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2015  Analysis of Combined Effects of Air Transpiration Cooling and Evaporative Inlet Air Cooling on the Performance Parameters of a Simple Gas Turbine Cycle

2015  Analyzing the Temporal Variation of Wind Turbine Responses Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Gaussian Discriminant Analysis

2015  Fatigue Life of Wind Turbine Tower Bases throughout Colorado

2015  Investigation of the Effects of Various Types of Wind Turbine Generators on Power-System Stability

2015  Outfitted with Turbines, Portland Water Pipeline Generates Hydropower

2014  Aerodynamic Damping and Seismic Response of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Towers

2014  Alternative Approach to Wind Turbine Performance Index Assessment

2014  Bearing Capacity of the High-Rise Pile Cap Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines

2014  Cost-Benefit Analysis for Hydropower Production in Water Distribution Networks by a Pump as Turbine

2014  Deflection-Based Bearing Capacity of Suction Caisson Foundations of Offshore Wind Turbines

2014  Design and Research for Foundations of Turbine-Generator Sets

2014  Design and Simulation Analysis of a Small-Scale Compressed Air Energy Storage System Directly Driven by Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Isolated Areas

2014  Design of Conical Steel Wind Turbine Towers Manufactured with Automated Spiral Welding

2014  Design Optimization of Lattice Wind Turbine Towers Subjected to Earthquake Forces

2014  Development and Validation of Analytical Model for Stiffness Analysis of Curvic Coupling in Tightening

2014  Fatigue Life Model Including Crack Propagation for Wind Turbine Tower Base Connections

2014  Flexural Tests and Associated Study of a Full-Scale 65-kW Wind Turbine Tower

2014  Foundation Soil Response to Wind Turbine Generator Loading

2014  The Impact of Peak Spectral Period in the Design of Offshore Wind Turbines for the Extreme Sea State

2014  Local Scour around a Model Hydrokinetic Turbine in an Erodible Channel

2014  Momentum Cloud Method for Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Body Systems

2014  Optimal Location of PRVs and Turbines in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Performance Model of Archimedes Screw Hydro Turbines with Variable Fill Level

2014  Seismic Behavior of Offshore Wind Turbine with Suction Caisson Foundation

2014  A Technical Overview of ASCE/AWEA RP2011: Recommended Practice for Compliance of Large Land-Based Wind Turbine Support Structures

2014  Time Development of Scour around a Cylinder in Simulated Tidal Currents

2013  Aircraft Turbine Engine Control Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Comparative Analysis on Dynamic Response of Wind Turbine Tower in Different Sites

2013  Comparison of Performance of Two Run-of-River Plants during Transient Conditions

2013  Design of Foundations for Large Dynamic Equipment in a High Seismic Region

2013  Development and Performance Analysis of a Small Island Wind Turbine Generator System with High Reliability

2013  Experimental, Numerical, and Theoretical Research on Impeller Diameter Influencing Centrifugal Pump-as-Turbine

2013  Long-Term Lateral Cyclic Response of Suction Caisson Foundations in Sand

2013  Microclimate Analyses for the Design of Building-Integrated Wind Turbines

2013  Multivariate Analysis and Prediction of Wind Turbine Response to Varying Wind Field Characteristics Based on Machine Learning

2013  Performance Prediction and Demonstration of a Miniature Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

2013  Response of Wind Turbine Towers to Seismic Loading At Different Damping Ratios

2013  Seventy Years of Aeropropulsion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2012  Analysis of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Water Treatment Applications

2012  Design and Performance Study of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Gas Turbine Hybrid System Applied in Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power System

2012  Driving of Foundation Piles for Offshore Wind Turbines

2012  ES2012 Ballistic Impact and Parameters Sensitivity of Ceramic Aerospace Materials at Room Temperatures

2012  Experimental Research on Damage Identification of Wind Turbine Blade by PZT Wave Based Method

2012  Implications of High-Pressure Turbine’s Erosion for a Military Turbofan’s Fuel Consumption

2012  Influence of the Blade Hub Geometry on the Performance of Low-Head Axial Flow Turbines

2012  Novel Application of Wet Deep Soil Mixing for Foundation of Modern Wind Turbines

2012  The Rapid Evolution of Wind Turbine Tower Structural Systems: A Historical and Technical Overview

2012  Reliability Analysis of Wind Turbines Equipped with Tuned Liquid Column Dampers (TLCD)

2012  Research on Disengaging Detection and Repair Technology of a Turbine Spiral Case

2012  Shake Table Testing of a Utility-Scale Wind Turbine

2012  Short-Term Optimal Operation of Hydropower Reservoirs with Unit Commitment and Navigation

2012  Wave- and Wind-Induced Dynamic Response of a Spar-Type Offshore Wind Turbine

2012  Wind Energy Geotechnics

2011  Effect of Ice Sheet on Stochastic Response of Offshore Wind Turbine–Seawater–Soil Interaction Systems Subjected to Random Seismic Excitation

