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2014  Adaptive Cruise Control Strategy with High User Acceptance Based on Psychophysical Model

2014  Addressing the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem in Traffic Safety: Definition, Potential Solutions, and Future Research

2014  Advanced Green Port and Waterway Development through Integrated, Energy-Efficient ITS/ICT Deployment in China and Asia

2014  Advances in Strengthening Existing Prestressed Concrete Cable-Stayed Bridges

2014  The Advantages of the Analysis of Curved Box Beam Using the Grillage Method

2014  Aerodynamic Effects of Ravine Wind to Pantograph of High-Speed Train Arriving and Leaving a Tunnel

2014  Agent-Based Modeling Simulation for Economic Evaluation of Parking Guidance Information System in Rest Areas

2014  Agent-Based Simulation Analysis on the Effect of an LNG Terminal on a Port Transport System

2014  An Algorithm for Maximum Bi-Direction Green Wave Band Based on Boundary Conditions

2014  Analyses of Factors Contributing to Crashes on Urban Arterial Roads

2014  Analysis and Prediction on Combination Patterns of Human Factors for Maritime Accidents

2014  Analysis and Research of the Social Cost of Traffic Congestion in Beijing

2014  Analysis Developing Mechanism of Highways and Transportation Using the Theory of Increasing Returns to Scale against the Background of MFOZ

2014  Analysis of Characteristics of the Passenger Flow of the Original and Terminal Stations of Urban Rail Transit: Take the No. 1 and No. 2 Subway Lines in Xi’an As Examples

2014  Analysis of Conducting High-Speed Rail Express Business in China

2014  Analysis of Impacts on Environment from Electric Bicycles: A Case Study of Xi’an, China

2014  Analysis of Instantaneous Vehicle Emissions Models Based on Speed and Acceleration

2014  Analysis of Level of Service of Toll Lane Allocation of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

2014  Analysis of Pedestrian Safety at Signalized Intersections Based on Pedestrian Crossing Behavior

2014  Analysis of Rutting Index for Pavement Maintenance Based on Driving Safety on Surface Gathered Water Consideration

2014  Analysis of the Delays in Urban Rail Transit Operations and Risk Prediction

2014  Analysis of the Rocket Sled Track Irregularity in Time and Frequency Domains

2014  An Analysis of Time Choice Behavior of Drivers: Data and Model

2014  Analysis of Truck Safety Standards Based on Chinese In-Depth Accident Study

2014  Analysis of Typical Distress and Cause on Asphalt Pavement for Liaoning Highway

2014  Analysis of Uncertainty Associated with Response Time in Work Zone Traffic Accidents

2014  Analysis on Choice Behavior of Walking Travel Groups Based on a Preference Survey

2014  Analysis on High-Speed Train Collision Based on Fault Tree

2014  Analysis on Inter-City Bus Sustainable Mode during the Process of New-Type Urbanization Evolution

2014  Analysis on Recognition Sight for the Main Line Restricted Exit of Expressway

2014  Analysis on Road Capacity for Mixed Manual/Automated Traffic

2014  The Analytic Hierarchy Process-Based Optimal Forwarder Selection in Multi-Hop Broadcasting Scheme for Vehicular Safety

