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2015  Improving AADT Estimation Accuracy of Short-Term Traffic Counts Using Pattern Matching and Bayesian Statistics

2014  Connections between Land Use and Driving Distance: Causal Investigation Using Directed Acyclic Graphs

2014  Research of Highway Transportation Path Planning Based on a Fast Traveler Demand Clustering Algorithm

2013  Adaptability Evaluation of Comprehensive Passenger Transport Centers

2013  Assessing the Effectiveness of Flexible Response in Evacuations

2013  Comparison Between Traditional Four-Step & Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling - A Case Study of Tampa, Florida

2013  Computational-Based Approach to Estimating Travel Demand in Large-Scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models

2013  Estimation of Daily Traffic on Local Roads in Indiana State - A Mix of Heuristic Search Tool, GIS, and Visum Simulation

2013  Improved Partial Linearization Algorithm for Solving the Combined Travel-Destination-Mode-Route Choice Problem

2013  Traffic Demand Forecasting Method for Auto Parts Industrial Park Considering Both the Production Location Impact and Mixed Traffic Characteristics

2013  Trip Generation Models Using Cumulative Logistic Regression

2013  Weekend Travel Behavior Analysis and the Improvement Method of Origin Transport Service Level

2012  An Analysis of Airport Runway Designs to Maximize New Airport Throughput to Meet China’s Long-Term Air Travel Demand

2012  Bi-Criteria System Optimum with Fixed Demand and Continuously Distributed Value of Time

2012  Estimation of Urban Transportation Network Capacity Considering Traveler Road Preferences

2012  Optimization Method for Train Plan of Urban Rail Transit with Elastic Demands

2012  Real-Time Traffic State Estimation and Prediction for Active Traffic and Demand Management: The Application of DynaTAM

2012  Research on Parameter Calibration between Travel Time and Traffic Demand Oriented on Macro and Micro Inter-Validation

2012  A Review of Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling

2012  Transportation Demand Modeling Method Research—A Case Study of Chengdu

2012  Travel Behavior Analysis for Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling: A Case Study of the Tampa Bay Region

2011  Applicability of Staggered Work Hours for Urban Traffic: Case of Guangzhou

2011  Applying GIS-Based Traditional Travel Demand Model for Improved Network-Wide Traffic Estimation: New Brunswick Case Study

2011  Comprehensive Transportation Data Collection: Case Study in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Canada

2011  Does the Academic Rank Matter? Study on the Trip Preferences of Academicians from Different Ranks Employed at Istanbul Technical University

2011  Estimating Household Trip Rates for Cross-Classification Cells with No Data: Alternative Methods and Their Performance in Prediction of Travel

2011  Gateway Traveler Information System: Regional Traveler Information Services

2011  Improving Group Assiginment and AADT Estimation Accuracy of Short-Term Traffic Counts Using Historical Seasonal Patterns

2011  Modeling the Impact of Smart Growth on Travel Choices: An Enhanced Travel Demand Forecasting Approach

2011  Modeling Traffic Mode Choice Behavior Based on WC-OWA Operator

2011  National and Inter-Regional Travel Demand Modeling: Data Sources, Methodological Options, and Applications

2011  A Review of Applying Traditional Travel Demand Model for Improved Network-Wide Traffic Estimation: Challenges and Opportunities

2011  Road Space Reallocation According to Car Congestion Externality

2011  Spatial Analysis of Individual Activity Locations and Concentration Levels in Calgary

2011  A SUE Assignment Model with Elastic Transit Demand and Bottlenecks for Transit Networks

2011  Traffic Assignment Model and Application of Comprehensive Transportation Channel

2011  Travel Information Sharing Platform for Comprehensive Passenger Hub

2011  Variant Concept of Transportation-Disadvantaged: Evidence from Aydin, Turkey, and Yamaga, Japan

2010  Analysis on Effective Information and Travel Activity Returning Home by Car under Downpour

2010  Exploring Best-Fit Hazard Functions and Lifetime Regression Models for Urban Weekend Activities: Case Study

2010  The Impact of the Traveler Information Systems on the Accident Bottleneck during Peak Period

2010  Influence Analysis of Traffic Demand Management Policy in Beijing Based on FCD

2010  Simulating Collaborative Distribution of 3PL Enterprise-Led

2010  A Situation Assessment Method of Traffic Incident Based on Bayesian Networks

2010  Taxi Demand Modeling to Ensure Appropriate Taxi Supply: Do Both Open Access and Model Based Restrictions Fail?

2010  Travel Demand Model for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

2010  Travelers’ Response to Value Pricing: Application of Departure Time Choices to TRANSIMS

2009  The Analysis of Transportation Demand Generation Mechanisms of the Urban Agglomerations in China

2009  A Comprehensive Evaluation of Traffic Demand Management Adaptability on the Basis of Fuzzy Rough Entropy

2009  A Congestion Pricing Model Considering Reliability with Elastic Demand

2009  Daily Activity Patterns of University Students

2009  Demand Forecasting Model of the Urban External Passengers of Urban Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Hubs

