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2014  Anticipating Roadway Expansion and Tolling Impacts: Toolkit for Abstracted Networks

2014  Estimating Mixed-Mode Urban Trail Traffic Using Negative Binomial Regression Models

2014  Facility Location-Network Design Problem: Reliability and Investment Budget Constraint

2014  How to Have Sustainable Transportation without Making People Drive Less or Give Up Suburban Living

2014  Improving AADT Estimation Accuracy of Short-Term Traffic Counts Using Pattern Matching and Bayesian Statistics

2014  Improving Performance of Genetic Algorithms for Transportation Systems: Case of Parallel Genetic Algorithms

2014  Managing Ancillary Transportation Assets: The State of the Practice

2014  Rocky Road of Urban Transportation Contracts

2013  Analysis of Complex Human-Machine System Reliability Metrics

2013  Analysis of EOQ Model Based on Factor of Variable Price

2013  Analysis of Iron Sea Multimodal Transport in Export Business Processes

2013  Analysis of the Relationship between the Transportation Industry and the National Economy Based on Gray Correlation Analysis and the Input-Output Model

2013  Application of EDI Information System Based on XML in the Container Multi-Model Transportation

2013  Application of Multi-Source Information Fusion Technology in the Construction of a Secure and Emergent Transportation Platform

2013  An Approch to Bus Network Design Problems by Genetic Algorithm

2013  Assessing the Transportation Needs of Low-Mobility Individuals: Case Study of a Small Urban Community in Utah

2013  Automated People Movers and Transit Systems 2013, Half a Century of Automated Transit—Past, Present, and Future

2013  Autonomous Vehicles: A Critical Tool to Solve the XXI Century Urban Transportation Grand Challenge

2013  Capturing The Impacts of Geotechnical Features on Transportation System Performance

2013  Climate Change Influence on Priority Setting for Transportation Infrastructure Assets

2013  Cognitive Task Analysis and Human Performance Shaping Factors - A Reassessment from a Second Generation Model

2013  Comparison of Comprehensive Transportation Development Goals in Domestic Cities

2013  Comparison of the Integrated Transport System Concepts between China and Foreign Countries

2013  Conceive of Integrative Transportation of Xia-Zhang-Quan Metropolitan Area

2013  Construction Ahead: Moving toward Sustainable Transportation Management Plans

2013  Contribution to a Terminology Related to Dependability for the Qualification of an On-Board Satellite-Based System

2013  Coordinated Development of Regional Road Passenger Transport Integration Model of Multi-Objective Decisions

2013  Coordination Mechanism of Transportation-inventory Model in Fuzzy Environment

2013  Data-Driven Active Parking Management

2013  Design of Access Facilities and Modal Integration for Major Transit Projects in Developing Countries

2013  Direction of Passenger Transportation Development in Chengdu

2013  Dynamics of Transport Systems and Regional Balance: A Package of Policy Strategies for the Eastern Asian Region

2013  Effect of High Gasoline Prices on Low-Density Housing Development

2013  Enterprise Risk Management Strategies for State Departments of Transportation

2013  Estimating Bus Travel Speed under Information Collection Environment

2013  Evaluating Centralized versus Decentralized Zoning Strategies for Metropolitan ADA Paratransit Services

2013  Evaluation Index System Construction of Coordination of Road Passenger Terminal Layout and Urban Development

2013  Evaluation of Regional Transportation Industry Competitiveness in China

2013  FreewayConomics: Design and Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bus-Only Shoulder Express Service

2013  Front Matter

2013  Front Matter

2013  Front Matter

2013  Game Model of the Logistics and Transport Cooperation of Enterprises under Uncertain Demands

2013  Has Western Transport Improvement Promoted Economic Growth in China’s Sichuan Ethnic Area? Evidence from Statistical Yearbook Data from 2000 to 2010

2013  ICTE 2013, Safety, Speediness, Intelligence, Low-Carbon, Innovation

2013  ICTIS 2013, Improving Multimodal Transportation Systems-Information, Safety, and Integration

2013  Impetus of Multi-temperature Joint Distribution Based on Storage-type Cold-chain Logistics

2013  Improving Transportation System Performance: Construction-Zone Capacity Bottleneck Example

2013  Innovative Methods to Inventory Sustainability Practices on State Route 76, San Diego

2013  An Interactive Approach to Active Learning of English in the Transportation English Context

2013  Investigation of the Impact of Different Rainfall Intensities on Macroscopic Traffic Variables of Urban Road Networks

