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2015  From a Link-Node-Based Network Representation Model to a Lane-Based Network Representation Model: Two-Dimensional Arrangements Approach

2015  Measuring the Performance of Transportation Infrastructure Systems in Disasters: A Comprehensive Review

2015  Physical Infrastructure Assessment for Emergency Medical Response

2014  Impact of Road Conditions and Disruption Uncertainties on Network Vulnerability

2014  Optimal Bridge Restoration Sequence for Resilient Transportation Networks

2014  Optimization Framework for Bicycle Network Design

2014  Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure: Toward a Unified Approach

2014  Sustainable Development of Critical Infrastructure

2014  Time-Based Toll Design for a Cordon-Based Congestion Pricing Scheme for a Transportation Network with Speed Limits and Movement Prohibitions

2013  Accessibility and Centrality for Sustainable Mobility: Regional Planning Case Study

2013  Climate Change Adaptation Tool for Transportation: Mid-Atlantic Region Case Study

2013  Connectivity-Based Optimal Scheduling for Maintenance of Bridge Networks

2013  Dual-Based Heuristic for Optimal Cordon Pricing Design

2013  Efficient Analysis and Optimization of Reconstruction Plans for Damaged Transportation Networks Following Disasters

2013  Evaluating the Progress of Climate Change Adaptation Practices across Transportation Planning Agencies: A Case Study on the Mid-Atlantic

2013  Finding All-Pairs Shortest Path for a Large-Scale Transportation Network Using Parallel Floyd-Warshall and Parallel Dijkstra Algorithms

2013  Geo-Spatial and Statistical Methods to Model Intracity Truck Crashes

2013  Impacts of Network Connectivity on Multimodal Travel Metrics

2013  Integrating Multi-Source POIs and Road Networks Based on Geometric Data

2013  Link Criticality Based on Most Probable Network States for Pre-Disaster Investment

2013  Motor Vehicle Running-Speed Monitoring and Controlling System for Freeway Network

2013  Network-Wide Assessment of Transportation Systems Using an Epidemic Spreading Methodology

2013  Optimization Model of the Public Transit Network Based on Operational Reliability

2013  Review of Sustainability Rating Systems for Transportation and Neighborhood-Level Developments

2013  Road Network Accessibility Based on Time Impedance Function

2013  Robust Optimization Model of Bus Transit Network Design with Stochastic Travel Time

2013  Scheme Selection of Urban and Rural Public Transportation Network Planning

2013  Security Considerations in Transportation Infrastructure Development

2013  Synthetic Evaluation of Comprehensive Transportation Network Layout Planning Based on Extenics

2013  Urban Transportation Networks to Support Sustainable Developments of New Communities in Egypt

2012  Bi-Criteria System Optimum with Fixed Demand and Continuously Distributed Value of Time

2012  A Bi-Level Model for Identifying Critical Emergency Evacuation Facilities in Transportation Networks

2012  The Degree of Complexity for a Separate Intersection and a Road Network

2012  Estimation of Urban Transportation Network Capacity Considering Traveler Road Preferences

2012  Evaluating Recovery Reliability of a Road Network during an Incident

2012  Evaluation and Analysis of Network Operation of Urban Rail Transport Based on ANP

2012  Evaluation of GIS Applications for Horizontal Curve Data Collection

2012  Forecasting of National Expressway Network Scale Based on Support Vector Regression with Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

2012  Formal Model for Describing Line-line Topological Relations in Traffic Network

2012  Game Theoretic Approach over a Hazardous Material Transportation Network

2012  LOGIT-Based Road Network Optimization Model

2012  A Method to Estimate Limits to Highway Network Scale

2012  Methodology for Vulnerability Assessment of a Road Network

2012  A Multimodal Multi-Product Transportation Network Model for Strategic Planning of Freight Flows

2012  Network Equilibrium Modeling Considering the Travelers’ Risk Perception on Arrival Time

2012  Optimizing the Rehabilitation Efforts of Aging Transportation Networks

2012  Options for Hauling Fully Loaded ISO Containers in the United States

2012  Promoting Kaohsiung Air-Sea Port Integration with Identity-Oriented Pervasive Networks

2012  Regional Tourism Transportation Network Service Level Evaluation and Layout Optimization—Study on Yunnan Province As an Example

