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2014  Bayesian-Based Hybrid Simulation Approach to Project Completion Forecasting for Underground Construction

2014  Geologic Considerations for Setting a Geotechnical Baseline Report: Intact Rock Strength Parameters

2014  Integrating Geotechnical Baseline Reports and Risk Allocation Frameworks in Geotechnical Engineering Education

2014  Lessons Learned in the Development and Application of Geotechnical Baseline Reports

2014  Purpose and Preparation of Geotechnical Baseline Reports in Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership Subsurface Projects

2014  Risk Management through Geotechnical Baselines: A Designer’s Perspective

2014  To GBR or Not to GBR: Is that the Question?

2014  Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development

2012  In-line Measurements of Rheological Properties of Cement-Based Grouts -Introducing the UVP+PD Method

2012  Mechanism Analysis of Basement Structure Local Floating

2012  Method for Estimating System Stiffness for Excavation Support Walls

2012  New Developments of the Boundary Element Method for Underground Constructions

2011  Aspects of Model Interaction in Mechanized Tunneling

2011  NewsBriefs: No Room to Build Up? How about Down? (CNN)

2011  Tunnel Face Support Pressure and Associated Risk

2010  3D Numerical Simulation on the Failure Mechanism of Tunnel Working Face by Particle Flow Code

2010  Analysis on Ground Deformation Caused by Tunnelling of Large-Diameter Tunnel Boring Machine

2010  Analytical Study on the Control of Ground Subsidence Arising from the Phenomenon of Accompanied Settlement Using Foot Reinforcement Side Pile

2010  Analytical to the Issue of Spherical Cavities Expansion with the Non-Linear Mohr-Coulomb Failure Rule

2010  The Application of F&EI Method in Risk Assessment of Tunnel Gas Explosion

2010  Back Matter

2010  Deep and Underground Excavations

2010  The Determination of Geometric Characteristics of Irregular Underground Bodies

2010  Determination of Stress Release Coefficient and Analysis of Influence Factors in Granular Soil Tunnel

2010  Effectiveness of Ground Improvement for a Cut-and-Cover Tunnel with a Backfill Slope Based on Finite Element Analysis

2010  Experimental Study on Anchoring Effect of Rock Bolts to Fractured Rock Mass

2010  Experimental Test on Communication Cable Tunnel Constructed by Shield Tunneling Method for Maintenance

2010  Front Matter

2010  An Improved Pseudo-Static Seismic Analysis for Underground Frame Structures

2010  Integrating GPS and Laser Technology to Map Underground Utilities Installed Using Open Trench Method

2010  Investigation into Artificial Ground Freezing Technique for a Cross Passage in Metro

2010  Numerical Analyses and Elasto-Plastic Behavior Study on Surrounding Rock Mass of the Underground Caverns in a Hydropower Station during Deep Excavations

2010  Numerical Analysis of the Thermo-Hydromechanical Behaviour of Underground Storages in Hard Rock

2010  Numerical Simulation of EPB Tunnel Face Instability in Dry Sand by Discrete Element Method

2010  Reconstruction of the Temperature Distribution on the Vertical Direction of Tunnel in Fire Accidents

2010  Research on 3D Numerical Model of Segment Lining for Large-Section River-Crossing Shield Tunnel

2010  Safety Influenced by Combined Action of Sulphate and Chloride to Shallow Highway Tunnel

2010  Seismic Response of Large Span Shallow Tunnels in Dilative Rocks

2010  Stability Analysis of the Front Slope of Small-Distance Highway Tunnel with Very Large Section Based on 3D Monitoring

2010  The Studies on Intelligent Construction Pre-Control of a Foundation Pit in Shanghai

2010  Study on Evaluation Method of Fire Safety of Tunnel Lining Structure

2010  Study on Maintenance Technology of Shield Tunnel in Soft Ground

2010  Study on Mechanism of Simultaneous Backfilling Grouting for Shield Tunneling in Soft Soils

2010  Study on Rock Mass Stability Effect of High Water Pressure Tunnels by Hydraulic Fracturing Failure

2010  Study on Shiziyang Tunnel Engineering Geology and Shield Tunneling

2010  Study on the Influence of Mix Proportioning on Cemented Mortar Engineering Properties for Tail Void Grouting of Shield Tunnel

