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2015  An Approach to Coastal Railway Line Evacuation under a Tsunami Warning

2015  Case Study for Tsunami Design of Coastal Infrastructure: Spencer Creek Bridge, Oregon

2015  Influence of Macroroughness on Tsunami Loading of Coastal Structures

2015  Load Distribution in Light-Frame Wood Buildings under Experimentally Simulated Tsunami Loads

2015  Optical Measurements of Tsunami Inundation and Debris Movement in a Large-Scale Wave Basin

2015  Simulation and Estimation of Tsunami Loads on Bridge Superstructures

2014  2010 Chile and 2011 Tohoku Tsunami Profiles Measured by GPS Buoys and Coastal Wave and Tide Gauges in a Nationwide Ocean Wave Information Network for Ports and Harbors

2014  Appendix: Geotechnical Conditions and Strong Motion Data at Selected Instrumentation Stations

2014  Contribution of Trapped Air, Deck Superelevation, and Nearby Structures to Bridge Deck Failure during a Tsunami

2014  Experimental Study on Real-Time Tsunami Protection Structures

2014  Front Matter

2014  Full-Scale Experimental Study of Impact Demands Resulting from High Mass, Low Velocity Debris

2014  General Findings and Recommendations

2014  Hachinohe

2014  Index

2014  Introduction

2014  Ishinomaki

2014  JX Nippon Oil Sendai Refinery

2014  Kamaishi, Otsuchi, and Yamada

2014  Kesennuma

2014  Kuji and North to Hachinohe

2014  Loss Functions for Small Marine Vessels Based on Survey Data and Numerical Simulation of the 2011 Great East Japan Tsunami

2014  Matsushima

2014  Miyako and North to Shimanokoshi

2014  Numerical Simulation of a Rising Seawall for Coastal Flood Protection

2014  Ofunato and North to Toni

2014  On the Web (

2014  Onagawa

2014  Optimization of Bridge Deep Foundation Design in Seismic and Tsunami Zones

2014  Performance of Railway Bridges during the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake

2014  Procedure for Site Assessment of the Potential for Tsunami Debris Impact

2014  Quantification and Valuations of Resilience for Emergency Management

2014  Quay Wall Stability Considering Earthquake and Tsunami Overtopping Forces Together in the Active Condition

2014  References

2014  Sendai Port

2014  Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Numerical Modeling of Structures Impacted by Tsunami Bores

2014  Soma

2014  Stability of Breakwater Armor Units against Tsunami Attacks

2014  Three-Dimensional Loading Effects of Tsunamis on Bridge Superstructures

2014  Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Survey of Port and Harbor Facilities, Northern Region

2014  Tsunami Modeling, Fluid Load Simulation, and Validation Using Geospatial Field Data

2013  Airports

2013  ASCE-JSCE Collaboration

2013  Background and Scope

2013  Blogs from the Coastal Structures Team

2013  Breakwaters

2013  Bridge Performance

2013  Building Structural Performance

2013  Chile Earthquake and Tsunami of 2010, Performance of Coastal Infrastructure

2013  A Classification of Building Damage Patterns Caused by Tsunami

2013  Coastal Hazards

2013  Concept of Community Fragilities for Tsunami Coastal Inundation Studies

2013  Debris Loading

2013  Detailed Simulation of Tsunami-Induced Currents in California Ports and Harbors

2013  Economic Impacts and Initial Recovery Efforts

2013  Electric Power Systems

2013  Emergency Response, Recovery, and Social Impact

2013  Evaluation of Tsunami Loads on Wood-Frame Walls at Full Scale

2013  Experimental Study of Tsunami Forces on Structures

2013  Failure Mode Analysis

2013  Findings and Recommendations

2013  Front Matter

2013  Front Matter

2013  Front Matter

2013  Fuel Storage Container Performance during the 2011 Tohoku, Japan, Tsunami

2013  Gas and Liquid Fuel

2013  The Great East Japan Tsunami: One Year Later

2013  Index

2013  Index

2013  Index

2013  Infrastructure Interdependencies and Resilience

2013  Introduction

2013  Introduction

2013  Itinerary and Structures Observed

2013  Lessons Learned

2013  Limits on Coastal Scour Depths due to Tsunami

2013  March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake and Tohoku Tsunami

2013  Mechanisms for Damage and Failure from the Great East Japan Tsunami

2013  Modeling Railway Damage due to Shake, Liquefaction, and Tsunami for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake

2013  The Mystery of 2010 Chilean Earthquake Generated Tsunami Waves at Crescent City Harbor

2013  Other Structures

2013  Performance of Port and Harbor Structures Impacted by the March 11, 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami

2013  Piers, Quays, and Wharves

2013  Ports

2013  Pre-Survey Preparatory Research

2013  Real-Time Tsunami Prediction by Inversion Method Using Offshore Observed GPS Buoy Data: Nankaido

2013  Recommendations for Additional Investigation

2013  References and Works Cited

2013  Replacement of Tsunami-Damaged Crescent City Marina

2013  The SAFRR Tsunami Scenario

2013  Scour Effects

2013  Seawalls and Tsunami Barriers

2013  Seismic and Tsunami Design Considerations for Essential Port Facilities - Case Studies

2013  Seismology and Geotechnical Considerations

2013  Spreadsheet Log of Structures and Coastal Seawalls Investigated

2013  Telecommunication Systems

2013  Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Performance of Structures under Tsunami Loads

2013  Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Survey of Coastal Structures

2013  Transportation Systems

2013  Tsunami Flow Velocity