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2015  Circular Concrete-Filled Tubes for Improved Sustainability and Seismic Resilience

2015  Experimental Investigation and Design of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular CHS Connections

2015  Experimental Investigation on the Impact Performance of Concrete-Filled FRP Steel Tubes

2015  Finite-Element Analysis on the Stability of Geotextile Tube-Reinforced Embankments under Scouring

2015  Investigation of Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Steel Tubular Columns with Ultrahigh-Strength Steel

2014  Applicability of Concrete-Filled FRP Tube (CFFT) System for Multihazard Resilient Bridge Columns

2014  Axial Compressive Behavior of Circular High-Strength Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes

2014  Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubes Subjected to Cyclic Axial Compression

2014  Full-Scale Tests of Slender Concrete-Filled Tubes: Interaction Behavior

2014  Increasing the Number of Uses of Filling Tube Connector in Spacecraft via Heat Treatment, Torque Management, and Ceramic Coating

2014  Multiscale Modeling of Elasticity and Fracture in Organic Nanotubes

2014  Seismic Design of Circular Concrete Filled Tube Bridge Pier Connections for Accelerated Bridge Construction

2014  Time-Dependent Analysis of Long-Span, Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridges

2013  Active Debonding Detection for Large Rectangular CFSTs Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Spectrum with Piezoceramics

2013  Assessment of Cyclic Behavior of Hybrid FRP Concrete Columns

2013  Axial Compressive Behavior of Square and Rectangular High-Strength Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes

2013  Capillary Tube Model for Internal Stability of Cohesionless Soil

2013  Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes: Manufacture and Testing of New Forms Designed for Improved Performance

2013  Cyclic Behavior of FRP Concrete Bridge Pier Frames

2013  Deformation of Slurry Filled Permeable Geosynthetic Tubes

2013  Full-Scale Tests of Slender Concrete-Filled Tubes: Axial Behavior

2013  Measuring Horizontal Curve Vehicle Trajectories and Speed Profiles: Pneumatic Road Tube and Video Methods

2013  Mechanical Buckling of Thick Composite Plates Reinforced with Randomly Oriented, Straight, Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Resting on an Elastic Foundation using the Finite Strip Method

2013  New and Improved Analytical Solutions for the Self-Folding Problem of Carbon Nanotubes

2013  Peristaltic Flow of Hyperbolic Tangent Fluid in a Diverging Tube with Heat and Mass Transfer

2013  Robust Water Level Control of the U-Tube Steam Generator

2013  Seismic Behavior of High-Strength Concrete-Filled FRP Tube Columns

2013  Strength of Circular Concrete-Filled Tubes with and without Internal Reinforcement under Combined Loading

2013  Tube Suction Test for Evaluating Moisture Susceptibility Resulting from Calcium Chloride

2012  Active Interfacial Performance Monitoring for Concrete Filled Steel Tube with Embedded PZT Techniques Using Power Spectral Density Analysis

2012  Analysis of the Temperature Effect of Piers with Concrete-filled Steel Tubes under Cold Currents

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. I: Experimental Investigation and Finite-Element Modeling

2012  Concrete Filled Steel Tube Piles to Concrete Pile-Cap Connections

2012  Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Tied Arch Bridge System: Application to Columbus Viaduct

2012  Cyclic Behavior of Hybrid Columns Made of Ultra High Performance Concrete and Fiber Reinforced Polymers

2012  Defect Tolerance for Cast Steel Connections in Braced Frames

2012  Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Bearing Capacity of Head-on Cross Section of Tubular Core Slab Considering the Function of Tubes

2012  Experimental Study of the Bearing Capacity of Double CFST Member

2012  Flexural Behavior of Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubes under High-Strain Rate Impact Loading

2012  Impact Behaviors of CFT and CFRP Confined CFT Stub Columns

2012  Influence Analysis on Dynamic Performance of Large Span Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge of Relative Deck Height

2012  Influence of Slenderness on High-Strength Rectangular Concrete-Filled Tubular Columns with Axial Load and Nonconstant Bending Moment

2012  Influence of Slenderness on the Behavior of a FRP-Encased Steel-Concrete Composite Column

2012  Longitudinal Stiffeners in Concrete-Filled Tubes

2012  Net Annulus Flow of a Compressible Viscous Liquid with Peristalsis

2011  Analysis of Plastic Tube on Plastic Tube Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile

2011  Behavior of Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Confined by Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

2011  Closed-Form Model and Parametric Study on Connection of Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes to Concrete Footings by Direct Embedment

2011  Combined Shear and Flexural Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete Beams Previously Subjected to Cyclic Loading