2013-  Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development

2013  Modal Integration for Improving Urban Mobility in Dhaka

2013  Mode Choice Behavior of Commuters in Thiruvananthapuram City

2013  MTISS: A Novel Mobile Transportation Information Service System Based on SOA

2013  A Multidisciplinary Optimal Design for the Section Dimensions of a Side Impact Bar Made of Ultra High-Strength Steel

2013  Multiobjective Optimization for Project Selection in Network-Level Bridge Management Incorporating Decision-Maker’s Preference Using the Concept of Holism

2013  New Sustainable Transportation Solution in Urban Areas, S.A.T. Project: Towards a Simulation Modelling Approach

2013  Notch Filter Design for Anti-Single-Frequency-Interference in HINOC system

2013  Planning Actions to Preserve and Enhance Highway Functionality

2013  Pricing Strategy of Multimodal Transport with Risk Preference

2013  Project Complexity Mapping in Five Dimensions for Complex Transportation Projects

2013  Research on the Allocation of Passenger Transport Structure in Transport Channel Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2013  Risk Based Methods for Management of Geotechnical Features in Transportation Infrastructure

2013  Risk-Based Protocol for Inspection of Transportation Construction Projects Undertaken by State Departments of Transportation

2013  Risk-Control Factors for Transportation Financing in Economic Recession - Case Study

2013  Simulation-Based Analysis of Road-Pricing Prospects for Athens, Greece

2013  Some Suggestions for the Green Development of Transportaion

2013  Study on the Layout and the Site Selection Methods of Comprehensive Passenger Hub Based on Dual-Constrained Model

2013  Synthetic Evaluation of Comprehensive Transportation Network Layout Planning Based on Extenics

2013  Traffic Incident Duration Analysis Based on Cyclic Subspace Regression

2013  Transfer Organizational Mode Simulation Based on Cellular Automata Model

2013  Transportation Funding Challenges Prompt States to Consider Gas, Sales Tax Increases

2013  Two-Dimensional Assessment Method of Street Net: A Case Study of Wuxi Sino-Swiss Eco-City

2013  Vehicle Cooperative Control Framework in Transportation Cyber-Physical Systems

2012  Accessibility Analysis Method for Polymorphic Regional Logistics Network

2012  Analysis of Advantages of Combined Transportation in Transport Corridor

2012  Analysis of Structural Energy-Saving Potential in Transportation Industry: A Case Study of Zhejiang Province

2012  Analysis of Urban Transportation System Effect: Evaluating the Difference between Mobility and Accessibility in Orientation

2012  Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program Planning to Maximize Postearthquake Transportation Network Capacity

2012  Car Parking in China—Issues and Solutions

2012  China’s Transportation Balancing Development Strategy Discussion

2012  CICTP 2012, Multimodal Transportation Systems—Convenient, Safe, Cost-Effective, Efficient

2012  Cold Regions Engineering 2012, Sustainable Infrastructure Development in a Changing Cold Environment

2012  Comparison of Software Packages for Life Cycle Cost and Benefit Analysis of Highway Projects

2012  Comparisons of Probabilistic Models Based on AASHO Road Test Data

2012  A Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Earthquake Emergency Shelter

2012  Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Programming Projects of Traffic Infrastructure Based on Rough Set

2012  Context Sensitive Solutions for Infrastructure Projects

2012  Coordination between Comprehensive Transportation and Social Development at the Regional Level in China

2012  The Degree of Complexity for a Separate Intersection and a Road Network

2012  An Effective Approach to Bicycle Improvement in a Historic Urban Area by Separating Bicycles from Motorized Traffic: Case Study of Zhenjiang, China

2012  Energy Consumption, Carbon Emissions, and Transport Economical Growth in China—An Empirical Analysis Based on Decoupling Theory

2012  Enhanced Evaluation of Heavy Vehicle Lane Restriction Strategies in Microscopic Traffic Simulation

2012  Establishing a Carbon Emissions Baseline for Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Buildings

2012  Estimation of Urban Transportation Network Capacity Considering Traveler Road Preferences

2012  Evaluating State Multimodal Transportation Policy Responses

2012  Evaluation Index System Design of Comprehensive Transportation Using Balanced Scorecard

2012  Evaluation of an RITS-Based System for Special Transport Management

2012  Expanding Role of Public Works in Emergency Management