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2013  Rehabilitation of TDOT’S SR56 Deck Truss Bridge Crossing Center Hill Lake

2012  A Comparison of Dynamic Testing Methods for Evaluating a Truss Bridge

2012  Truss Separation Widens Historic Vermont Bridge

2011  Elastic Nonlinear Analysis of Plane Truss Bridges

2011  Investigation of Bridge Expansion Joint Failure Using Field Strain Measurement

2011  Simple Check for Yielding in Truss Bridge Gusset Plate Connections

2011  ’Sliding Truss’ Method Reduces Traffic Disruption during Bridge Replacement

2011  Variability of the Mechanical Properties of Wrought Iron from Historic American Truss Bridges

2010  Replacing Ohio’s Highest Bridge Requires Ingenuity

2008  Field Experiments and Numerical Models for the Condition Assessment of Historic Timber Bridges: Case Study

2008  Problem Diagnosis and Retrofit of Lateral Bracing System of a Truss Bridge

2008  Safety Assessment and Reinforcement Technique for Deck Steel Truss Bridge under Increasing Speed

2008  Sioux Narrows Bridge — Context Sensitive Replacement of a Heritage Timber Truss Bridge

2008  Skillful Substitution

2008  Spinning the Iron Web: The Bollman Truss Bridge

2007  Evolution of the Continuous Truss Bridge

2007  Field Performance of the Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deck of a Truss Bridge

2007  Long-Term Performance of a Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Truss Bridge

2007  Restoration of Historic Metal Truss Bridges

2005  Extending the Fatigue Life of Riveted Coped Stringer Connections

2005  Optimal Design of Bridge and Roof Truss Systems Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms

2003  Stability of Slender Webs of Prestressed Concrete Box-Girder Bridges

2002  Rehabilitation: Century-Old Warren-Truss Footbridge Renovated

2001  Evaluation and Retrofit Issues for Steel Truss Bridges in Eastern United States

2001  Field Testing and Evaluation of the Ironton-Russell Truss Bridge

2001  Rehabilitation of Two 1890s Metal Truss Bridges

2001  Stress Spikes in Pin and Hanger System of a Truss Bridge

2000  Deterioration Assessment and Rehabilitation Design of Existing Steel Bridge

2000  Ductile Seismic Retrofits of Steel Deck-Truss Bridges

2000  George P. Coleman Bridge Replacement

2000  Performance of a Historic 19th Century Wrought-Iron Through-Truss Bridge Rehabilitated Using Advanced Composites

2000  Practice of Restoring Damaged Historical Truss Bridge

2000  The Viable Alternative

1999  Diagnostic Testing of a Unique Historic Bridge

1999  Dynamic Load Allowance for Through-Truss Bridges

1999  Fatigue Evaluation through Field Testing

1999  Rehabilitation of a Nineteenth Century Cast and Wrought Iron Bridge

1999  Seismic Analysis of a Truss-Arch Bridge across Mississippi River

1998  Ductile Seismic Retrofit of Steel Deck-Truss Bridges. I: Strategy and Modeling

1998  Ductile Seismic Retrofit of Steel Deck-Truss Bridges. II: Design Applications

1998  Improved Procedures for Structural Integrity Evaluation of Bridges

1997  Award-Winning Technologies Soar into Practice

1997  Experimental Load Rating Study of a Historic Truss Bridge

1997  Grand Gusset Failure

1997  One Hundred Years of the Rock Island Government Bridge

1997  Seismic Retrofitting of Major U.S. Bridges: Issues and Solutions

1996  Engineering Innovations Highlighted at Research Symposium

1996  Fatigue Cracks at Stringer-Floorbeam Connections

1996  Three Year Evaluation of a Metal-Plate Connected Wood Truss Bridge

1996  Vermont to Inventory Historic Bridges Prior to Project Initiation

1996  What’s New at Nation’s C.E. Schools, etc.

1995  Fatigue Lives of Bridge Repairs

1995  Golden Gate Bridge - Performance Under Wind Loading

1995  Inspection and Repair of a Timber Truss Bridge

1995  Optimum Design Considerations for Composite Truss Bridges

1995  Technological Aspects of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

1995  Vibration Signature Analysis Using Artificial Neural Networks

1994  3-D Dynamic Analysis of the Brent-Spence Through-Truss Bridge

1994  Design and Field Performance of a Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Bridge

1994  Design of Half-Through or “Pony” Truss Bridges Using Square or Rectangular Hollow Structural Sections

1994  Inspection and Repair of a Timber Truss Bridge - An Application of Nondestructive Testing

1994  Nonlinear Analysis and Experimental Validation of a Stiffening Truss Chord of the Golden Gate Bridge

1994  Wind Effects and Countermeasures During Erection of a Cable-stayed Bridge

1993  Analysis and Computation of Old Truss Bridges

1993  Closing the Loop

1993  Computer Analysis of Cable-Stayed & Suspension Bridges

1993  Design of Built Up Compression Members for Long Span Bridge Structures

1993  Historic Bridge Gets a Boost

1993  Local Scour at Bridge Piers in Alberta—Case History

1993  A Study on Aseismic Behaviours of Composite Trussed Arch Bridge

1992  Bridge Barges Into New York

1992  Low-Cost Computer Techniques for Steel Truss Bridge Rehabilitation and Ratings

1991  Design and Planning of Structural Steel Roll-In

1990  Bridge Testing—A Surprise Every Time

1990  Examples of System Optimization and Reliability in Bridge Design

1990  Posttensioned Trusses: Analysis and Design

1990  Posttensioned Trusses: Reliability and Redundancy

1990  Probability Based Bridge Safety Analysis

1990  Reliability and Redundancy Assessment of Prestressed Truss Bridges

1989  Award for an A-Frame

1989  Historic Pittsburgh Bridge to be Replaced

1989  Ontario’s Sioux Narrows Bridge

1989  Wind Tunnel Testing of the Karnali River Bridge

1988  CE Students Bridge Theory With Onsite Practice

1988  Historic Church Adds Footbridge

1988  Innovative Truss

1988  Innovative Truss Spans Charleston’s Cooper River

1988  Knowledge Based System for Design of Bridge Trusses

1988  Recycling Bridges

1987  Bridge Analysis and Rating with Microcomputers

1987  Considerations for the Design of Network Arches

1987  Design of Triangular Cross-Section Bridge Truss

1987  Machine Intelligence in Structural Optimization

1987  Microcomputer Assisted Bridge Rating

1987  Queensboro Bridge Inspection and Rehabilitation

1986  Trail Bridge Gets Priority over Highway

1984  Truss Bridge Rehabilitation Using Steel Arches

1984  Uncertainty of Load Capacity of Metal Truss Bridges

1983  Historic 200-Ton Timber Truss Bridge Rolled to the Side

1983  Marine Parkway Bridge Truss Member Replacement