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2014  Impacts of Elevation Data Spatial Resolution on Two-Dimensional Dam Break Flood Simulation and Consequence Assessment

2013  Two-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Low-Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Overlay/Substrate Systems

2012  Similarity Shapes of a Fully Liquid-Filled Membrane on an Incline

2011  Anisotropic Damage Model for Concrete

2011  Integrating Efficient Resource Optimization and Linear Schedule Analysis with Singularity Functions

2010  Probability Analysis of Hydrological Loads for the Design of Flood Control Systems Using Copulas

2009  2D Numerical Settlement Analysis of a Slag Aggregated Test Road on Weak Soils

2009  Float Types in Linear Schedule Analysis with Singularity Functions

2008  Effects of Inlet Position and Baffle Configuration on Hydr. Performance of Primary Settling Tanks

2008  Two Dimensional Evaluation of Site Effect in Rectangular Valleys

2008  Two-Dimensional Embankment Breach Analysis

2007  Correction Factors in Series Solutions for One- and Two-Dimensional Boundary Value Problems

2007  Evaluation, Calibration, and Verification of a Reinforced Concrete Beam — Column Joint Model

2007  Large-Displacement Analysis of Planar RC Structures

2006  Evaluation of Dispersion Coefficients in Meandering Channels from Transient Tracer Tests

2005  Mix-Mode Elastic Finite Element Formulation for Bonded Granular Material Considering Rotation of Particles

2005  Properties of Natural Element Coordinates on Any Polyhedron

2005  Two-Dimensional Approximation for Tidal Dynamics in Coastal Aquifers: Capillarity Correction

2004  2-D Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Wave Interaction With Low-Crested Breakwaters Including Breaking and Flow Recirculation

2004  Depth-Averaged Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Unsteady Flow and Nonuniform Sediment Transport in Open Channels

2004  Two-Dimensional Analyses of Thermoplastic Culvert Deformations and Strains

2002  2D Finite Element Analysis of Multicomponent Contaminant Transport Through Soils

2001  2-D Mobile-Bed Simulation on Unstructured Mesh

2001  Modeling Two-Dimensional Erosion Process Over Infiltrating Surfaces

2000  Godunov-Type Solution of Curvilinear Shallow-Water Equations

2000  Numerical Analysis of River Channel Processes with Bank Erosion

2000  A Numerical Technique for Two-Dimensional Slope Stability Problems

2000  Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Shallow Aquatic Environment

2000  Stage Excavation Analyses of CA/T Slurry Walls

2000  Transition and Chaos in Two-Dimensional Flow past a Square Cylinder

2000  Two-Dimensional Solution for Straight and Meandering Overbank Flows

1999  Advances in Calculation Methods for Supercritical Flow in Spillway Channels

1999  Development of Two-Dimensional Numerical Wave Flume for Wave Interaction with Rubble Mound Breakwaters

1999  Earthquake Ground Motion and Structural Response in Alluvial Valleys

1999  Nonbreaking Wave Overtopping of Caisson Breakwaters: Prediction Formulas Based on 2D and 3D Model Tests

1999  Practical Comparison of One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analyses for Bridge Scour

1999  Prediction of Aeroelastic Vibration of Rectangular Cylinders by k-ε Model

1999  Simple Degenerate Formulation for Large Displacement Analysis of Beams

1998  Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of LNAPL Lens and Polluted Capillary Fringe Thickness

1998  High-Resolution Finite-Volume Method for Shallow Water Flows

1998  Influence of Site Geometry on Dynamic Liquefaction Displacements

1998  Optimized Design of Two-Dimensional Structures Using Genetic Algorithm

1998  Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of the Longitudinal Uplift of Culverts

1998  Two-Dimensional Shear Wave Structure and Ground Motion Characteristics in Kobe Based on Microtremor Measurements

1997  Cable-Stayed Bridges—Parametric Study

1997  Natural Stone Described as a Microcracked Solid

1997  Semi-Lagrangian Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Advection-Diffusion Equation on Curvilinear Coordinate Meshes

