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2015  Bayesian Learning and Relevance Vector Machines Approach for Downscaling of Monthly Precipitation

2015  Cluster Analysis of Interregional Migration in Turkey

2015  Field Reconnaissance of the October 23, 2011, Van, Turkey, Earthquake: Lessons from Structural Damages

2015  Fuzzy Assessment Model to Estimate the Probability of Delay in Turkish Construction Projects

2015  Observations on the Van Earthquake and Structural Failures

2015  Performance Assessment of Turkish Residential Buildings for Seismic Damage and Loss Estimation

2015  Seismic Performance of Wide-Beam Infill-Joist Block RC Frames in Turkey

2014  Capacity Assessment of the Titus Tunnel Bridge Using Analytical and Numerical Techniques

2014  Damage in Reinforced-Concrete Buildings during the 2011 Van, Turkey, Earthquakes

2014  Determination of the Geometric Form of Hierapolis Theater in Pamukkale, Turkey

2014  Effect of Different Irrigation Levels on the Yield and Traits of Memecik Olive Trees (Olea europaea L.) in the Aegean Coastal Region of Turkey

2014  Evaluation of Successful Seismic Bridge Design Practice in Turkey

2014  Influence of Structural Walls on the Seismic Performance of RC Buildings during the May 19, 2011 Simav Earthquake in Turkey

2014  Leadership Styles in Architectural Design Offices in Turkey

2014  Model to Estimate Trip Distribution: Case Study of the Marmaray Project in Turkey

2014  Out of Sync: World Bank Funding for Housing Recovery, Postdisaster Planning, and Participation

2014  Productivity Impact of Infrastructure in Turkey, 1987-2006

2014  Public-Private Partnership Experience in the International Arena: Case of Turkey

2014  Runoff Estimation by Machine Learning Methods and Application to the Euphrates Basin in Turkey

2014  Thermodynamic Evaluation and Parametric Study of a Combined Cycle Power Plant: Application for Ankara City

2014  Trend, Independence, Stationarity, and Homogeneity Tests on Maximum Rainfall Series of Standard Durations Recorded in Turkey

2014  Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Beach Evolution Modeling: Case Study of the Kizilirmak River Mouth, Turkey

2013  Bringing a Port in the 21st Century: Master Planning Iskenderun Port

2013  Calibrated Hydrodynamic Model for Sazlidere Watershed in Istanbul and Investigation of Urbanization Effects

2013  Characterization of Radiological Hazardous Effects of Metal Scraps in Turkey

2013  Determination of Behaviors in Building Product Information Acquisition for Developing a Building Product Information System in Turkey

2013  Determination of Crop Water Stress Index and Irrigation Timing on Olive Trees Using a Handheld Infrared Thermometer

2013  Istanbul Ferry Station Will Boast Distinctive Seagull Motif

2013  Lean Construction Conformance among Construction Contractors in Turkey

2013  Lifeline Damage Caused in the 23 October (Mw=7.2) 2011 and 9 November (M=5.6) 2011, Van Earthquakes in Eastern Turkey

2013  Material Condition and Deterioration Assessment Program for a 3rd Century Roman Temple

2013  Quantification of Delay Factors Using the Relative Importance Index Method for Construction Projects in Turkey

2013  The Response of the Seismically Isolated Bolu Viaduct Subjected to Fault Crossing

2013  Structural Aspects and Seismic Performance of 1-Story Precast Buildings in Turkey

2013  Sudden Complete Collapse of Zumrut Apartment Building and the Causes

2012  Accuracy of HEC-HMS and LBRM Models in Simulating Snow Runoffs in Upper Euphrates Basin

2012  Bicycle Master Plan for Adana, Turkey

2012  A Case Study - Installation of Cut-Off Wall In Seyrantepe Dam Project

2012  Coastal Management to Improve Environmental Quality in Göcek Bay, Turkey

2012  Differential Quadrature Method in Open Channel Flows: Aksu River, Turkey

2012  Earthquakes and Engineers, An International History; The head of the Oral History Series at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)

2012  Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Multicenter Development and Travel Patterns in Istanbul

2012  Improvement of High and Low Plasticity Clayey Soils Using Polypropylene Fibers and Fly Ash

2012  Innovative Trend Analysis Methodology

2012  Location of Municipal Centers for New Counties within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

2012  Measurement of Urban Transformation Project Success Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process: Sulukule and Tepeüstü-Ayazma Case Studies, Istanbul

2012  Prediction of Hourly Solar Radiation in Six Provinces in Turkey by Artificial Neural Networks

2012  Urban Development Process of Built Environments in Metropolitan Areas in Turkey: Case Study of Angora Settlement, Ankara

