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2015  Simulation of Wind Pressures on a Target Low-Rise Building in Large Group by RANS Turbulence Model

2015  Turbulence Anisotropy in Flow at an Entrainment Threshold of Sediment

2014  Calculations of Nonsubmerged Groin Flow in a Shallow Open Channel by Large-Eddy Simulation

2014  Characteristics of Free Surface Vortices at Low-Head Hydropower Intakes

2014  Drift Velocity of Suspended Sediment in Turbulent Open Channel Flows

2014  Effect of Bed Sand Content on the Turbulent Flows Associated with Clusters on an Armored Gravel Bed Surface

2014  Flow Patterns and Turbulence Structures in a Scour Hole Downstream of a Submerged Weir

2014  Mean and Turbulent Bubble Velocities in Free Hydraulic Jumps for Small to Intermediate Froude Numbers

2014  Mixed Scaling for Open-Channel Flow over Gravel and Cobbles

2014  New Near-Wall Treatment for Suspended Sediment Transport Simulations with High Reynolds Number Turbulence Models

2014  Numerical Investigation of Turbulence Modulation by Sediment-Induced Stratification and Enhanced Viscosity in Oscillatory Flows

2014  Numerical Simulation of Flow over a Semicylinder Weir

2014  Numerical Simulation of the Spreading of Aerated and Nonaerated Turbulent Water Jet in a Tank with Finite Water Depth

2014  Simulating Velocity Distribution of Dam Breaks with the Particle Method

2014  Simulation-Based Approach for Stream Restoration Structure Design: Model Development and Validation

2014  Turbulence Characteristics in Supercritical Open Channel Flows: Effects of Froude Number and Aspect Ratio

2014  Turbulence Measurement of Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping of a Full-Scale HPTRM-Strengthened Levee

2014  Turbulent Interaction of a Buoyant Jet with Cross-Flow

2013  Computational Fluid Dynamics: NASA Glenn Research Center’s Legacy and Contributions

2013  Discharge Coefficient for Siphon Spillways

2013  Evaluation of Low Reynolds Number Turbulence Models for an Open-Channel Flow over a Rough Bed Using LES Data

2013  Flow and Turbulence Structure past a Cluster of Freshwater Mussels

2013  Gas Absorption Enhancement Mechanism in Mechanically Agitated Multiphase System: Effect of Fine Solid Particles and Interfacial Turbulence

2013  Ground-Level Turbulence Characteristics of Hurricane Wind Measured from Mobile Towers

2013  Mixing and Turbulence in a Flooding Coastal River

2013  Modeling Flow in an Open Channel with Heterogeneous Bed Roughness

2013  Numerical Simulation on Water Flow of the Bifurcated Pipe

2013  Simulation of the Influence of Aspect Ratio on the Aerodynamics of Rectangular Prisms

2013  Spatially Averaged Flows over Mobile Rough Beds: Definitions, Averaging Theorems, and Conservation Equations

2013  Three-Dimensional Turbulence Intensity in a Compound Channel

2013  Time-Average Velocity and Turbulence Measurement Using Wireless Bend Sensors in an Open Channel with a Rough Bed

2013  Transport Formula for Collisional Sheet Flows with Turbulent Suspension

2013  Turbulence and Suspended Sediment Measurements in an Urban Environment during the Brisbane River Flood of January 2011

2012  Comparison of Turbulent Flows over Clusters of Varying Density

2012  Comparison Study of Lateral Flight Technical Error Due to Turbulence in Performance Based Navigation

2012  Effects of Turbulence and Temperature on Leachate Chemistry

2012  Effects of Vegetation Canopy Density and Bank Angle on Near-Bank Patterns of Turbulence and Reynolds Stresses

2012  Effects of Vegetation on Turbulence, Sediment Transport, and Stream Morphology

2012  Estimation of Effective Roughness for Water-Worked Gravel Surfaces

2012  Large Eddy Simulation of Lock-Exchange Flow in a Curved Channel

2012  Length and Time Scales of Response of Sediment Suspensions to Changing Flow Conditions

2012  Noise in Turbulence Measurements Using Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry

2012  Physical and Numerical Modeling of the Entrainment by a High-Concentration Mud Suspension

2012  Physical Modeling of Unsteady Turbulence in Breaking Tidal Bores

2012  Role of Turbulence and Particle Exposure on Entrainment of Large Spherical Particles in Flows with Low Relative Submergence

2012  Signal Postprocessing Technique and Uncertainty Analysis of ADV Turbulence Measurements on Free Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Three-Dimensional Flow Characteristics within the Scour Hole around Circular Uniform and Compound Piers

