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2014  Characteristics of Asphalt Binders Foamed in the Laboratory to Produce Warm Mix Asphalt

2014  Detection of Delamination in Concrete Bridge Decks by Joint Amplitude and Phase Analysis of Ultrasonic Array Measurements

2014  Determination of Mechanical Properties of Cement Asphalt Mortar via UPV Method

2014  Low-Velocity Impact Study on GLARE FMLs Using Various Indenters

2014  Nonlinear Semianalytical Finite-Element Algorithm for the Analysis of Internal Resonance Conditions in Complex Waveguides

2014  Optimization of Ultrasonic Rail-Defect Inspection for Improving Railway Transportation Safety and Efficiency

2014  Relaxation of ASTM A325 Bolted Assemblies

2013  Experimental and Numerical Methods for Detection of Voids in Wood Poles Using Ultrasonic Testing

2013  Homogenizing the Ultrasonic Response of Wet Cortical Bone

2013  Nongrouted Ratio Evaluation of Rock Bolts by Reflection of Guided Ultrasonic Waves

2013  Relevance of Poroelastic Theory for Wave Propagation in Rocks - Ultrasonic Experimental Check in the Laboratory

2013  Ultrasonic Measurement of Evolving Microstructure in Hydrating Mortar

2013  Ultrasonic Monitoring of a Pressurized Pipe in Operation

2013  Ultrasonic Response of Functionally-Graded Anisotropic Porous Bones

2013  Use of Ultrasound Excited Thermography Applied to Massive Steel Components: Emerging Crack Detection Methodology

2012  Cone Penetration Test-Based Ultrasonic Probe for P-Wave Reflection Imaging of Embedded Objects

2012  Degradation of Trichloroethylene and Tetrachloroethylene in Simulated Groundwater in a Flow-Through Photosono Reactor

2012  Effect of Size of Inhomogeneity on the Surface Wave Attenuation in Cementitious Media

2012  Fouling Elimination of PTFE Membrane under Precoagulation Process Combined with Ultrasound Irradiation

2012  FPGA Embedded System Design of Multi-Channel Guided Waves Ultrasonic Testing Instrument for Pipeline Inspection

2012  Heavy-Metal Accumulation in Low-Sludge Wastewater Treatment Technique: Sonication-Cryptic Growth

2012  Pipeline Defect Detection Based on Ultrasonic Guided Wave Technique Using Fiber Bragg Gratings

2012  Sonic Drilling in Support of Geotechnical Investigation and Geo-Construction

2012  Ultrasonic Flow Measurement for Pipe Installations with Nonideal Conditions

2012  Ultrasonic Inspection of Concrete Due to Hydrostatic Compression

2011  Attenuation and Damping of Multireflected Transient Elastic Waves in a Pile

2011  Determination of Elastic Constants of Frozen Rubber-Sand Mixes by Ultrasonic Testing

2011  Estimation of the Probability Distribution of Wave Velocity in Wood Poles

2011  Monitoring Corrosion in Oxide and Chloride Environments Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves

2011  New Method for the Evaluation of Material Damping Using the Wavelet Transform

2011  Use of Interwire Ultrasonic Leakage to Quantify Loss of Prestress in Multiwire Tendons

2010  Drilling at High Temperatures Using Ultrasonic/Sonic Actuated Mechanism

2010  Evaluation of Compacted Silt Characteristics by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing

2010  Influence of Surface Condition on the Inspection of Steel Bridge Elements Using the Time-of-Flight Diffraction Method

2010  Magna Parva and ESA’s Ultrasonic Drill Tool for Planetary Surface Exploration

2010  Magnetic Nanoparticles-Enhanced SPR Sensing for Ultrasensitive Sandwich Immunoassay

2010  Miniaturized Scanning Electron Microscope for In Situ Planetary Studies

2010  Nonlinear Ultrasonic Investigation of Concrete Damaged under Uniaxial Compression Step Loading

2010  p-Wave Reflection Imaging of Submerged Soil Models Using Ultrasound

2010  Radome Inspection Based on Ultrasonic Frequency Tomography and Ultrasonic Energy Propagation Imaging

2010  Removal of Hexachlorobenzene and Phenanthrene from Clayey Soil by Surfactant- and Ultrasound-Assisted Electrokinetics

2009  Capabilities and Limitations of Cross Hole Ultrasonic Testing of Piles

2009  Characterization of Early Stage Concrete by Ultrasonic Method

2009  Embedded System for Construction Asset Tracking Combining Radio and Ultrasound Signals

2009  Global Monitoring of Large Concrete Structures Using Acoustic Emission and Ultrasonic Techniques: Case Study

2009  Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Mass Concrete Affected by Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

