterally Spreading Ground in Cold Regions

2014  Front Matter

2014  The Future of Underground Construction Monitoring

2014  Geo-Imaging and Monitoring Using Geophysical Techniques

2014  Geologic Considerations for Setting a Geotechnical Baseline Report: Intact Rock Strength Parameters

2014  Ground Anchor Loads Measured on an Excavation Sheet Pile Wall

2014  Ground Subsidence Caused by Tunnel Excavation in Sand

2014  Ground Vibration Levels Due to Impact Pile Driving in Sands

2014  Impact Study of Deep Foundation Pit Excavation on Operating Railway Trestle in Soft Clay Region

2014  Improving Construction Quality by Seeing What’s Hidden Underground

2014  Influences of Construction of Side-Crossing Shield Tunnel on Adjacent Pile Foundation

2014  Influencing Parameters on the Dewatering Behavior of Annular Gap Grouts

2014  Innovative Technique to Predict the Allowable Bearing Capacity for Shallow Foundations Based on Small-Strain Stiffness

2014  In-Situ Monitoring on Frost Heave Force during Cross-Passage Construction by Ground Freezing Method

2014  In-Situ Testing and Monitoring of Silty Soft Clay’s Characteristics around a Subway Tunnel under Train Vibration

2014  Instrumentation Strategies for Tunnel Boring Machines

2014  An Integrated Modelling and Numerical Simulation for Rock Mass Assessment in Underground Mines

2014  Integrating Geotechnical Baseline Reports and Risk Allocation Frameworks in Geotechnical Engineering Education

2014  Interpretation of Viscometer Test Results for Polymer Support Fluids

2014  Lessons Learned in the Development and Application of Geotechnical Baseline Reports

2014  Load-Bearing Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Precast Tunnel Lining Segments under Partial-Area Loading

2014  Materials, Theories and Experiments of Microcapsule Self-Healing Method — A Review

2014  Mechanical Analysis and Design Approach of Composite Segment for Shield Tunnel Linings

2014  Mesoscopic Study on Pullout Test of Reinforcement with Ribs Based on Particle Image Velocimetry

2014  Minimizing Lateral Displacement of Clayey Deposit under Combined Vacuum and Surcharge Loads

2014  Model Experiments on Pile Behaviour in Loose-Medium Dense Sand under Combined Uplift and Lateral Loads

2014  Monitoring Analysis on Internal Action of Pile-Beam-Anchor Support System of T2 Pit of Wangjing SOHO

2014  Multi-Suite Monitoring of an Existing Cast Iron Tunnel Subjected to Tunnelling-induced Ground Movements

2014  Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines Models for Analyses of Diaphragm Wall and Drilled Shafts — Numerical Case Studies

2014  A New Method on Probing and Interpreting Underground Pipeline’s Diameter by GPR

2014  NJTA Interchange 6 to 9 Widening Program Section II: Drilled Shaft Foundations Load Testing Program

2014  Numerical Analysis of Effects of Foundation Pit Excavation on Metro Tunnels

2014  Numerical Analysis of Pile Response to Deep Excavation in Soil Overlying Rock

2014  Numerical Analysis on the Mechanism of Bamboo Soil Nails and Bamboo Piles in Rows for Retaining Deep Foundation Pit

2014  Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field at the Active Freeze Period in Tunnel Construction Using Freeze-Sealing Pipe Roof Method

2014  Numerical Simulation of the Face Stability of Shield Tunnel under Tidal Condition

2014  Numerical Study on the Interactive Behavior of Two Adjacent Excavations Sharing the Same Diaphragm Wall

2014  Observed Ground Pressures and Internal Forces of the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel

2014  Optical Flow Analysis of Internal Erosion and Soil Piping in Images Captured by the VisCPT

2014  Parametric Analysis on Joint Opening Width of Concrete Segmental Lining

2014  Performance of a Deep Top-Down Excavation under Operating Railway

2014  Physical Model for Damage Prediction in Structures Due to Underground Excavations

2014  Prediction of Ground Conditions Ahead of an Advancing Tunnel Face by Quantification of Vector Orientation

2014  Prediction of Lateral Behavior of Existing Bridge Pile Foundations due to Surcharge Load

2014  Purpose and Preparation of Geotechnical Baseline Reports in Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership Subsurface Projects

2014  Ratio of Embedded Depth of Multi-Pivots Retaining Walls to Excavation Depth in Suzhou Subway Stations in China

2014  Recovery of Cooling Water Circulation Tunnel Collapse: Construction of Permanent Bulkhead by Ground Freezing

2014  Reliability Evaluation of Segment Joints in Metro Tunnel using MCMC Techniques and Bayesian Inferential Structure

2014  Research on Construction Disturbance Caused by Multi-Line Overlapped Shield Perpendicularly Crossing

2014  Research on Damping Blasting Technology of Subway Station Foundation Pit

2014  Research on the Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Stiffness Mechanical Model of Immersed Tube Tunnel Joints

2014  Risk Management through Geotechnical Baselines: A Designer’s Perspective

2014  Robust Geotechnical Design of Shield-Driven Tunnels Using Fuzzy Sets

2014  Sectional Shape Effects of Steel Sheet Pile Walls on Earth Pressure by Centrifuge Model Tests

2014  Seismic Monitoring of the FoGuang Geosynthetic-Reinforced Slope

2014  Shear Strength between Soil/Geomembrane and Geotextile/Geomembrane Interfaces

2014  Similarity Theory in a Model Test for the Natural Ventilation of Urban Tunnels

2014  Simplified Method of Horizontal Deformation Prediction of Gravity Retaining Walls in Shanghai Soft Soil

2014  Some Geotechnical Aspects of Harbor Structures in Karst Formations

2014  Spread Foundation Behaviors in Reinforced Aeolian Sand under a Combination of Uplift and Lateral Loadings

2014  Stability Analysis and Failure Mechanisms of Jointed Rock Tunnel

2014  Stability Analysis by Strength Reduction Method in Shallow Buried Tunnels

2014  Study and Application of "Interlaid Rock Wall" Method in a Subway Station with Shallow Buried Depth and Large Crossing Section

2014  Study of Dynamic Interface Friction Model under Seismic Loading

2014  Study on Complex Strata Classification of Shield Tunneling

2014  Study on Deformation Due to Deep Excavation Based on Monitoring Data in Soft Soil Area in Shanghai

2014  Study on Key Techniques for Shield Tunnel Passing under Metro Tunnel Closely in Launching Phase

2014  Study on the Control of Surrounding Environment Deformation by the Pit-Divided Method