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Found 51 Records with the keyword term of "Transverse loads"

2014  Numerical Analysis on Changing Regularity of Transverse Load Distributions with Different Crack Lengthens of Plate-Girder Hinge Joint

2014  Review of Transverse Reinforcement Requirements for Precast Load-Bearing Wall Panels with Large Openings under Compression

2013  Stress Analysis of Transversely Loaded Functionally Graded Plates with a Higher Order Shear and Normal Deformation Theory

2011  Experimental Investigation of Large-Scale Cladding Sandwich Panels under Out-of-Plane Transverse Loading for Building Applications

2011  Novel Calculation of Transverse Distribution Influence Line of Prefabricated Hinged Slab Bridge Considering the Effect of Bridge Deck Pavement

2010  Determination of the Transverse Resistance Characteristics in Railway Track

2009  Interface Behavior in Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Strengthened Beams Subjected to Transverse Loads: Maximum Transferred Force

2007  Analysis of Flange Transverse Bending of Corrugated Web I-Girders under In-Plane Loads

2007  Characters of Concrete Deck and Barrier w/Overhang under Transverse Load

2007  Seismic Performance Assessment of Simply Supported and Continuous Multispan Concrete Girder Highway Bridges

2006  Analysis and Evaluation of Transverse-Cracked Semi-Rigid Base Asphalt Pavements Using FWD Data

2006  Definition of Yield Zones on Concrete Barrier Structures under a Transverse Impact Load

2006  Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Instability of Elastic-Plastic Beams

2005  Modeling Wood Walls Subjected to Combined Transverse and Axial Loads

2005  Planar Bending of Sandwich Beams with Transverse Loads off the Centroidal Axis

2005  Reliability of Light-Frame Wall Systems Subject to Combined Axial and Transverse Loads

2004  Detailing and Design Examples for Torsional Members

2001  Response of Prestressed Concrete I-Girder Bridges to Live Load

2000  Analytical Solution for Plane Trusses with Equidistant Supports

2000  Eccentrically Loaded Steel Columns under Cyclic In-Plane Loading

2000  Eccentrically Loaded Steel Columns under Cyclic Out-of-Plane Loading

2000  Probabilistic Failure Analysis of Transversely Loaded Laminated Composite Plates Using First-Order Second Moment Method

1999  Progressive Damage Analysis of Glass-Reinforced Plastics (GRP) Panels under Extreme Transverse Pressure Loading

1998  Seismic Analysis of Buried Flexible Pipes

1997  Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Singly-Symmetric I-Beams

1997  Semianalytical Solution of Rectangular Plates

1995  Effect of Highway Geometry on Transverse Cracking of Asphalt Pavements

1995  Quasi Buckling Generated by Transverse Loads

1995  Simply Supported Polygonal Mindlin Plate Deflections Using Kirchhoff Plates

1994  On the Snow-Plough Effect when Cutting Water Saturated Sand with Inclined Straight Blades

1994  Tests on Deep I-Shape Pultruded Beams

1993  Dynamic Response of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Plates Under Distributed Impact Loads

1991  Distortion of Concrete Box Beams Due to Eccentric Transverse Loads

1991  Post-Yield Analysis of Rigid-Plastic Beams with Variable Restraints

1990  Behavior of Concrete Panels Subjected to Axial and Lateral Loads

1990  Bridge Evaluation for Multipresence of Vehicles

1990  Orthotropic Laminates on Elastic Foundation Under Transverse Force

1990  Stress Analysis of Orthotropic Plate on Elastic Foundation with Transverse Point Load

1988  Bending and Stretching Elements for Analysis of Thick Composite Plates

1988  Buckling of Transversely Loaded I-Beam Columns

1988  Confinement and Bed-Friction Effects in Shallow Turbulent Mixing Layers

1987  Elastodynamic Response of Pile Under Transverse Excitations

1987  Review of American RHS Web Crippling Provisions

1986  Buckling Capacities of Monosymmetric I-Beams

1986  Transversely Loaded Horizontally Curved R/C Slabs

1984  Buckling of Thin Walled Beams Under Water Loading

1982  Cyclic Bending of Plates under Transverse Loading

1968  Transverse Shearing Stress in Rectangular Plates

1961  Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Transversely Loaded Plates

1902  Stresses in Columns Subject to Combined Axial and Transverse Loading

1879  Flexure and Transverse Resistance of Beams