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2014  2D Modeling of Flow and Sediment Interaction: Sediment Mixtures

2014  Analysis of Transient Vaporous Cavitation in Pipes by a Distributed 2D Model

2014  Evaluation of Time Evolution of Mechanical Parameters of Polymeric Pipes by Unsteady Flow Runs

2014  Improved Advancing Front Mesh Algorithm with Pseudoislands as Internal Fronts

2014  Modeling Flow Exchanges between a Street and an Underground Drainage Pipe during Urban Floods

2014  Multiscale Modeling of Soil-Fluid-Structure Interaction

2014  Self-Adaptive Kinematic-Dynamic Model for Overland Flow

2014  Truncated Method of Characteristics for Quasi-Two-Dimensional Water Hammer Model

2014  Two-Dimensional Features of Viscoelastic Models of Pipe Transients

2014  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Surface-Flow Routing

2013  Fundamental Study on Surface Erosion in Levee Systems

2013  A Surface Flow Routing Algorithm Based on Shallow Water Equation with Kinematic Wave Approximation

2013  Two-Dimensional Coupled Model of Surface Water Flow and Solute Transport for Basin Fertigation

2012  Comparison of One- and Two-Dimensional Models to Simulate Alternate and Conventional Furrow Fertigation

2012  Coupled 1D and Noninertia 2D Flood Inundation Model for Simulation of Urban Flooding

2012  Coupling a Two-Dimensional Model with a Deterministic Bank Stability Model

2012  Depth-Averaged Two-Dimensional Model of Unsteady Flow and Sediment Transport due to Noncohesive Embankment Break/Breaching

2012  Investigating the Optimum Pattern of Levee System Fuse Plugs by a Two-Dimensional Model

2012  Optimized Predictive Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of the Gironde Estuary in France

2012  Pothole Properties Measurement through Visual 2D Recognition and 3D Reconstruction

2012  Real-Time and Automated Recognition and 2D Tracking of Construction Workers and Equipment from Site Video Streams

2012  Simulated Climate Change Effects in Deer Creek Reservoir with a Two-Dimensional Model

2012  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of Basin Irrigation Based on a Hybrid Numerical Method

2012  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near New Orleans

2011  Characteristics Analysis of Cavity Expansion with Anisotropic Initial Stress in a Two-Dimensional Numerical Model

2011  Depth-Averaged Two Dimensional Model Using Cartesian Cut-Cell Approach

2011  Soft Bedrock Erosion Modeling with a Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Model

2011  Study of Solitary-Wave-Induced Fluid Motions and Vortices in a Cavity Using a Two-Dimensional Viscous Flow Model

2011  Two-Dimensional Fast-Response Flood Modeling: Desktop Parallel Computing and Domain Tracking

2011  Vertical and Horizontal Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Fixed Beds

2010  2D Numerical Simulation of Breaching Process of Unlined Cohesive Earthen Dam

2010  Gauging Rivers during All Seasons Using the Q2D Velocity Index Method

2010  Hydraulic Complexity Metrics for Evaluating In-Stream Brook Trout Habitat

2010  Interaction Effect of Retaining Wall and Existing Foundations in Braced Excavation

2010  Lattice Boltzmann Model for the Simulation of Flows in Open Channels with Application to Flows in a Submerged Sluice Gate

2010  A Particle-Scale Model to Simulate Soil/Regolith Erosion

2010  Soft Bedrock Erosion Modeling with a Two-Dimensional Model

2010  Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Flow Modeling with an Unstructured Hybrid Mesh

2010  Two-Dimensional Modeling of Contaminant Spills to a Drinking Water Supply Reservoir

2010  Two-Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport and Bed Morphology to Identify Shoaling Reduction Alternatives near Matanzas Inlet in St. Johns County, Florida

2010  A Two-Dimensional Numerical Model for the Seismic Collapse Assessment of Light-Frame Wood Structures

2009  Approaches for 2D Coupled Modeling of Column-Supported Embankments

2009  Comparison of 1D/1D and 1D/2D Coupled (Sewer/Surface) Hydraulic Models for Urban Flood Simulation

2009  Full Two-Dimensional Model for Rolling Resistance. II: Viscoelastic Cylinders on Rigid Ground

2009  Integrating Fluvial Geomorphology and Two-Dimensional Hydraulic and Sediment Transport Modeling to Support Sustainable Design of Large River and Floodplain Improvements: The Trinity River Corridor Project, Dallas, Texas, USA

2009  Investigation of the Importance of Spatial Resolution for Two-Dimensional Shallow-Water Model Accuracy

2009  Numerical Study of Bromide as a Tracer for Aquifer Macrodispersivity Tests: Comparing Conservative Behavior to Mildly Nonlinear Adsorption

