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Found 63 Records with the keyword term of "U.S. Geological Survey"

2014  Regression Models of Discharge and Mean Velocity Associated with Near-Median Streamflow Conditions in Texas: Utility of the U.S. Geological Survey Discharge Measurement Database

2013  Generalized Additive Regression Models of Discharge and Mean Velocity Associated with Direct-Runoff Conditions in Texas: Utility of the U.S. Geological Survey Discharge Measurement Database

2013  The SAFRR Tsunami Scenario

2009  The Implications of Discretizing Continuous Random Variables: An Example Using the U.S. Geological Survey Reporting Standards for Streamflow Data

2009  Using ShakeCast and ShakeMap for Lifeline Post-Earthquake Response and Earthquake Scenario Planning

2008  USGS Updates National Seismic Hazard Maps

2001  Identifying a Base Network of Federally Funded Streamgaging Stations

2001  Price Current-Meter Standard Rating Development by the U.S. Geological Survey

2001  Structural Engineering Research at the U.S. Geological Survey

2000  In Memoriam. Floyd Frank LeFever

2000  National Water Quality Assessment: Moving from Measurement to Understanding

2000  The Watershed and River Systems Management Program: An Overview of Capabilities

1999  Detailed Field Measurement of Scour Processes During Floods

1999  Hydrologic Studies in Support of South Florida Ecosystem Restoration

1999  In Memoriam. Gordon Ryerson Williams

1999  On the Web

1999  Reaeration Equations Derived from U.S. Geological Survey Data Base

1999  United States Geological Survey Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in Texas

1999  U.S. Geological Survey Field Measurements of Pier Scour

1999  Using Geophysical Data to Assess Scour Development

1998  Cotton Herbicides in the Surface Waters of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain (the Delta)

1998  Mapping Landslides in Southern California

1998  New Head at USGS

1998  On the Web

1998  Once More unto the Breach for USGS

1998  Selection of an Appropriate Hydrologic Analysis Method to Simulate a Watershed Response: Ashland Creek Case Study

1998  The U.S. Minerals Management Service Oil Spill Research Program

1998  USGS Brings Landslide Detection Up to Speed

1997  ASCE to Congress: Cuts to Water Programs Could Jeopardize Public Safety and Property

1996  1997 Budget

1996  Detailed Measurements of Scour at Bridges

1996  Potential-Scour Assessments at 130 Bridges in Iowa

1996  Supermaps Help Fight Fires

1995  Assessment of Nutrient Loads in Streamflow to the Gulf of Mexico

1995  Higher Nitrate Levels Linked to Agriculture

1995  Recent Development of the LBL/USGS Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  Evaluation of a 6-Wire Thermocouple Psychrometer for Determination of In-Situ Water Potentials

1994  The State (By State) of Water Quality

1994  Testing Conceptual Unsaturated Zone Flow Models for Yucca Mountain

1993  Managing the Data Explosion

1993  U.S. Geological Survey Bedload Sampling Policy

1992  Bridge Scour Data Management

1992  Network Applications of the USGS Branch Model

1992  Quake Clearinghouse Selected

1992  United States Geological Survey Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in Texas

1992  USGS Urban Stormwater Investigations in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex

1991  Impact of Grid Orientation on Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling Using the U.S.G.S. MOC Model

1991  A National Bridge Scour Data Collection Program

1990  Building of a Conceptual Model at the UE25-C Hole Complex

1990  Contributions of Satellite Imagery to Water Resource Evaluations

1990  Major Sedimentation Issues for the USGS

1989  100 Years of Sedimentation Study by the USGS

1989  Extraction of Terrain Features from Digital Elevation Models

1989  Regionalization of Flood Characteristics

1989  Simulation of Precipitation by Weather-Type Analysis

1989  Statistical Frequency Analysis of Flood Records

1989  Urban Watershed Data for the United States

1986  Urban Stormwater - Quality Investigations by the USGS

1986  USGS to Automate Mapping Services

1985  Recent Developments in Hydrologic Instrumentation

1985  Urban Stormwater Investigations by the U.S. Geological Survey

1985  Water Information Available from the U.S. Geological Survey

1967  Mapping the West: 1789-1900