2012  Usefulness of Empirical Equations in Assessing Canal Losses through Seepage in Concrete-Lined Canal

2011  Contribution of Oxides, Salt, and Carbonate to the Sonication of Some Hydrophobic Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Toxicity in Petrochemical Industry Wastewater in I\agzmir, Turkey

2011  Deep Excavation Project under High Ground Water Table

2011  Demand Forecasting for Yacht Tourism Planning in Turkey

2011  Determination of Shoreline Evolution: A Case Study

2011  Economic Viability of Water Pumping Systems Supplied by Wind Energy Conversion and Diesel Generator Systems in North Central Anatolia, Turkey

2011  Effects of Various Irrigation Regimes on Soil Water Balance, Yield, and Fruit Quality of Drip-Irrigated Peach Trees

2011  Investigation of Seismic Behavior and Infill Wall Effects for Prefabricated Industrial Buildings in Turkey

2011  Ontology for Relating Risk and Vulnerability to Cost Overrun in International Projects

2011  Potential Application of Land Readjustment Method in Urban Renewal: Analysis for Turkey

2011  Seismic Investigation for the Temple of Antioch Reconstruction

2011  Statistical Downscaling of Monthly Precipitation Using NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Data for Tahtali River Basin in Turkey

2011  Transportation Risk Analysis (TRA) of Bosphorus Suspended Bridge Using Probabilistic Approach

2011  Variant Concept of Transportation-Disadvantaged: Evidence from Aydin, Turkey, and Yamaga, Japan

2010  Building Capacity through Collaborative Local Action: Case of Matra REGIMA within Zeytinburnu Regeneration Scheme

2010  Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources: Willingness to Pay for Geothermal Energy in Yozgat Province, Turkey

2010  Evaluation of 10-Year Temperature Differences between Urban and Rural Areas of a Well-Planned, Unindustrialized, and Medium-Sized Turkish Town, Erzincan

2010  Impact of Irrigation Management Transfer on Land and Water Productivity and Water Supply in the Gediz Basin, Turkey

2010  Intrametropolitan Determinants of Foreign Investment Firms in Istanbul

2010  Istanbul Arts Facility Features Steel ’Box’ Inside a Preserved Shell

2010  Material Characterization of the Historical Unreinforced Masonry Akaretler Row Houses in Istanbul

2010  Seismic Sophistication

2010  Structural Analyses and Assessment of Historical Kamanli Mosque in Izmir, Turkey

2010  Turkish Land Readjustment: Good Practice in Urban Development

2009  Artificial Models for Interbasin Flow Prediction in Southern Turkey

2009  Assessment of Buried Pipeline Performance during the 1999 Duzce Earthquake, Turkey

2009  Critical Drought Analysis: Case Study of Göksu River (Turkey) and North Atlantic Oscillation Influences

2009  Crossing Continents and Centuries

2009  Current Forecast for Tunnel-Element Immersion in the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey

2009  Damage to Treasury: Abnormally Low Tenders in Public Construction Works

2009  Data Mining Process for Integrated Evaporation Model

2009  Development of Guidelines and Effective Retrofit Strategies for Public Schools and Hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey

2009  Evaluation of the Water Delivery Performance of the Menemen Left Bank Irrigation System Using Variables Measured On-Site

2009  Evaluation of Wind Characteristics and Energy Potential in Kayseri, Turkey

2009  Evaluation Study on the Instrumentation System of Cindere Dam

2009  Importance of Wood and Iron Tension Members on Seismic Performance of Historic Masonry Buildings: Three Case Studies from Turkey

2009  Improving the Seismic Performance of Existing Structures in Istanbul, Turkey

2009  Investigating the Effectiveness of Certain Priority Rules on Resource Scheduling of Housing Estate Projects

2009  Investigation of Wind Energy Density in the Southern and Southwestern Region of Turkey

2009  Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP)

2009  Mixed-Use Development Mimics Terraced Cityscape

2009  The Naming of Istanbul

2009  Parametric Evaluation of Seismic Retrofitting Techniques Applied to the Public School Buildings in Istanbul

2009  Performance of a Tied-Arch Reinforced Concrete Railway Bridge: Rating, Safety Assessment, and Bond Length Evaluation

2009  Performance of Template School Buildings during Earthquakes in Turkey and Peru

2009  Predicting Suspended Sediment Loads and Missing Data for Gediz River, Turkey

2009  Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Using L Moments for the Buyuk and Kucuk Menderes River Basins of Turkey

2009  Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historical Unreinforced Masonry (URM) Buildings in Istanbul

2009  Seismic Retrofitting of Three Important Buildings in Italy and Turkey

2009  Strategic Management Practices in Turkish Construction Firms

2009  Vibration Characteristics of Kömürhan Highway Bridge Constructed with Balanced Cantilever Method

2009  Zero-Displacement Lateral Spreads, 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey, Earthquake