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2015  Colliding-Bodies Optimization for Truss Optimization with Multiple Frequency Constraints

2015  Discrete Optimum Design for Truss Structures by Subset Simulation Algorithm

2015  Flexible Lightweight Cable-Spring Support System for ETFE Cushions Spanning between Buildings

2015  Investigation and Retrofit of Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in a Double-Deck Cantilever-Suspended Steel Truss Bridge

2015  Life-Cycle Assessment Comparison for Long-Span Cable and Truss Structural Systems: Case Study

2015  Three-Dimensional Force Flow Paths and Reinforcement Design in Concrete via Stress-Dependent Truss-Continuum Topology Optimization

2015  Torsional Analysis of Multicell Concrete Box Girders Strengthened with CFRP Using a Modified Softened Truss Model

2014  After-Fracture Reserve Strength of Two Four-Chord Aluminum Sign Trusses

2014  The Allowable Stress, Load Factor, and Load and Resistance Factor Evaluation of the Historical Swing Steel Truss Riverside-Delanco Bridge

2014  Beam-Truss Model of Steel-Concrete Composite Box-Girder Bridges

2014  Decentralized Modal Identification of a Pony Truss Pedestrian Bridge Using Wireless Sensors

2014  Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of the Postfracture Redundancy of a Simple Span Truss Bridge

2014  Experimental Study of Flow-Induced Vibration of Lens-Shaped Vertical Lift Gates

2014  Geometrical Aspects of Lateral Bracing Systems: Where Should the Optimal Bracing Point Be?

2014  Inspection of Metal Plate-Connected Wood Trusses in Residential Construction

2014  Performance-Based Design and Optimization of Buckling Restrained Knee Braced Truss Moment Frame

2014  Repair of Decayed Heavy Timber Roof Truss Columns at 135 Year Old Cathedral

2014  Seismic Performance of Joints between Steel K-Style Outrigger Trusses and Concrete Cores in Tall Buildings

2014  Studies of In-Plane Ultimate Loads of the Steel Truss Web-RC Composite Arch

2014  Three-Dimensional Cyclic Beam-Truss Model for Nonplanar Reinforced Concrete Walls

2014  Two Near-Optimal Layouts for Trusslike Bridge Structures Bearing Uniform Weight between Supports

2013  Alternative Load Paths in Steel through-Truss Bridges: Case Study

2013  Buckling Analysis of a Long-Span Roof Structure Collapsed during Construction

2013  Collapse Analysis of a Metal Structure

2013  Corrosion Estimation of a Historic Truss Bridge Using Model Updating

2013  Experimental Research on Seismic Performance of K-Style Steel Outrigger Truss to Concrete Core Tube Wall Joints

2013  Experimental Tests of Truss Bridge Gusset Plate Connections with Sway-Buckling Response

2013  Fatigue Behavior of Welded T-Joints with a CHS Brace and CFCHS Chord under Axial Loading in the Brace

2013  Functionality of Damaged Steel Truss Systems Strengthened with Posttensioned CFRP Tendon

2013  Imaging Tools for Evaluation of Gusset Plate Connections in Steel Truss Bridges

2013  Innovative Design Features Trusses Without Gusset Plates

2013  Longer and Stronger

2013  Robustness Assessment of a Steel Truss Bridge

2013  Truss-Arch Model for Shear Strength of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Columns

2013  Wood Truss Installation Loads Due to OSHA Fall Protection

2012  Case Study: Failure and Repair of Historic Wood Trusses at St. John the Baptist Church, Hoboken, NJ

2012  Damage Detection for Space Truss Structures Based on Strain Mode under Ambient Excitation

2012  Education by Design

2012  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Space-Trusses with the Reinforcement of Stamped Connections