2009  Laboratory Evaluation of the Briaud Compaction Device

2009  Monitoring Corrosion of Rebar Embedded in Mortar Using High-Frequency Guided Ultrasonic Waves

2009  NewsBriefs: Sound Waves Used to Detect Stress Levels in Earth’s Crust

2009  Predicting the Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Static Young’s Modulus of Intact Sedimentary Rocks Using the Ultrasonic Test

2009  Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tests on Compacted Soil

2009  Ultrasonic Study at Cimarron Narrow-Gauge Railroad Bridge

2008  Application of Measuring Concrete Compactness Using Supersonic in Bridge Bearing Capacity Appraisal

2008  Assessment of the Fatigue Threshold of Welded Details Subjected to Post-Weld Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

2008  Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Concrete Parking Garages

2008  Research on Testing Strength of Cement Concrete Pavement Slabs with Method of Ultrasonic Flatting

2008  Stable Torque Regulation of Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors

2008  Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, and Brittleness Index of Rubberized Concrete

2008  Ultrasonic Inspection System for Wastewater Concrete Pipes

2007  Crosshole Sonic Logging of South Carolina Drilled Shafts: A Five Year Summary

2007  Inspection of Quebec Street Bridge in Denver, Colorado: Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

2007  Turning Crosshole Sonic Logs into Crosshole Velocity Tomograms

2007  Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Nondestructive Evaluation of Low Quality and Damaged Concrete and Masonry Construction

2006  Bat Echolocation Interfering with Ultrasonic Sensors

2006  Development of a PCCP Management Plan Using Sonic/Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing Results

2006  Iron-Mediated Aeration: Evaluation of Energy-Assisted Enhancement for In Situ Subsurface Remediation

2006  Simultaneous and Sequential Photosonolysis of TCE and PCE

2006  Ultrasonic Testing for Quality Control of Ultra-High Performance Concrete

2005  Microporodynamics of Bones: Prediction of the “Frenkel — Biot” Slow Compressional Wave

2005  Numerical Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Models of Ultraviolet Disinfection Channels

2005  Study on Compaction Characteristics and Strength through Ultrasonic Method

2005  Ultrasonic and X-ray Tomographic Imaging of Highly Contrasting Inclusions in Concrete Specimens

2005  Ultrasonic Characterization and Inspection of Open Cell Foams

2005  Ultrasonic Thickness Testing of Textured Geomembranes

2003  Determination of Early Age Mortar and Concrete Strength by Ultrasonic Wave Reflections

2003  High Resolution Defect Detection for Thermoplastic Butt-Welds in Operating Pipelines by Ultrasonic TOFD

2002  Application of an Ultrasonic Velocity Profile Monitor in a Hydraulic Laboratory

2002  Single-Tube Ultrasonic Testing of Pile Integrity

2002  Ultrasonic Testing Procedures, Technician Skills, and Qualifications

2001  Damage Assessment of FRP-Encased Concrete Using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

2001  Finding the Cracks in Bolts

2001  The Impact-Echo Method: An Overview

2001  Ultrasonic Assessment of Stabilized Soils

2000  Chloride Penetration in Concrete Under Coupled Hygromechanical Loadings

2000  Crack Measurement in Steel Plates Using TOFD Method

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Effect of Aggregate Size on Attenuation of Rayleigh Surface Waves in Cement-Based Materials

2000  Fatigue Performance-Based Quality Control Inspection of Welded Joints

2000  A Laboratory Evaluation of Unidata’s Starflow Doppler Flowmeter and MGD Technologies’ Acoustic Doppler Flow Meter

2000  New Directions in Concrete Health Monitoring Technology

2000  Nondestructive Monitoring of Early Age Concrete

2000  Nondestructive Testing Technique Tried on George Washington Bridge

2000  Potential MEMS Applications in Civil Engineering

2000  Seismic Methods in Post Construction Condition Monitoring of Bridge Decks

2000  Ultrasonic Characterization of Damage in Thick FRP Composites

2000  Ultrasonic Monitoring of Material Degradation in FRP Composites

2000  Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Technique for Inspection and Evaluation of Timber

2000  Ultrasonic Testing for Compacted Clayey Soils

2000  The W1 Issue. I: Extent of Weld Fracturing during Northridge Earthquake

2000  The W1 Issue. II: UT Reliability for Inspection of T-Joints with Backing