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2015  Construction Rehabilitation in Civil Engineering at the Bachelor Degree Level: Guideline Course

2015  Transportation Engineering Education for Undergraduate Students: Competencies, Skills, Teaching-Learning, and Evaluation

2014  Assessing the Ethical Development of Civil Engineering Undergraduates in Support of the ASCE Body of Knowledge

2014  Beneficial Reuse of Recycled Materials for Geotechnical Applications: An Undergraduate Educational Experience

2014  Engineering Informatics

2014  Gender and Other Factors Influencing the Outcome of a Test to Assess Quality of Education in Civil Engineering in Colombia

2014  State-of-the-Art Best Construction Practices Integration into Higher Education Curricula

2013  Building Information Modeling: Systematic Course Development for Undergraduate Construction Students

2013  The Dirt on Your Future Employees: Undergraduate Education in the U.S.

2013  Enhancing Education of Construction Materials Course Using Guided Inquiry Modules Instruction

2013  Entrepreneurial Trait of Cultivation of Undergraduates of Transportation Major

2013  Evaluating Student and Faculty Outcomes for a Real-World Capstone Project with Sustainability Considerations

2013  Integrating Sustainable Design into Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum

2012  Building Student Teamwork with the Student Geo-Challenge

2012  Engineering Professionals’ Expectations of Undergraduate Engineering Students

2012  Fulfilling Engineering Program Objectives through Service Learning Campaigns in Developing Countries

2012  Impact of the Application of International Quality Processes on Engineering Education at Universities in Sri Lanka

2012  Integrating the Science of Computing into Undergraduate Engineering Curricula

2012  Undergraduate Geotechnical Lesson Modules Based on New Orleans Levee Failures

2011  Energy and Environment Undergraduate Course Emphasizing Comparative Metrics

2011  Introduction of Innovations into the Traditional Teaching of Construction and Building Materials

2011  Lessons Learned through the Development of an Undergraduate Course on Civil Engineering Failures

2011  Sensors, Monitoring, and Health Assessment in the Undergraduate Curriculum

2011  Sustainability Education: Approaches for Incorporating Sustainability into the Undergraduate Curriculum

2011  Teaching Life-Cycle Perspectives: Sustainable Transportation Fuels Unit for High-School and Undergraduate Engineering Students

2011  Teaching Reliability at the Undergraduate Level

2011  Undergraduate Research Models Applicable for Geotechnics

2011  Use of Student-Created Videos to Enhance Undergraduate Learning

2010  Cultivating Research and Information Skills in Civil Engineering Undergraduate Students

2010  Integration of Restoration Education into Undergraduate Course Work and Community Group Activities through the Lost Creek Restoration Project

2010  An Interdisciplinary Capstone Experience Using BIM

2010  Introduce CDIO Model into Undergraduate Computer Engineering Curriculum—Networked Data Acquisition Systems

2010  LID Design Education for Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Students

2010  Missouri S&T’s Global Studies Minor Development Experience

2010  Statistics and Analysis on Education of Logistics Undergraduate

2009  Development of a Construction Engineering Laboratory Course and Facility

2009  Development of Undergraduate Students’ Professional Skills

2009  Framing the Design Process in an Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Class

2009  Gender Disparity in Engineering as a Function of Physics Enrollment and Its Implications for Civil Engineering

2009  Hands-On Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering Modules in the Context of Effective Learning Pedagogies, ABET Outcomes, and Our Curricular Reform

2009  How to SEE Design in the Future

2009  NCEES Annual Meeting Marks ’Sea Change’ in Momentum for Education beyond Baccalaureate

2009  One Approach to Incorporating Sustainable Design into Undergraduate Engineering Programs

2009  Project Enhanced Learning: Addressing ABET Outcomes and Linking the Curriculum

2009  Teaching Construction Contracts: Mutual Learning Experience

2008  The Barrett Scholarships: Sponsoring Undergraduate Student Research in Environmental Engineering to Encourage Professional Problem Solving and Communication

