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2015  Novel Excavation and Construction Method of an Underground Highway Tunnel above Operating Metro Tunnels

2015  Performance of Buried Tunnels Subjected to Surface Blast Incorporating Fluid-Structure Interaction

2015  Substrate Modification and Magnetic Water Treatment on the Maintenance of Tunnel Drainage Systems. I: Feasibility Tests

2015  Substrate Modification and Magnetic Water Treatment on the Maintenance of Tunnel Drainage Systems. II: Field Tests

2015  Tunnel Design and Modulus of Subgrade Reaction

2014  Analysis, Design, and Construction of Tunnels and Underground Structures

2014  Analysis of External Water Pressure on the Support and Lining of Deep Mountain Tunnels below High Water Tables

2014  Analytic Method of Stress Analysis for an Orthotropic Rock Mass with an Arbitrary-Shaped Tunnel

2014  APM Tunnel Extension for the Maynard H. Jackson Terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2014  Application of Liquid Nitrogen Freezing to Recovery of a Collapsed Shield Tunnel

2014  Applying Ergonomics and Two-Factor Theory to Long Tunnel Safety Policy Debate

2014  Building Rises Over Boston’s ’Big Dig’ Subway Tunnels

2014  Capacity Assessment of the Titus Tunnel Bridge Using Analytical and Numerical Techniques

2014  Case Study on Tunnel Lining Assessment Using Stress Wave-Based Nondestructive Testing Methods

2014  Design Management in Design-Build Megaprojects: SR 99 Bored Tunnel Case Study

2014  Estimation of Confinement Loss by Using Convergence Data in Tunneling

2014  Factors That Influence the Concession Period Length for Tunnel Projects under BOT Contracts

2014  Field Performance of High-Speed Rail Box Tunnel during Horizontal Grouting

2014  Front Matter

2014  Ground Movements due to Shallow Tunnels in Soft Ground. I: Analytical Solutions

2014  Ground Movements due to Shallow Tunnels in Soft Ground. II: Analytical Interpretation and Prediction

2014  Holistic Approach to Clean Coal Energy Management

2014  Investigation of Soil Arching with Centrifuge Tests

2014  Light and Dark Adaption Times Based on Pupil Area Variation at Entrance and Exit Areas of Highway Tunnels

2014  Massive London Sewer Tunnel Receives Regulatory Approval

2014  Mineralogical, Mechanical, and Electrical Properties of Clays and Their Relation to Clogging during Mechanical Tunnel Driving

2014  Multiphase Risk-Management Method and Its Application in Tunnel Engineering

2014  New Approach to the Design of Tunnels in Squeezing Ground

2014  New York City’s Gowanus Canal to Benefit from Upgrades to Flushing Tunnel

2014  On the Web (

2014  Optimal Tilt Sensor Configuration of Urban Subway Shield Tunnel Structure

2014  An Optimization Method of Signal Control for a Four-Leg Roundabout Based on the Single Release Method

2014  An Optimization Model for Setting Subway Station Foundation Pit Monitoring Item

2014  Physical Simulation Study on Excavation of Multi-Tunnel Intersection

2014  Progress for PortMiami

2014  Safe Passage

2014  Segment Stress Responses of Shield Tunnels Caused by Deep Excavations in Improved Soil

2014  Seismic Enhancements for Delivering Water to the City of Los Angeles across the San Andreas Fault in the Elizabeth Tunnel

2014  Simulation Analysis on Ground Surface Settlements and Creep Behavior Induced by Double-O-Tube Shield Tunneling

2014  Study of Stability of Surrounding Rock due to the Approach of Two Excavation Faces and Face Reinforcement in a Large Cross-Section Tunnel in Weak Stratum

2014  Study on TBM Launching in Parallel with Small Spacing

2014  Study on the Optimization Method for the Deformation Prediction of Tunnel Construction on Adjacent Bridge Piles

2014  Undrained Stability of Dual Circular Tunnels

2014  Vibration Characteristics of a Tunnel Structure Based on Soil-Structure Interaction

2014  Wave Propagation in a Periodic Jointed Tunnel Model

2013  Analysis of Individual Ventilation Effects of Down Steps in Highway Gas Tunnel Construction with the Up-and-Down-Steps Method

