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2015  Field Test Performance of Buried Flexible Pipes under Live Truck Loads

2015  Impacts of Nighttime-Only Truck Traffic Regulation on Pavement Performance

2015  Methodological Framework for Truck-Factor Estimation Considering Vehicle-Pavement Interaction

2015  Rail-Truck Multimodal Freight Collaboration: Truck Freight Carrier Perspectives in the United States

2014  Estimating the Consumptive Use Costs of Shale Natural Gas Extraction on Pennsylvania Roadways

2014  Finding Maximum Moment: Determining HL-93 Truck Position on Simple Spans

2014  Full-Scale Test and Numerical Simulation of a Truck Impacting a Group of Side-by-Side Piles

2014  Hybrid Simulation of Bridge Response to Three-Dimensional Earthquake Excitation Followed by Truck Load

2014  Impact of Repeat Overweight Truck Traffic on Buried Utility Facilities

2014  Long-Term Loading Behavior of a Full-Scale Glubam Bridge Model

2014  Procedure for Statistical Categorization of Overweight Vehicles in a WIM Database

2014  Statistical Bridge Signatures

2014  Truck-and-Trailer Distribution Based on a Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm

2013  Analysis of Incidents on Emergency Escape Ramps and Legal Risk Aversion

2013  Development of State-Specific Load and Resistance Factor Rating Method

2013  Experimental Test of an Articulated Lorry Swept Path

2013  Fatigue Analysis of a Heavy Truck Based on Actual Road Tests and Rigid-Flexible Coupling Multi-Body Model

2013  Finite-Element and Simplified Models for Collision Simulation between Overheight Trucks and Bridge Superstructures

2013  Geo-Spatial and Statistical Methods to Model Intracity Truck Crashes

2013  Identification of Truck Types using Strain Sensors include Co-located Strain Gauges

2013  Impact of Traffic Overload on Road Pavement Performance

2013  Investigation of the Effect of Weight Factor on Performance of Piezoelectric Weigh-in-Motion Sensors

2013  Large Truck-Involved Crashes: Exploratory Injury Severity Analysis

2013  Lightweight Design and Analysis of a Truck Frame

2013  Methodology to Estimate the Distance Traveled by Trucks on Rural Highway Systems

2013  Multiple Presence Factor for Truck Load on Highway Bridges

2013  Objective Load Rating of a Steel-Girder Bridge Using Structural Modeling and Health Monitoring

2013  Potential Impacts of Longer and Heavier Vehicles on Texas Pavements

2013  A Probability-Based Methodology for Establishing Non-Extreme and Extreme Vertical Load Combinations for Multi-Hazard LRFD of Bridges

2013  Process Comparison of Hours of Service Recording for Commercial Vehicle Operations: Electronic versus Paper

2013  Shear Buckling Behavior of Steel Plate Girders at Elevated Temperatures

2013  Tractor-Semitrailer Vehicle Stability Control Based on TruckSim-Simulink Co-Simulation

2013  Using Truck Probe GPS Data to Identify and Rank Roadway Bottlenecks

2012  Accurate Truck Activity Estimate for Roadway Link PM2.5 Emissions

2012  Automated Visual Recognition of Dump Trucks in Construction Videos

2012  Characteristics of Truck-Related Crashes in Highway Work Zones

2012  Drive-In Steel Storage Racks. II: Reliability-Based Design for Forklift Truck Impact

2012  Dynamic Effect of a Moving Truck on a Culvert

2012  Enhanced Evaluation of Heavy Vehicle Lane Restriction Strategies in Microscopic Traffic Simulation

2012  Evaluation Method of Truck Drivers’ Emergency Response Capability Based on Fuzzy TOPSIS

2012  Evaluation of a Permit Vehicle Model Using Weigh-in-Motion Truck Records

2012  Fatigue Reliability Assessment for Existing Bridges Considering Vehicle Speed and Road Surface Conditions

2012  Moment and Shear Load Distribution Factors for Multigirder Bridges Subjected to Overloads

2012  Optimizing the Schedule of Dispatching Earthmoving Trucks through Genetic Algorithms and Simulation

2012  Preliminary Development of a Real Time Seasonal Load Restriction System for Remote Sites

2012  A Special Purpose Simulation Template for Modeling Tire Usage of Mining Truck Fleet

2012  Structural Health Monitoring with Interferometric Radar

2012  Structural Identification of a Deteriorated Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2012  A Study on the Relations between Port Container Throughput and Truck Trips in Different Logistics Modes