2011  Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns-Tests Compared with Eurocode 4

2011  Deflection Prediction of Steel and FRP-Reinforced Concrete-Filled FRP Tube Beams

2011  Design of Composite Columns Made of Concrete Filled Tubes with Inner Massive Core Profiles and High Strength Materials

2011  An Economical and Efficient Foundation Connection for Concrete Filled Steel Tube Piers and Columns

2011  An Experimental Behavior of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Stub under Axial Compression

2011  External Stability of Geotubes Subjected to Wave Loading

2011  Flexural Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Thin-Walled Steel Tubes with Longitudinal Reinforcement

2011  FRP-Confined Circular Concrete-Filled Thin Steel Tubes under Axial Compression

2011  The Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Confined by Steel Tube

2011  A Mixed-Finite Element Approach for Performance-Based Design of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube (RCFT) Frames

2011  Numerical Investigation on the Behavior of Circumferentially Butt-Welded Steel Circular Hollow Section Flexural Members

2011  Response of Foam- and Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tubes under Low-Velocity Impact Loading

2011  Retracted: Fan, F., Nie, G. B., and Zhi, X. D. (2011). .A Constitutive Model of Circular Steel Tubes and Its Applications in Analysis of Space Structures.. J. Struct. Eng., 10.1061/(ASCE)ST.1943-541X.0000392 (Feb. 12, 2011)

2011  Seismic Behavior of Self-Centering Precast Segmental Bridge Bents

2011  Shake Table Studies of a Concrete Bridge Pier Utilizing Pipe-Pin Two-Way Hinges

2011  Strength of Concrete Filled Steel Tubes under High-Strain Rate Loading

2011  Structural Design of Concrete Filled Steel Elliptical Hollow Sections

2011  Study on Analytical Method for Carbon and Sulfur in High Nickel Corrosion Resistant Alloy Tubing

2011  Testing and Modeling of a New Moment Connection of Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes to Footings under Monotonic and Cyclic Loadings

2010  Analytical Model of Circular CFRP Confined Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns under Axial Compression

2010  Analytical Studies of Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubes under Axial Compression

2010  Bond-Slip Analytical Formulation toward Optimal Embedment of Concrete-Filled Circular FRP Tubes into Concrete Footings

2010  Composite Flexural Behavior of Full-Scale Concrete-Filled Tubes without Axial Loads

2010  Damping Parameter Identification and Study of Metal Foam Filled Steel Tube

2010  Design Method for Flat Geotextile Tubes

2010  Mixed Finite Element for Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Beam-Columns

2010  Mixed Finite-Element Modeling of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Members and Frames under Static and Dynamic Loads

2010  Modeling Stability of Stacked Geotextile Tubes

2010  Seismic Behavior of Posttensioned Concrete-Filled Fiber Tubes

2010  Strength and Stiffness of Circular Concrete-Filled Tubes

2010  Tests and Analysis of Cantilevered GFRP Tubular Poles with Partial Concrete Filling

2009  Experimental Studies on Concrete Filled Steel Tubes under High Strain Rate Loading

2009  Fatigue Modeling of Concrete-Filled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes

2009  Overview of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridges in China

2009  Seismic Behavior of Flexural Dominated Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns at Low Temperatures

2009  Static Design Recommendations for Slotted End HSS Connections in Tension

2009  A Temperature Compensation Method Based on Neural Net for Metal Tube Rotameter

2009  Torsional Behavior of Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tube Columns

2009  Use of Concrete Filled Tube (CFT) Vertical Braces in a Moderate / High Seismic Area

2008  Behavior of Short and Deep Beams Made of Concrete-Filled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes

2008  Cable-Stayed Facade Structure with Welded Borosilicate Glass Tubes

2008  Cast Steel Connectors for Circular Hollow Section Braces under Inelastic Cyclic Loading

2008  Concrete-Filled Square and Rectangular FRP Tubes under Axial Compression

2008  End Connection Effects on Vortex Shedding Susceptibility of Welded Aluminum Truss Tubular Web Members

2008  Evaluation of an Un-Tethered Free-Swimming Acoustic Leak Detection Technology

2008  Fatigue Behavior of Concrete-Filled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes

2008  Fatigue Life Assessment and Static Testing of Structural GFRP Tubes Based on Coupon Tests

2008  Flexural Behavior of Nonposttensioned and Posttensioned Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubes

2008  Investigation of Granular Segregation in a Horizontal Rotating Tube from an Energy Perspective

2008  Lateral Crashing of Tri-Axially Braided Composite Tubes

2007  Beam Finite-Element Analysis of Pressurized Fabric Tubes