2012  Research on the Structure of Urban Road Network Based on the Energy Consumption and the Complex Network

2012  Road Network Vulnerability: A Review of the Literature

2012  Study on Average Travel Speed in Road Network Calculated by Floating Car Data in Different Samples

2012  A Sustainable Multi-User Multi-Criteria Transportation Network Equilibrium Model

2012  Throughput Capacity Estimation for Convoy Movement in Linked Roads

2011  Adaptability Evaluation for Road Network in Economic Circle

2011  An Allocation Model for Curb and Off-Street Parking Facilities: Capacity Coordinating with Urban Road Network Capacity

2011  Analysis of Urban Slow-Moving Traffic Network Structure Characteristics Based on Complex Network Theory

2011  Application of the Access Reliability Transportation System after an Earthquake in Fuzhou City

2011  Applied Ecological Method to Analyze Integrated Transportation System’s Structures in Mega-Regions

2011  Approximation Techniques for Transportation Network Design Problem under Demand Uncertainty

2011  Behavioral Housing Search Choice Set Formation: A Hazard-Based Screening Model of Property Value and Work Distance

2011  Case Study: Assessment of the Vulnerability of Port Authority of NY & NJ Facilities to the Impacts of Climate Change

2011  Common or Variable Cycle Length Policy for a More Efficient Network Performance?

2011  Comparative Study on Environmental Protection Issues in Integrated Transport Network Planning of United States, Germany, and China

2011  Comparing Data from Mobile and Static Traffic Sensors for Travel Time Assessment

2011  The Complexity of Railway Passenger Transportation Networks in China

2011  Concentration Degree Analysis of Stroke-Based Urban Road Network Topology

2011  Directional Lane-Allocation in Urban Transportation Networks

2011  Evaluation of Urban Rail Network Based on Analytic Network Process

2011  Expressway Network Planning of Multi-Center Group Cities Based on Traffic Location Theory: A Case Study of Guiyang

2011  Forecasting Transportation Network Evolution and Performance under Existing and Alternative Transportation Planning Processes

2011  Green Initiatives at MnROAD

2011  Grey Correlation Evaluation Model with Application for Transportation Network in Economic Circle

2011  Intelligent Agent Optimization of Urban Bus Transit System Design

2011  Nodes Clustering Analysis in Comprehensive Transportation Network Planning Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

2011  The Problem Need to Be Concerned in the Theory of Comprehensive Transport Network Planning

2011  Railroad Damage from Two Hurricanes

2011  Rationality Evaluation on Regional Integrated Transport Network

2011  Rationality Research on the Traffic Connection of Urban Integrated Passenger Transportation Hub Based on Multivariate Analysis

2011  Research on Index System of Traffic Safety Level Evaluation (TSLE) to Road Network

2011  Research on Transportation Network Design Based on Stepped-Up Chaos Optimization Algorithm

2011  Resilience As Optimization Criterion for the Rehabilitation of Bridges Belonging to a Transportation Network Subject to Earthquake

2011  Road Network Capacity Reliability Based on Traveler’s Route Choice Behavior

2011  Road Network Operation Monitoring Model and Design Based on BP Neural Network Technology

2011  Sample Average Approximation Technique for Flexible Network Design Problem

2011  Simulation and Analysis of Emergency Routing Planning Based on Vulnerability Identification of Urban Transportation Network

2011  State Change Based Generalized Cost and Flow Assignment Model on Multimodal Network with Transfer Hub

2011  Station Timetable Homogenization Assessment in Urban Rail Transit Network

2011  The Stochastic Time-Varying Shortest Path Problem

2011  Study on the Application of Interval Speed Monitoring Technology and Vehicle Track Pattern Confirming Technology in Road Network

2011  A Study on the Mobility Reliability Based on Historical Data in Beijing

2011  A Systems Approach to Vulnerability Assessment

2011  Traffic State Forecast of Road Network Based on Spatial-Temporal Data Mining

2011  Transit Capacity Equilibrium Evaluation for Transit Network Based on Matrixes’ Matching Degree

2011  The Urban Road Network Optimization Model Based on Bi-Level Programming

2011  Urban Road Network Optimizing Based on Unblocked Reliability

2011  Urban Road Network Traffic Congestion Prediction Model Based on Probe Vehicle Technology

2011  A Web-Based Resource Management System for Damaged Transportation Networks

2010  Analysis on Complex Evolution Networks of Urban Traffic Networks in Peak-Hour

2010  Estimation of Dynamic Origin-Destination Matrix for an Expressway Network