2008  In the Field: Undergraduates at Virginia Tech to Benefit from Courses On Land Development Design

2008  Optimizing Resources in Undergraduate Research

2008  Problem-Based Learning in Structural Engineering Education

2008  Problem-Centered Approach in a Numerical Methods Course

2008  Research-Based and Service-Learning Modules for Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering Courses

2008  Using Bernier v. Boston Edison to Teach Undergraduate Engineering Students about Professional Responsibility

2007  Digital Image Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering Education

2007  Introducing Field Experiences into the Undergraduate Curriculum

2007  Restructuring the Undergraduate Laboratory Instructional Process

2006  Classroom Assessment and Redesign of an Undergraduate Steel Design Course: A Case Study

2006  The Implications of Academic Dishonesty in Undergraduate Engineering on Professional Ethical Behavior

2006  Innovative Final-Year Undergraduate Design Project Course using an International Project

2006  A Video Production for Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention

2005  Globalization Challenges, Legacies, and Civil Engineering Curriculum Reform

2005  Incorporating Inquiry-Based Laboratory Experiment in Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Laboratory

2005  Not Making the Grade: Expansive Soils and Higher Education in Texas

2005  Teaching Climate Change Impact on Cold Regions to Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Students

2005  Using the Computer to Develop a Better Understanding in Teaching Structural Engineering Behavior to Undergraduates

2004  Approach for Integrating Professional Practice Issues into Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Design Projects

2004  Company Course: An Innovated Way of Preparing Students for the ”Real World”

2004  Integrated Lecture and Laboratory Modules for Contaminant Transport Studies in Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering

2004  A Spreadsheet Replacement for Hardy-Cross Piping System Analysis in Undergraduate Hydraulics

2004  Student Views of the Geo-Industry

2004  Undergraduate Summer Research in Structural Engineering

2003  Bringing Reality into the Classroom

2003  Building Research Skills: Course-Integrated Training Methods

2003  CEM Faculty: A Leading Opportunity for the Civil Engineering Profession

2003  Course in Professional Practice Issues

2003  Framework for Undergraduate Engineering Management Studies

2003  Garden City—A Virtual City for Undergraduates

2003  Improving Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Education at Lafayette College Using Watershed-Based Field Studies

2003  Improving the Learning Process of Environmental Engineering Laboratory

2003  Undergraduate Education in Pollution Prevention

2003  Undergraduate Research Mentoring Model in Construction Engineering and Management

2003  Using Current Engineering Software in a Senior-Level Hydraulics Course at a Small Undergraduate University

2003  Using Technology to Enrich Undergraduate Water Resources Instruction

2001  Development of an Integrated Undergraduate Course in Water Resources Engineering

2001  Paving the Way for Student Research in Construction Engineering at the Undergraduate Level

2001  Teaching Hydraulic Design in an Australian Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum

2001  Teaching Lessons Learned: Remediation and the Decline of Academic Standards

2000  Architectural Engineering Curriculum at Illinois Institute of Technology

2000  A Capstone Design Course on Professional Construction Management for Undergraduate Students

2000  Case for Undergraduate Study of Disasters

2000  CDAT: Enhancing Professional Experience Using Digital Video

2000  A Civil Engineering Curriculum for the Future: The Georgia Tech Case

2000  Combined BS and MS Degree Program in Architectural Engineering

2000  A Comprehensive Plan for Undergraduate Civil Engineering Program Assessment

2000  Construction Engineering and Management Undergraduate Education

2000  A Course on the Fundamentals of CAE

2000  Discovering Hydrology: Developing Interdisciplinary Labs at All Levels

2000  Embedding Leadership in Civil Engineering Education

2000  Hands-On Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering

2000  Hydrometry by Wubbo Boiten

2000  Integrated Geotechnical Design Experience