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Found 70 Records with the keyword term of "Tropical regions"

2015  Case Study of Ground-Source Heat Pump Applications in Hot and Humid Climates

2015  Defects of Tensioned Membrane Structures in the Tropics

2014  Model for Designing Infiltration Basins in Tropical and Subtropical Climates with a Focus on Unpaved Roads

2014  Thermal Performance of Developed Coating Material as Cool Pavement Material for Tropical Regions

2013  Laboratory Measurements of Wave Attenuation Through Model and Live Vegetation

2013  Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Subsurface Flow-Constructed Wetlands for the Treatment of Domestic Wastewater in the Tropics

2012  Development Countermeasures for Waterfront Public Space in Tropical Cities in South Asia— A Case Study on Nanning City

2012  The Effect of Averaging Duration on Differences Observed between Gust Factors from Tropical and Extratropical Winds

2012  Environmental Protection and Landscape Design of Freeway through a Tropical Rainforest Region

2012  Moisture Influence on the Thermal Properties of Materials in Building Envelopes and Sustainability in Tropical Climates

2012  The Role of Tropical Cyclone Induced Flooding in Economic and Insurance Losses

2012  Tropical Cyclone Marine Surface Wind Modeling: The Shape of the Radial Wind Profile Matters

2011  Application of Watershed-Based Tank System Model for Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation in India

2011  Coastal Storm Modeling-System Integration

2011  Comparison of Rainfall Interpolation Methods in a Mountainous Region of a Tropical Island

2011  Effect of Antecedent Rainfall Patterns on Rainfall-Induced Slope Failure

2011  Hydrochemical Characterization of Aquifers Using Sequential Multivariate Analyses and Geographic Information Systems in a Tropical Setting

2011  Numerical Study of the Effect of Wind-Waves Generated by Tropical Cyclones Using Wave Model

2011  Optimum Design of a Watershed-Based Tank System for the Semiarid and Subhumid Tropics

2011  Pilot-Scale Simulation of Landfill Bioreactor and Controlled Dumping of Fresh and Partially Stabilized Municipal Solid Waste in a Tropical Developing Country

2011  TWAVE Modeling Package for Simulation of Coastal Inundation in Island Regions

2010  Air Temperature Distribution and the Influence of Sky View Factor in a Green Singapore Estate

2008  Performance Study of SPAW Model with Temperature-Derived ET0 as Input in Place of Pan Evaporation under Wheat Crop in a Semiarid Subtropical Climate

2007  Characterisation and Modeling of Washover Fans

2007  Hurricane Forecasting: The State of the Art

2007  Tropical Mixed Wave/Tide Dominated Barrier-Spit System: A Case Study from NE Brazil

2005  Distinguishing Tropical Cyclone-Related Flooding in U.S. Presidential Disaster Declarations: 1965-1997

2005  Microbial Populations in Tropical Reservoirs using Flow Cytometry

2005  A Monte Carlo Approach for Estimating Tropical Cyclone Extreme Wave Conditions

2005  Site Characteristics of a Weathered Old Alluvium in San Juan, Puerto Rico

2005  Small Island States in Indian and Atlantic Oceans: Vulnerability to Climate Change and Strategies for Adaptation

2004  Assessment of Agricultural NonPoint Source Model for a Watershed in Tropical Environment

2004  Initiation of Motion of Calcareous Sand

2004  Serviceability of Materials in the Tropics

2003  Laboratory Study of Loose Saturated and Unsaturated Decomposed Granitic Soil

2002  Beach Erosion Studies on Tropical Islands

2002  Larger Foraminifers as Contributors to Carbonate Beach Sands

2002  Planning and Design Aspects of Stormwater Quality Management Practices for Tropical Environments

2002  Specification of Hurricane Wind Fields for Ocean Wave Prediction

2000  Effect of Suction on the Strength of Unsaturated Soil

1998  A New Global Wave Forecast System at NCEP

1997  Performance of External Tiled-Wall Systems under Tropical Weathering

1997  Synthetic Generation of Tropical Rainfall Time Series Using an Event-Based Method

1996  Effect of Degree of Weathering on Dynamic Properties of Residual Soils

1995  Modeling Coliform Mortality in Waste Stabilization Ponds

1993  Modeling the Impacts of Plankton Entrainment in a Tropical Bay

1993  Seasonal Morphological Evolution of Beach Profiles in Tropical Zone

1993  Total Sediment Loads of Tropical Rivers

1992  Analyses of Special Hazards and Flooding Problems in Tropical Island Environments

1992  BEST: New Satellite Mission Dedicated to Tropical System Energy Budget

1992  BOD Test for Tropical Countries

1992  Design Optimization of Passively Cooled Room

1992  Importance of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Satellite to Hydrological Investigations

1991  Tropical Carbonate Coastal Processes

1990  OTEC’s subsurface discharges of Deep Ocean Water: Modelling Their Effects on the Primary Production

1989  A 3-Year Survey of Tropical Intertidal Macrofauna

1989  Soil Erosion and Sediment Transport Modeling on Small Tropical Watersheds

1987  Andekaleka Gathering Tube Hydropower Intake

1987  Sewage Treatment in Tropical High Rate Ponds

1987  Slow Sand Filtration of Tropical Source Waters

1986  Ecological Impacts of Sediment Transport to Tropical Reservoirs

1984  Snail Marisa Cornuarietis in Tropical Hydroelectric Reservoirs

1982  Coping with Dam Construction Problems in a Tropical Environment

1982  Engineering Geologic Classification of Coralline Deposits

1982  Soil Science for the Tropics

1979  Design Verification for Tropical Oxidation Ponds

1978  Amazon Basin Hydrometeorology

1973  Environmental Control of Bilharzia Snails in Small Reservoirs

1962  Weather Modification: A Symposium: Seeding of Clouds in Tropical Climates

1960  Seeding of Clouds in Tropical Climates