2012  Truck Management Strategies on Freeways during Holidays

2012  Understanding the Dynamics of Heavy Vehicle Interactions in Car-Following

2011  Application of Traffic Flow Wave Theory to Research the Impact of Large-Scale Trucks on Traffic Flow of Expressway

2011  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks on Skewed Steel Superstructure under Truck Wheel Loads

2011  Comparison of Contributory Causes of Fatal Truck and Non-Truck Crashes Using Bayesian Statistical Analysis

2011  Design for Approach Road of Truck Escape Ramp

2011  Development of Truck Loading Groups for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

2011  Empirical Method for Predicting Internal-External Truck Trips at a Major Port

2011  Extrapolation for Future Maximum Load Statistics

2011  A Hybrid Optimization Mechanism Used to Generate Truck Fleet to Perform Earthmoving Operations

2011  Identifying Large Truck Hot Spots Using Crash Counts and PDOEs

2011  Preliminary Planning Guidance for Implementing Truck-Only Toll Lanes

2011  Research on the Method of Fast and Accurate Taxiway Bridge Testing

2011  Sensitivity of Reliability Index of Bridge Girders to Random Variables and Average Daily Truck Traffic

2011  Simulation of Exclusive Truck Facilities on Urban Freeways

2011  Slip Ramp Spacing Design for Truck Only Lanes Using Microscopic Simulation

2011  Study on the Mountainous Freeway Vertical Alignment Safety Based on Typical Truck Climbing Characteristics in China

2011  Summary of Electronic Bill of Lading Legal Issues in Trucking

2011  Truck Weigh-in-Motion Using Reverse Modeling and Genetic Algorithms

2010  City Distribution Center: Truck Load Matching Based on Branch and Bound Method

2010  Determining Design Speed of Truck Escape Ramp Based on Back Analysis Method

2010  Dynamic Characteristics of PC Bridge Resonated with Trucks by Monitoring

2010  Effect of Surrounding Traffic Characteristics on Lane Changing Behavior

2010  An Empirical Study on the Arrangement of Truck Ownership in Trucking Enterprises

2010  Importance of the Tail in Truck Weight Modeling for Bridge Assessment

2010  Kernel-Based Machine Learning Models for Predicting Daily Truck Volume at Seaport Terminals

2010  Load Configuration and Lateral Distribution of NATO Wheeled Military Trucks for Steel I-Girder Bridges

2010  Modeling Skid Resistance of Commercial Trucks on Highways

2010  A Simulation Study of Environmental Impact of Automated Truck Lanes on Intercity Expressways

2010  Study of the Effectiveness of Nighttime and Truck Speed Limits

2010  Three Dilemma Zone Strategies for High-Speed Rural Intersections: Comparison of Field Results

2009  Analysis of National County-Level Heavy-Duty Freight Truck Emissions

2009  Automated Collection of Mixer Truck Operations Data in Highly Dense Urban Areas

2009  Discrete Choice Models of Truck Traveler in Variable Pricing of Freeway

2009  Implementation of a Long-Term Bridge Weigh-In-Motion System for a Steel Girder Bridge in the Interstate Highway System

2009  Influence of Overloading to Braking Performance

2009  The Key Parameter of Highway Longitudinal Grade Design

2009  The Measures for the Carrying Capacity of the Powered Trucks in Xian-Baoji District

2009  Medium-Duty Commercial Trucks Operation Fault Regularity and Use Reliability

2009  Optimization Design Model Research of Double Front Axle Steering Mechanisms in Dump Trucks

2009  Optimization of Container Truck Scheduling Problem Based on Genetic Algorithm

2009  Realization Technology of Highway Vehicle Overlimit Supervisory System

2009  Rehabilitating a Historic Wooden Covered Bridge to Carry Modern Truck Loads with No Visual Impacts to the Structure

2009  Truck Loads and Bridge Capacity Evaluation in China

2008  Compositive Mechanism of Truckload’s Freight Rate under Economic Deregulation

2008  Effects of State Legal Loads on Bridge Rating Results Using the LRFR Procedure

2008  Impact of Commercial Vehicle Weight Change on Highway Bridge Infrastructure

2008  Modeling Speed Behavior of Passenger Cars and Trucks in Freeway Construction Work Zones: Implications on Work Zone Design and Traffic Control Decision Processes

2008  Relationship between Truck Trip Generation and Vessel Container Volume — A Behavioral Analysis

2008  Robust Scheduling of Truck Arrivals at Marine Container Terminals

2008  Safety Analysis of Florida Urban Limited Access Highways with Special Focus on the Influence of Truck Lane Restriction Policy