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Found 59 Records with the keyword term of "Turbulent diffusion"

2013  Development of an Accurate Time Integration Technique for the Assessment of Q-Based versus h-Based Formulations of the Diffusion Wave Equation for Flow Routing

2010  Depth-Averaged Shear Stress and Velocity in Open-Channel Flows

2009  Assessment of Hydrodynamic Separators for Stormwater Treatment

2009  Mass Transport in Shallow Turbulent Wake Flow by Planar Concentration Analysis Technique

2009  Parameterization of Neutrally Buoyant Horizontal Round Jet in Wave Environment

2008  Flow Resistance over Mobile Bed in an Open-Channel Flow

2008  Thermistor Chain Data Assimilation to Improve Hydrodynamic Modeling Skill in Stratified Lakes and Reservoirs

2008  Velocity Pulse Model for Turbulent Diffusion from Flowing Water into a Sediment Bed

2007  Analysis of the Vertical Profile of Concentration in Sediment-Laden FLows

2007  Buoyant Surface Discharges into Water Bodies. I: Flow Classification and Prediction Methodology

2007  Buoyant Surface Discharges into Water Bodies. II: Jet Integral Model

2005  Models for the Turbulent Diffusion Terms of Shallow Water Equations

2004  Hyporheic Exchange with Gravel Beds: Basic Hydrodynamic Interactions and Bedform-Induced Advective Flows

2004  Modeling Low Flows on the Cosumnes River

2002  A Second Order Lagrangean Advection Scheme without Numerical Viscosity for the Propagation of Tidal Energy

1999  Procedure to Calibrate and Verify Numerical Models of Estuarine Hydrodynamics

1998  Drag and Diffusivity Within Emergent Vegetation

1997  Eulerian Mean Velocities Under Non-Breaking Waves on Horizontal Bottoms

1997  A Model for Surface Plume Dispersion in an Ocean Current

1996  Lift Off and Entrainment of Sediments

1996  Turbulent Transport Effect on Hydrocyclone Performance

1995  A Length-Scale Model for Merging of Jets in a Coflow

1994  DREDGMAP: A PC Based System to Predict the Fate of Dredged Material

1993  Lake Water Temperature Simulation Model

1993  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling for Transport Studies

1992  Design of a Threshold Channel

1992  Hydraulic Geometry of Threshold Channels

1992  Model for Pollutant Transport by Eddy Simulation

1990  Characteristics of Self-Formed Straight Channels

1989  Bore Front Modeling in Terms of Burgers Equation and its Numerical Calculation Method

1989  Motions of Small Rigid Spheres in Simulated Random Velocity Field

1989  Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Surf Zone

1989  Turbulent Surface Jet in Channel of Limited Depth

1989  Vertical Variability of Coastal Sediment Transport

1987  Waste Disposal in Coastal Waters

1984  Transverse Mixing in Open Channel Flow

1984  Uncertainty Analysis of River Plume Models Using Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity (FAST) Procedures

1983  Diffusion of Bluff Wall Jets in Finite Depth Tailwater

1983  Plane Turbulent Plumes in Coflowing Streams

1983  Three-Dimensional Single and Multiple Free Jets

1983  Transverse Mixing in Wide and Shallow River: Case Study

1982  Dispersive Transport in Inlet Channels: Case Study

1982  Hydrothermal Analysis of Lakes and Reservoirs

1982  Turbulent Diffusion of Mass in Circular Pipe Flow

1982  Vertical Turbulent Diffusion in Air-Driven Water Flows

1981  Mixture Theory for Suspended Sediment Transport

1981  Similarity Solutions for Turbulent Jets and Plumes

1977  Vertical Diffusivities

1975  Some Features of Wind Action on Shallow Lakes

1974  Critical Oxygen Deficit for Bank Outfall

1972  Measurement of Velocity-Concentration Covariance

1971  Dispersion in Natural Streams

1969  Characterizatics of Setting Tanks by Eddy Diffusion

1969  Simulation of Horizontal Turbulent Diffusion of Particles under Waves

1963  Turbulent Diffusion and Anemometer Measurements

1963  Turbulent Diffusion and the Reaeration Coefficient

1962  Turbulent Diffusion and Anemometer Measurement

1962  Turbulent Diffusion and the Reaeration Coefficient

1960  Diffusion in a Sectionally Homogeneous Estuary