2009  On a Two-Dimensional Temperature Model: Development and Verification

2009  One- and Two-Dimensional Modeling of Deep Gravel Mining in the Rio Salado

2009  Predicting Rock Scour in an Alluvial River with a Two-Dimensional Model

2009  A Process-Based Unsteady Model for Wave-Current-Morphodynamic Changes in Two-Dimensions

2009  Two Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling of the Lower Skokomish River

2009  Two-Dimensional BOD and DO Water Quality Model for Engineering Applications: The Case of Bubbly Creek in Chicago, Illinois

2009  Two-Dimensional Hillslope Scale Soil Erosion Model

2009  Two-Dimensional Nonequilibrium Noncohesive and Cohesive Sediment Transport Model

2009  Watershed Runoff and Erosion Modeling with a Hybrid Mesh Model

2008  2-D Flood Modeling of Multiple Simultaneous Dam Failures

2008  Calibration of a Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Simulating Flow around Partially Submerged Structures

2008  Case Study: Two-Dimensional Model Simulation of Channel Migration Processes in West Jordan River, Utah

2008  Conservative Scheme for Numerical Modeling of Flow in Natural Geometry

2008  Coupling of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models: Case Study for Hurricane Floyd (1999) Hindcast

2008  Dam-Break Flows: Acquisition of Experimental Data through an Imaging Technique and 2D Numerical Modeling

2008  Deformation Behavior of the Ground around Flexible Structures by Using Two-Dimensional Model Ground

2008  An Inquiry into Agricultural Logistics Strategy Based on Three Dimensional Rural Issues

2008  Modeling Bed Changes in Meandering Rivers Using Triangular Finite Elements

2008  Modeling the Effects of Macrophytes on Hydrodynamics

2008  Predicting Contraction Scour with a 2D Model

2008  Prediction of Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Concrete Using Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Modeling Approach

2008  Study on the Modification Mechanism of Asphalt with Waste Packaging Polymer

2008  Three-Diimensional Discrete Element Models for Asphalt Mixtures

2008  Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Discrete Element Models for HMA

2008  Two-Dimensional Contaminant Transport Modelling Using Meshless Method

2008  Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Primary Settling Tanks by Hybrid Finite Analytic Method

2008  Two-Dimensional SPH Simulations of Landslide-Generated Water Waves

2008  Two-Dimensional Total Sediment Load Model Equations

2008  Using Two Dimensional Hydraulic Models for Restoration of Upper Columbia Basin Streams

2007  Estimating Transverse Mixing in Open Channels due to Secondary Current-Induced Shear Dispersion

2007  Explicit Infiltration Function for Furrows

2007  Model Calibration for Sediment Pond Discharge

2007  One-Dimensional (1-D) vs Two-Dimensional (2-D) Hydraulic Modeling for Multiple Openings; A Case Study in Georgia for Comparison and Calibration

2007  Physically Based Coupled Model for Simulating 1D Surface — 2D Subsurface Flow and Plant Water Uptake in Irrigation Furrows. I: Model Development

2007  Physically Based Coupled Model for Simulating 1D Surface — 2D Subsurface Flow and Plant Water Uptake in Irrigation Furrows. II: Model Test and Evaluation

2007  Sketching Finite-Element Models within a Unified Two-Dimensional Framework

2007  Storm Surge Simulations for Hurricane Hugo (1989): On the Significance of Inundation Areas

2007  Three-Dimensional and Depth-Averaged Large-Eddy Simulations of Some Shallow Water Flows

2007  Two-Dimensional Modeling Applications for Use with Missouri River Restoration

2007  Two-Dimensional Physical and Numerical Modeling of a Pile-Supported Earth Platform over Soft Soil

2007  Two-Dimensional Simulation of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport in a Gravel Bed Channel: The Salt River

2006  2D Experimental Modelling of Hydrodynamic Effects of Submerged Breakwaters

2006  2D Shallow-Water Model using Unstructured Finite-Volumes Methods

2006  Case Study: Numerical Simulations of Debris Flow below Stoz\ade, Slovenia

2006  A Depth-Averaged 2-D Analysis of Fish Habitat Suitability Impacted by Vegetation and Sediment

2006  Dynamic and Economic Design of Rigid Retaining Wall

2006  Efficient Solution of the Coupled One-Dimensional Surface — Two-Dimensional Subsurface Flow during Furrow Irrigation Advance

2006  Evolution of Contact Forces, Fabric, and their Collective Behavior in Granular Media under Deformation: A DEM Study

2006  Full Two-Dimensional Model for Rolling Resistance: Hard Cylinder on Viscoelastic Foundation of Finite Thickness

2006  Limitations of Depth-Averaged Modeling for Shallow Wakes

2006  Modeling Channel Morphologic Change in the West Jordan River, Utah

2006  Numerical Simulation of Depleted Uranium Transport in a Desert Environment using a Distributed Parameter Watershed Model

2006  Strength of Two-Dimensional Nodal Zones in Strut — Tie Models