2012  Wind Turbulence and Load Sharing Effects on Ballasted Roof-Top Solar Arrays

2011  Application of Three RANS Turbulence Models to Aged Water Transmission Pipes

2011  Bed Sediment Entrainment Function Based on Kinetic Theory

2011  Confinement Effects in Shallow-Water Jets

2011  Effect of Particle Size on the Characteristics of Sand Jets in Water

2011  Experimental Study of the Effects of Roughness on the Flow Structure in a Gravel-Bed Channel Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2011  Flow Details near River Groynes: Experimental Investigation

2011  Implementation and Testing of RANS Turbulence Models for Stably Stratified Flows

2011  Lab Experiments on Turbulent Processes Causing Discolouration Potential

2011  A Library of Two Turbulence Closure Schemes

2011  Macroscopic Turbulence Models and Their Application in Turbulent Vegetated Flows

2011  Mean and Turbulence Properties of a Neutrally Buoyant Round Jet in a Wave Environment

2011  Modeling Free-Surface Flow in Rectangular Shallow Basins by Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

2011  Near-Bed Turbulence Characteristics at the Entrainment Threshold of Sediment Beds

2011  Objectivity in Turbulence under Change of Reference Frame and Superposed Rigid Body Motion

2011  Outer Scaling for Open Channel Flow over a Gravel Bed

2011  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements and Numerical Modeling of a Saline Density Current

2011  Rational Design of a Pump-Sump and Its Model Testing

2011  Reattached Turbulent Submerged Offset Jets on Rough Beds with Shallow Tailwater

2011  Three Dimensional Model for Particle Saltation Close to Stream Beds, Including a Detailed Description of the Particle Interaction with Turbulence and Inter-Particle Collisions

2011  Turbulence Statistics in an Open-Channel Flow over a Rough Bed

2011  Turbulent Characteristics inside Ingoing Multi-Bend Rivers

2011  Wall Shear Stress in the Early Stage of Unsteady Turbulent Pipe Flow

2010  Assessment of a River Reach for Environmental Fluid Dynamics Studies

2010  Assessment of Flocculation Kinetics of Cohesive Sediments from the Seine and Gironde Estuaries, France, through Laboratory and Field Studies

2010  Bank-Attached Vanes for Bank Erosion Control and Restoration of River Meanders

2010  Case Study: Effect of Submerged Aquatic Plants on Turbulence Structure in a Lowland River

2010  CFD Analysis of Turbulent Natural Ventilation in Double-Skin Façade: Thermal Mass and Energy Efficiency

2010  Coherent Structure Dynamics in Turbulent Flows Past In-Stream Structures: Some Insights Gained via Numerical Simulation

2010  Energy Dissipation and Turbulent Production in Weak Hydraulic Jumps

2010  Estimation of Power Spectra of Acoustic-Doppler Velocimetry Data Contaminated with Intermittent Spikes

2010  Estimation of the Washout Depth of Fine Sediments from a Granular Bed

2010  Investigation of Turbulence Effects on Torsional Divergence of Long-Span Bridges by Using Dynamic Finite-Element Method

2010  Laboratory Measurements on Turbulent Pressure Fluctuations in and above Gravel Beds

2010  Mean Flow and Turbulence around Two Series of Experimental Dikes

2010  Penetration Length of Confined Counter Flowing Free Jets

2010  Physically Realistic Roughness Closure Scheme to Simulate Turbulent Channel Flow over Rough Beds within the Framework of LES

2010  Stability Characteristics for Transport Aircraft Response to Clear-Air Turbulence

2010  Stability of Stones under Uniform Flow

2010  Turbulence Characteristics in Flows Subjected to Boundary Injection and Suction

2010  Turbulent Flow near Vertical Angled Fish Screen

2010  Unsteady Turbulence in Tidal Bores: Effects of Bed Roughness

2009  3D Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Buoyant Flow and Heat Transport in a Curved Open Channel

2009  Anatomy of Turbulence Effects on the Aerodynamics of an Oscillating Prism

2009  Application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method in Wind Field Simulation for Roof Structures

2009  Comparison of Mean Flow and Turbulence around Experimental Spur Dike

2009  Detached Eddy Simulation Investigation of Turbulence at a Circular Pier with Scour Hole

2009  A Digital Floc Camera for Nonintrusive Measurement of Floc Parameters

2009  Effect of Sediment Size Scaling on Physical Modeling of Bridge Pier Scour

2009  Energy Concept for Predicting Hydraulic Jump Aeration Efficiency

2009  Environment and Water Resources in 2050: The Challenge for Engineering Education

2009  Evaluation of Quasi-Steady Theory Applied to Windborne Flat Plates in Uniform Flow

2009  Investigation of Two Elemental Error Sources in Boat-Mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Measurements by Large Eddy Simulations