2010  The Technological Issues of Health Monitoring in Wuhan Yangtze River Tunnel Operations

2010  Upper Bound Solutions for the Face Stability of Shallow Circular Tunnels Subjected to Nonlinear Failure Criterion

2009  Determining the Economic Viability of Directional Drilling

2009  Inspecting Pipeline Installation

2009  Interactive Augmented Reality Visualization for Improved Damage Prevention and Maintenance of Underground Infrastructure

2009  Quantification of Carbon Footprint on Underground Utility Projects

2009  Steel Innovation: Changing the Economics of Below Grade Foundations

2008  Case Study and Statistical Analysis of Utility Conflicts on Construction Roadway Projects and Best Practices in Their Avoidance

2008  Cost and Risk Evaluation for Horizontal Directional Drilling versus Open Cut in an Urban Environment

2008  Distributing Denver’s Recycled Water

2008  The Key Construction Technologies of Embedded and Large Span Tunnel in Soft Flow Mucky Ground

2008  Old Above, New Below

2008  Risk-Based Safety Impact Assessment Methodology for Underground Construction Projects in Korea

2008  Underground Expansion of a 27-Year Old Cultural Centre Excavation and Foundation Reuse Concerns

2008  Underground Space: One Answer to the Future Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change Problems?

2007  Amsterdam Noord/Zuidlijn: Use of Background Monitoring Data Prior to Construction Commencement

2007  Decision Making in Flexible Mine Production System Design Using Real Options

2007  Designing our Underground Space

2007  Evaluation of Differing Subsurface Ground Conditions in Construction Contracts

2007  Software Integration Aspects in a Multi-Disciplinary Research Project on Underground Engineering

2006  The Analysis of Underground Chambers Destabilization Induced by Blasting Vibration Based on Catastrophe Theory

2006  Analysis on Construction Influence of Shield Machine Passing Beneath Old Running Subway Tunnels

2006  An Analytical Solution for DOT Shield-Driven Tunnel Lining

2006  Construction Challenges of 345kV Underground

2006  Integration of Construction As-Built Data via Laser Scanning with Geotechnical Monitoring of Urban Excavation

2006  Legal Consequences of Damages to Underground Facilities by Horizontal Directional Drilling

2006  New Technologies for Tracking Urban Excavation Progress and Estimating Deformations

2006  Numerical Modeling and Performance of a Retention System at the Virginia State Capitol

2006  Recent Studies of Rock Dynamics for Underground Development

2006  Role of Practical Geophysics in In-Situ Characterization for Underground Construction in Phoenix, Arizona

2006  SCC for Underground Sprayed Concrete Application

2006  Shotcrete for Underground Support X

2006  Soft Ground Movement under Small Disturbance of Shield Driving

2006  Some Key Problems on Stability Analysis of Underground Rock Structures

2006  Standards, Test Methods, and Guides for Shotcrete Ground Support

2006  Underground Construction and Ground Movement

2006  The Use of Low-Cost MEMS Accelerometers for the Near-Surface Monitoring of Geotechnical Engineering Systems

2006  Wet-Mix Shotcrete as a Material, Process, and Ground Control Component of a 21st Century Underground Mining Operation

2005  3D Laser Scanning for Tracking Supported Excavation Construction

2005  Building Underground: Special Techniques for a Storage Facility

2005  Delving Beneath Delhi

2005  Finite Element Analysis of 3D Full Scale Tunnel Excavation Using Subloading tij Model

2005  Jet Grouting Applications for Large-Scale Basement Construction in Soft Clay

2005  Material Unit-Based Rock Core Logging for Geotechnical Applications

2005  Postconstruction Evaluation of Horizontal Directional Drilling Installations

2005  Terminology and Its Implications for Quality in Underground Construction

2004  Construction Benefits Resulting from using ASCE/CI 38-02

2004  Evaluation of an Emerging Market in Subsurface Utility Engineering

2004  Life-Cycle-Cost Comparison of Trenchless and Conventional Open-Cut Pipeline Construction Projects

2004  Novel Technologies for Tracking Construction Progress of Deep Excavations

2004  Risk Assessment Methodology for Underground Construction Projects

2004  Second Avenue Subway Project — History and Construction Challenges

2003  AUA Guidelines for Backfilling and Contact Grouting of Tunnels and Shafts

2003  Compensation Grouting to Reduce Settlement of Buildings during an Adjacent Deep Excavation