2014  Analytical Solutions of Rectangular Bottom Slab of Box-Type Underground Structure under Vertical Seismic Action

2014  Anticipating Roadway Expansion and Tolling Impacts: Toolkit for Abstracted Networks

2014  Anti-Overturning Stability Study of a Continuous Steel-Concrete Composite Girder Bridge with Single Column Piers

2014  Application of Entropy Theory for the Analysis of Mode Choice Decisions

2014  Application of Maintenance Management Systems in Scheduled Maintenance of Maglev Vehicles

2014  Application of Multi-Scale Finite Element Modeling in Bridge Seismic Damage and Collapse Analysis

2014  Application of the Abstract Mode Model in Passenger Flow Forecast

2014  Application of the Geology Radar on the Health Detection of the Highway Tunnels and Research on Data Analysis

2014  Applications of Artificial Neural Networks to Pavement Prediction Modeling: A Case Study

2014  Assessing Road Safety Performance by Data Envelopment Analysis--The Case of Brazil

2014  Assessing the Overall Driving Performance of Older Drivers

2014  An Autonomous Vehicle Control Strategy to Imitate Human Behavior Applied in Path Tracking

2014  Behavior of Multi-Spherical Sliding Friction Isolation Bearings

2014  Benefit Evaluation of Concrete Pavement with Welded Steel Fabric

2014  A Binary Logit Model for Commute Mode Choice: A Case Study of Hefei

2014  Bio-Fuels Sustainable Development Quantitative Evaluation Based on DPSIR Model with Jiangxi Province As an Example

2014  BRT Berth Dwell Time Model on Collinear Condition

2014  BRT Space Speed Guidance Method within a VII Environment

2014  Bus Delay Investigations along the Upstream Bus Bay at Signalized Intersections

2014  Bus Green-Wave Band Design Considering the Factors of Queuing Delays

2014  Bus Speed Guidance Strategy within Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Environment

2014  Calculation Evaluation of High Speed Railway Operation Safety

2014  Calculation Model on Maximum Number of Assembling Passengers in Railway Passenger Hub Based on Queuing Theory

2014  Calibration of the MEPDG Resilient Modulus Prediction Model for Subgrade Soils in Shanxi, China

2014  Challenges and Advances in Sustainable Transportation Systems

2014  Character and Association of the Commerce and Trade Circulation Industry: A Case Study of Zhejiang

2014  Characteristic Analysis of Bus Travel Speed on Commuting Corridors Based on GPS Data

2014  Characteristics Analysis of Guangzhou Waterbus Passengers Based on IC Card Data

2014  Characteristics of the Electric Bicycle: A Comparative Analysis with Bicycles and Public Transit

2014  Characterization of Stress-Dependent Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Sandy Soils by Two-Dimensional Discrete Element Method

2014  Chemical Compositions of PM2.5 near a Major Ring Road in Beijing before, during and after the 2008 Summer Olympic Games

2014  China’s Challenges on Airport Land Use Compatibility Planning

2014  Chlorine Ion Content Distribution of Concrete Surfaces in a Natural Environment

2014  CICTP 2014, Safe, Smart, and Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Systems

2014  Co-Evolutionary Mechanism of Freight Transport System in China Based on Order Parameter

2014  Collaborative Mechanisms in High-Speed Rail Hub Design in China: Opportunities and Challenges

2014  Collecting Vehicles’ Speeds: A Mobile Terminal Approach

2014  A Common Methodology for ITS Benefits Calculation of GHG

2014  Comparative Study on Performance of Recycled Asphalt Mixtures with Ordinary and High-Viscosity Rejuvenating Agent

2014  A Comparative Study to Evaluate Short-Term Work Zone Safety Control Measures’ Effectiveness Based on a Simplified Traffic Conflict Model

2014  Comparison of the Latest Comprehensive Transportation Plans’ Goals of International Metropolitan Areas

2014  Comparison on Force-Based and Displacement-Based Approaches for Evaluation of Bridge Reliability under Multiple Hazards

2014  Comparison Study on Seismic Performance of Different Structural Forms for Urban Expressway Viaducts

2014  Complex Public Transit Network Topology Analysis of Guilin

2014  Congestion Pricing with Distance Tolls: A Review and New Developments

2014  Consequence Analysis of Left-Turn Driver’s Scrambling Behavior to Traffic Efficiency at a Two-Phase Signalized Intersection

2014  Considering Temporal Correlation in Crash Data Analysis

2014  Construction and Market Application Analysis of the Rail Transit Predictive Maintenance Management System

2014  The Control Action of Full-Face Curtain Grouting Technology on Deformation of Tunnels

2014  Controversies and Policy Considerations Regarding the Promotion of New Energy Vehicles in China

2014  Convective Depth of the Chloride Ion in Concrete Surfaces

2014  Coordinated Operation Model between Urban Rail and Bus Systems Considering Transportation Efficiency

2014  Creeping Mechanism Analysis of Curved Bridges

2014  Critical Walking Space Requirement for Collision Avoidance of Pedestrians: An Experimental Study

2014  Dallas - Fort Worth TEX Rail Evaluation Based on FTA New Starts Evaluation and Rating Process

2014  Dealing with Traffic Risk in Latin American Toll Roads

2014  Delay Estimation Model Based on Low-Sampling-Rate Floating Car Data

2014  Deriving Travel Behavior Data of Urban Subway Passengers from Mobile Phone Network

2014  Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Optimization System for Traffic Timing Plan

2014  Design and Optimization for Multistage Energy-Absorption Structures in EMUs under Whole Train Collision

2014  Design of Highway Tunnel LED Lighting Control System

2014  Design of Information Signs of Multi-Modal Travel at the Decision Points in a Comprehensive Transport Hub

2014  Design of Traffic Organization Program for Expressway Reconstruction Project: A Case Study in Hunan, China

2014  Designing Highway Traffic Safety Facilities Designing Based on Visual Psychology

2014  Determination of Vehicular Trajectories Based on Video Image Processing Technology

2014  Determining the Impact of Gender and Age on Drivers’ Acceptance of Graphic-Aided Portable, Changeable Message Signs in Highway Work Zones

2014  Deterministic Inventory Lot-Size Models with Inflation under Low-Carbon Environment

2014  Developing a Cluster-Based Algorithm for Collision Hotspot Identification