2011  Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Generation Systems and Their Performance Indicators

2011  NewsBriefs: New Wind Turbine Blades Bigger, Lighter, Stronger (MSNBC)

2011  Probabilistic Demand Models and Fragility Estimates for Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures

2011  Testing Tomorrow’s Turbines

2011  Virtual Wind Speed Sensor for Wind Turbines

2010  Advanced Topics in Offshore Wind Turbines Design

2010  Applications of 3D Coastal Circulation Numerical Model in Assessing Potential Locations of Installing Underwater Turbines

2010  CFD Approach to the Micrositing of Wind Turbines in Complex Terrain

2010  Dependability of Offshore Wind Turbines

2010  Design and Construction Considerations for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations in North America

2010  Design of Dynamically Wind-Loaded Helical Piers for Small Wind Turbines

2010  Dynamic Analysis of an Offshore Wind Turbine: Wind-Waves Nonlinear Interaction

2010  Effects of Modeling Parameter Uncertainty on the Structural Response of Offshore Wind Turbines

2010  Fatigue Design for Axially Loaded Grouted Connections of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures in Deeper Waters

2010  Finite Element Analysis of an Offshore Wind Turbine Monopile

2010  Fish-Friendly Turbine Captures Tidal Energy

2010  Influence of Mechanical Draft Tube Fish Barrier on the Hydraulic Thrust of Small Francis Turbines

2010  Modal Analysis for Steam Turbine/Generator Machine Table-Top Foundation

2010  Monte–Carlo Based Method for Predicting Extreme Value Statistics of Uncertain Structures

2010  New Dynamic Participation Factor for Turbine-Generator Foundations

2010  Performance-Based Design of Offshore Wind Turbines

2010  Physical Modeling of the Dynamic Response of Offshore Wind Turbines Founded on Monopiles

2010  A Risk Analysis Framework for Offshore Wind Turbines

2010  Scour Protection around Offshore Wind Turbines: Monopiles

2010  Semi-Active Algorithm for Edgewise Vibration Control in Floating Wind Turbine Blades

2010  A State-Space Viscoelastic Model of Double-Beam Systems toward the Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades

2010  Structural Characteristics and Design Technical Keys of Wind Turbine Foundation in Shanghai Donghai-Bridge Offshore Wind Farm

2010  Structural Integrity Evaluation of Offshore Wind Turbines

2010  Structural Offshore Wind Turbines Optimization

2010  Wind-Wave Hindcasting on Offshore Wind Turbine through Coupled Atmospheric and Spectral Models

2009  Constructal Theory, Adaptive Motion, and Their Theoretical Application to Low-Speed Turbine Design

2009  Design and Construction of Intermediate Foundation Solutions for Wind Turbines

2009  Models for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations and Their Influence on Long-Term Loads

2009  NewsBriefs: Wind Turbines Win Award

2009  NewsBriefs: World’s First Large-Scale Floating Wind Turbine Installed

2008  Design of Foundations for a Wind Turbine Employing Modern Principles

2008  In-Situ Testing of Operation Stability in Hydraulic Turbine Generator Unit

2008  Loading and Response of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures: Prediction with Comparison to Measured Data

2008  NewsBriefs: Bahrain Turbines Spin Simultaneously

2008  NewsBriefs: Turbulence Caused by Wind Turbines Studied (Johns Hopkins University)

2008  Reliability Analysis and Design Procedures for Offshore Wind Turbines

2007  New Design Approach for Computing Peak Dynamic Response of Turbo Generator Pedestals Using Modal Synthesis

2007  Simplified Performance Model of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Systems

2007  Turbine Plant Efficiency: Taking Inertia and Friction Forces Into Account

2006  Pressure Drop as a Criterion of a Steam-Turbine Plant’s Efficiency

2006  Review of /ITurbulent Jets and Plumes — A Lagrangian Approach/N by Joseph H. W. Lee and Vincent H. Chu