2009  Forecasting Model of Evacuation Traffic Demand under Emergency

2009  A Model of Demand Forecasting for Park and Ride System in Big City

2009  Network Reliability under Influence of Traveler Information

2009  Passenger Transport Demand Prediction for Newly-Built Regions

2009  Population Synthesis with Subregion-Level Control Variable Aggregation

2009  Research on a Model of Public Transportation Network Optimization Based on the Demand of Citizen Trips

2009  Research on Travel Behavior Changes under Vehicle-Use-Restriction Measures during the Olympic Games

2009  Tourism Travel Demand Forecast Method: A Case Study of Lushan Scenic Area

2008  Bus Priority Option Tests in Microsimulation with SCATS

2008  Classifying and Modeling Activity-Travel Pattern

2008  Exploring Sustainable Urban Form of Beijing with an Integrated Model

2008  Game-Theory Based Analysis and Research of the Urban Traffic Demand Management Model and Underlying Problems

2008  Induced Travel Demand in Developing Countries: Study on State Highways in Turkey

2008  A Research of Travel Behavior Model Based on Activity

2008  Research on China’s Passenger Transport Demand and Its Influential Factors Based on MTV Model

2008  Research on the Land Use Model in the Regional Traffic Demand Forecast

2008  A Simulation of the Effects of Transportation Demand Management Policies on Motor Vehicle Emissions

2008  Study on Evaluation of Transportation Demand Management

2008  Study on Transport Mode Selection of Residents Based on Discrete Choice Model

2008  Transportation Planning: Travel Demand Modeling Forecast: Model Conversion from TransCAD to Cube Voyager

2008  Travel Demand Based Optimization Model for Urban Mixed Traffic Systems

2008  Travel Demand Modeling for Traffic Estimation on Low-Class Local Roads

2008  Treating Uncertain Demand Information in Origin — Destination Matrix Estimation with Traffic Counts

2008  Using Automatic Vehicle Identification Data for Investigation of Rain Effects on Vehicular Travel Speeds and Travel Choice Behaviour

2007  Costs and Benefits of Home-Based Telecommuting: A Monte Carlo Simulation Model Incorporating Telecommuter, Employer, and Public Sector Perspectives

2007  G-EMME/2: Automatic Calibration Tool of the EMME/2 Transit Assignment Using Genetic Algorithms

2007  A Hybrid Method Based on Chaotic Phase Space Restructuring and Comparability Principle for Railway Passenger Demand Forecasting

2007  Impact of Transit-Pass Ownership on Daily Number of Trips Made by Urban Public Transit

2007  Personal Cost of Auto Travel in Kuwait

2007  Study on the Parameter Estimation in the Modal Demand Forecast Theory

2006  An Activity-Based Model of Travel Demand in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area

2006  Borrowing Residential Trip Generation Rates

2006  An Exploratory Analysis of the Household Travel Behavior and Lifestyle Choices

2006  Traffic Demand Reduction Using an Automated Work Zone Information System for Urban Freeway Rehabilitation

2006  Using a Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Solve the Transit Route Network Design Problem

2005  The Network Signal Design Problem for Long-Range Travel Forecasting

2005  Quasidynamic Network Assignment Procedure with Transient Demand Matrices

2005  Transit Network Design with Variable Demand

2004  Analysis of Link Capacity Estimation Methods for Urban Planning Models

2004  Balance of Car Ownership under User Demand and Road Network Supply Conditions—Case Study in Hong Kong

2004  Improved Solution Algorithm for Multicommodity Continuous Distribution and Assignment Model

2004  Modeling Trip Generation with Data from Single and Two Independent Cross-Sectional Travel Surveys

2004  Predicting Mode Choice through Multivariate Recursive Partitioning

2004  Research on Travel Choice Behavior Based on Ordinal Method

2004  Urban Public Transit Planning Strategy in the Era of Decreasing Transport Demand

2003  Airport Choice, Leakage, and Experience in Single-Airport Regions

2003  Evolution of Personal Travel in Toronto Area and Policy Implications

2003  Modeling Transportation Network Flows as a Simultaneous Function of Travel Demand, Earthquake Damage, and Network Level Service