2013  Analysis of Surrounding Rock Displacement Induced by Tunnel Excavation in Horizontal Interbedding Rock Mass

2013  Analysis of the Impact of Shield Tunnel Construction on the Ancient City Wall in Loess Stratum

2013  Analysis on Fixation Distribution Characteristics of Drivers in Long Freeway Tunnels

2013  Analysis on the Importance of Tunnel to the Lifeline Project after Earthquake

2013  Application Effect Assessment of Highway Tunnel Luminescence Guiding Facilities

2013  Application of Unequal Time Interval Grey Forecast Method on Tunnel Displacement Monitoring

2013  Appropriate Seismic Analysis Method of Subway Shield Tunnels in Soft Ground

2013  Aseismic Analysis of Circular Deep Grouting for Tunnel Surrounding Rock in Strong Earthquake Zone

2013  Automated Real-Time Monitoring System to Measure Shift Production of Tunnel Construction Projects

2013  Case Study of Karstic Formation Effect on Metro Tunnel Construction

2013  Centrifuge Test of Face Stability of Shallow Tunnels in Unsaturated Soil

2013  Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of the Pueblo Dam River Outlet Works

2013  Container Berth Bridges over Sewer Tunnel

2013  CSX ’Daylights’ Pennsylvania Tunnel to Permit Stacked Loads

2013  Deformation Behavior of Topographic Unsymmetrical Loaded Tunnels and Their Pre-Reinforcements after Excavation

2013  Design and Application of Long-Distance Curved Pipe-Roofing Method for Ultra-Large Oval Section

2013  The Design of the Multisource Remote Real-time Monitoring System for Structure Safety of Dashanpo Tunnel

2013  Design-Variable Optimization of Hydropower Tunnels and Surge Tanks Using a Genetic Algorithm

2013  Detection of Shield Segment Displacement of a Natural Gas Pipeline in Yangtze River Tunnel

2013  Dynamic Reliability of an Underground Structure Based on the JC Method

2013  Elastoplastic Analysis of Surrounding Rocks of Submarine Tunnel with Consideration of Seepage

2013  Failure Mechanism of Tunnel Portal during Strong Earthquakes

2013  Field Experimental Study on Mechanical Effect of Invert Construction for Shallow Embedded Underwater Highway Tunnel

2013  Finite Element Analysis on Double-Layer Pipe Roof Pre-Support Effect of Tunnel in Shallow Buried Soft Stratum

2013  Fire Impact and Passive Fire Protection of Infrastructure: State of the Art

2013  Ground Uncertainty Implications in the Application of the Observational Method to Underground Works: Comparitive Examples

2013  Gunnison Tunnel: Engineering History of an Early American Reclamation Project

2013  Highway Tunnel Fire Automatic Detection System Based on Double Detectors and BP Neural Network

2013  Influence of Deep Excavations on Nearby Existing Tunnels

2013  Influence of Nonlinearity in Shield Tunnels on Seismic Response

2013  Influence of Overlying Goaf Dip Angle on Stability of Highway Tunnel during Excavation

2013  Integration of Design and Risk Management in Large Soft-Ground NATM Tunnels

2013  Intelligent Traffic Safety Control Technology of Highway Adjoining Tunnel and Tunnel Group

2013  Interdependency Between Seismic Energy Parameters and Damage Indices of Four Types of Mountain Tunnels

2013  Key Technology Research of the Mining under Shallow Cover Tunnel with Closed Pipe-Roofing Protection

2013  Kinematics of Entrapped Air Pockets in Stormwater Storage Tunnels

2013  The Largest Curved Pipe Roofing Tunnel Project in the World

2013  Life-Cycle Design Considerations for Hydraulic Tunnels: Lessons Learned from Inspection and Maintenance Cases

2013  Long Tunnels Are Different

2013  Major Accident Factors for Effective Safety Management of Highway Construction Projects

2013  A Multi-Scale Tunnel Product Model Providing Coherent Geometry and Semantics

2013  New Tunnel Will Boost Canada’s Hydroelectric Capacity

2013  Numerical Analysis of Ground Settlement Induced by a Double-O-Tube (Dot) Shield Tunnel Excavation

2013  Numerical Simulation Test of Tunnel’s Deformation under Different Levels of Horizontal Stress

2013  Numerical Study on Mechanism of Zonal Disintegration in Deep Rock Mass with Joints

2013  Performance of High Geosynthetic-reinforced Embankments

2013  Phasing of a Geotechnical Investigation - Pay Now, or Pay More Later. The Hanlan Feedermain Approach to Risk Mitigation

2013  Pipeline Steel Bracket Finite Element Analysis in Shield Tunnel

2013  Rail Tunnel Safety Analysis Using Crowd Evacuation Simulation Models: On a Review and Comparative Study of the Scientific Literature

2013  Range of the Safe Retaining Pressures of a Pressurized Tunnel Face by a Probabilistic Approach

2013  The Reasonable Layout of Cross Passages for Qianjiang River Tunnel Based on Seismic Analysis

2013  Requirements to Enhance the Decision-Making Process for Tunnel Construction by Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

2013  Research about Data Processing for Tunnel Deformation Monitoring Based on GPS Monitoring Technique

2013  The Research of Tunnel Vulnerability Model Based on the Wenchuan Earthquake