2012  Failure Mode Control and Seismic Response of Dissipative Truss Moment Frames

2012  Field Test and Finite-Element Model of a Skewed Railroad Truss Bridge

2012  Midply Truss Wall System: High-Performance Shear Wall for Midrise Wood-Frame Buildings

2012  Modeling of User Design Preferences in Multiobjective Optimization of Roof Trusses

2012  Performance of Metal-Plated Wood Joints Exposed to Periods of Soaking Moisture

2012  Prefabricated Wood Truss Roof Failure under Wind Induced Loads

2012  Progressive Collapse Analysis and Safety Assessment Method for Steel Truss Roof

2012  Rapid Assessment of Gusset Plate Safety in Steel Truss Bridges

2012  Stability Analysis of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Assemblies

2012  Stability Design of the Bow String Trusses of the Virginia Beach Convention Center

2012  The Static Design and Dynamic Analysis of the Lattice Crane Truss

2011  Additional Temperature Forces of Continuous Welded Rail on Large-Span Steel Truss Cable-Stayed Bridge

2011  Analysis of Mechanical Behavior in the Construction of Truss-stayed Bridge

2011  Creep Deflection in Design of Metal Plate–Connected Wood Trusses

2011  Dynamic Stress Amplification Caused by Sudden Failure of Tension Members in Steel Truss Bridges

2011  Finite Particle Method for Progressive Failure Simulation of Truss Structures

2011  Influence of Beam-End Lateral Expansion of Steel Truss Girder on Stability of CWR Track

2011  Investigation on Bearing Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Strut in Space Truss Model of Thick Piles Cap

2011  Plane Frame Method for Plate-Truss Composite Structures with Monolithic Orthotropic Deck

2011  Simplified Lateral-Torsional Buckling Analysis in Special Truss-Reinforced Composite Steel-Concrete Beams

2011  Stability Analysis on Truss Overhead Crossing Structure of Oil and Gas Transmission Pipeline

2011  Truss Plates for Use As Wood-Concrete Composite Shear Connectors

2011  Wind Tunnel Test of Aerodynamic Optimization Measures for Flutter Stability of Super Long-span Bridge with Truss Girder

2010  Bidirectional Seismic Behavior of Controlled Rocking Four-Legged Bridge Steel Truss Piers

2010  C. Shaler Smith

2010  Comparison of Block-Shear and Whitmore Section Methods for Load Rating Existing Steel Truss Gusset Plate Connections

2010  Damage Identification in a Truss Tower by Regularized Model Updating

2010  Evaluation of Common Method for Eyebar Tension Measurement

2010  Increased Frequency of Fracturing Occurring in Roof Truss Systems Constructed with Fire Retardant Treated Lumber

2010  Innovative Use of CFS Trusses at Freightliner Wind Tunnel Research Facility

2010  Lessons Learned from Evaluation and Repair of Vintage Timber-Frame Church Trusses

2010  Nonlinear Fault-Tolerant Control of a Space Truss Structure with an MR Damper

2010  Rapid Ranking Procedures for Gusset Plate Connections in Existing Steel Truss Bridges

2010  Recurrent-Functional-Link-Network-Based Predictive Control Hypersonic Vehicles with Dynamical Uncertainties

2010  Reinforced Concrete Design with Topology Optimization

2010  Research on Erection Methods of Steel Stiffening Truss Girder for Baling River Bridge

2010  Seismic Testing of a Bridge Steel Truss Pier Designed for Controlled Rocking

2010  Stability Capacity of Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Assemblies

2010  Truss Modeling of Concrete Columns in Compression

2010  Vertical Load-Carrying Natural Frequency of Railway Continuous Steel Truss Bridges

2009  Analysis of an 1864 Long-Span Truss Roof

2009  Convention Center Steel Truss Collapse

2009  Dynamic Analysis of Long Span Continuous Steel Truss Arch Bridge under High-Speed Train

2009  Experiences in Testing and Modeling for Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation

2009  Long-Span Truss Structures for Low-Vibration Environments

2009  Performance of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams under Combined Bending and Torsion

2009  Reliability-Based Optimal Design of Truss Structures Using Particle Swarm Optimization

2009  Retrofit Railings for Historic Metal Truss Bridges

2009  Structural Engineering Responsibilities and Structural Components: A Premanufactured Wood Truss Case Study

2009  The Structure Evaluation and Reinforcement of Cantilever Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2008  Behavior Characteristic of Hypar Shaped Space Truss with Some Removed Members

2008  Design of Prestressing Tendons for Strengthening Steel Truss Bridges

2008  End Connection Effects on Vortex Shedding Susceptibility of Welded Aluminum Truss Tubular Web Members

2008  Horizontal Support of Historic Roof Structures: Design and Structural Efficiency

2008  Nonlinear Analysis of Space Trusses Using Modified Normal Flow Algorithm

2008  Performance Evaluation through Field Testing of Century-Old Railroad Truss Bridge

2008  Practical Approach to Designing Wood Roof Truss Assemblies

2008  Quasi-Static Strengths and Failure Modes of Tight-Fitting and Round-End Metal-Plate Wooden Truss Joints

2008  Thermal Effect on the Postbuckling Behavior of an Elastic or Elastoplastic Truss

2008  Truss Analogy Analysis of Beam Seats for a Cut-and-Cover Tunnel

2007  Bearing Capacity in Long-Span Tubular Truss Chords