1997  Time-Dependent Dispersion of Nonergodic Plumes in Two-Dimensional Heterogeneous Aquifers

1997  Two-Dimensional Floodwave Analysis Resulting from Breached Levee

1996  Analysis of Disjoint Two-Dimensional Particle Assemblies

1996  Analysis of Eigenvalue Variability for 2D Stochastic Structural Systems Using Variability Response Functions

1996  Approximate Riemann Solvers in FVM for 2D Hydraulic Shock Wave Modeling

1996  High Performance Computing: Application to Highway Bridges

1996  Practical Advanced Analysis for Steel Frame Design

1996  Two-Dimensional Parallel Computing Solution of Coupled Heat and Moisture Flow in Unsaturated Soil

1995  2D Advective-Diffusive Transport of Dissolved Oxygen in Channels

1995  Comparison of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Beach Profiles

1995  Energy-Based Automatic Mixed-Mode Crack-Propagation Modeling

1995  A Practical Application of Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for the Baltimore Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

1995  Seismic Response of the Operating Industries Landfill

1995  Study of Upwelling Phenomena of Anoxic Water ‘A-oshio’

1994  2D Bar-Code Applications in Construction

1994  Horizontal and Vertical Movements of Bridge Piers Subjected to Ship Impact

1994  Physical-Based Numerical Model of Inclined Starting Plumes

1994  Reliability and Validity of Modeling Sedimentation and Debris Flow Hazards Over Initially Dry Areas

1993  Model Visualization is Strength of 2D Structural Package

1993  Modeling Bridge Abutment Stiffness for the Meloland Road Overcrossing

1993  An Overview of Methods to Delineate Capture Zones of Pumping Wells

1992  Computation of Turbulent Shear Flow Over Surface-Mounted Obstacle

1992  Dynamic Response of Uncertain Two-Dimensional Structures

1992  Explicit Equations of Motion of Discrete System of Disks in Two Dimensions

1991  Algorithm for Smoothing Triangulated Surfaces

1991  Claris CAD

1991  Finite Element Analysis and Field Instrumentation of a Soil/Cement Arch

1991  Fluidization Pipe Hole Spacing

1991  A Particle Beam Simulation

1991  Two Dimensional Analysis of Strain Localization with Nonlocal Continuous Damage

1991  Two-Dimensional Analysis of Furrow Infiltration

1990  2-D Bed Evolution in Natural Watercourses—New Simulation Approach

1990  2-D Depth-Averaged Flow Computation Near Groyne

1990  Automatic Mesh Generator for Use in Two-Dimensional h-p Analysis

1990  Corner Conditions of One Class of 2-D Problems

1990  Density Currents from a Radial Source in Stratified Flowing Environments

1990  Method to Estimate Center of Rigidity Using Vibration Recordings

1990  Response of Dams to Earthquakes Including Effects of Sediments

1990  Two Dimensional Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics in a Stratified Fluid

1989  1-D and 2-D Analysis of Flood Plain Encroachment

1989  Error Estimation for Boundary Element Analysis

1989  Optimum Plastic Design of Two-Dimensional Frames

1989  Sediment Basin Design Using 2-D Techniques

1989  Vectorized Multigrid Solvers for the 2-D Diffusion Equation

1988  GURU 2: An Electronic Teaching Assistant

1987  2-D Elastoplastic Seismic Shear Response of Earth Dams: Applications

1987  2-D Elastoplastic Seismic Shear Response of Earth Dams: Theory

1987  ARMA Model for Two-Dimensional Processes

1986  A 2-D Model for the Guaiba Estuary (Brazil)

1986  Spring Stiffness for Beam-Column Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction Problems

1985  Accurate Modelling of Two-Dimensional Mass Transport

1984  2D, Quasi 3D, and 3D Analysis of Composite Joints

1984  Water Quality Analysis of New York Harbor Complex