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2014  Analytical Solution of a Model of Contaminant Transport in the Advective Zone of a River

2014  Diffusive and Convective Transport of Disposed CO2 in Porous Media: A Numerical Approach

2014  Evaluating Depressional Process of Macropore Flow and Its Impact on Solute Transport

2014  Fractional-Order Thermal Energy Transport for Small-Scale Engineering Devices

2014  Modeling Flow and Solute Transport in Fractured Porous Media at Jinping I-Hydropower Station, China

2013  Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulation of the Flow and Tracer Transport in a Multichambered Ozone Contactor

2012  Application of Kalman Filter with Time-Correlated Measurement Errors in Subsurface Contaminant Transport Modeling

2012  Improved Box Model for Simulating Pesticide Transport in the Vadose Zone with Dispersive Flux through the Boundary Layer

2012  Temporal Moments for Reactive Transport through Fractured Impermeable/Permeable Formations

2011  Coupled Consolidation and Contaminant Transport in Compressible Porous Media

2011  Coupling High-Resolution Acoustic Sensor Measurements with Analytical and Numerical Porous Media Solute Transport Modeling

2011  Nonisothermal Multicomponent Reactive Transport Model for Unsaturated Soil

2011  Three-Dimensional Field-Scale Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling: Parallel Computing Implementation

2011  Using Software Quality and Algorithm Testing to Verify a One-Dimensional Transport Model

2010  Electrostatic Transport of Lunar Soil for In Situ Resource Utilization

2010  Predictive Modeling of Transient Storage and Nutrient Uptake: Implications for Stream Restoration

2008  Analytical Solution to the Advective-Dispersive Equation with a Decaying Source and Contaminant

2008  Can Longitudinal Solute Transport Parameters Be Transferred to Different Flow Rates?

2008  Chloride Penetration and Binding in Recycled Concrete

2008  Mixing at Cross Junctions in Water Distribution Systems. II: Experimental Study

2007  Aquatic Assessment of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident and Its Remediation

2007  Inclusion of Some Aspects of Chemical Behavior of Unsaturated Soil in Thermo/Hydro/Chemical/Mechanical Models. I: Model Development

2007  Inclusion of Some Aspects of Chemical Behavior of Unsaturated Soil in Thermo/Hydro/Chemical/Mechanical Models. II: Application and Transport of Soluble Salts in Compacted Bentonite

2007  Tropical Soils — Acid Mine Drainage Interactions: Breakthrough Curves and Some Transport Parameters

2005  Multiple-Porosity Contaminant Transport by Finite-Element Method

2004  Finite-Element Approach to the Erosion and Transport of Fine Particles in Granular Soils

2004  Hybrid-Cells-in-Series Model for Solute Transport in a River

2004  Pollutant Transport and Mixing Zone Simulation of Sediment Density Currents

2004  Predicting Solute Flux through a Clay Membrane Barrier

2003  Effects of Flow Depth on Water Flow and Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation: Field Data Analysis

2002  Spatial Moments for Reactive Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media

2002  Surface Free Energy Relationships used to Evaluate Microbial Transport

2001  Field Observations of Sea-Salt Quantity Transported Landward by Winter Monsoon

2001  General Conservation Equation for Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media

2001  Investigation of Long-Term Transport in Tanshui River Estuary, Taiwan

2000  Aldicarb Transport in Subsurface Environment: Comparison of Models

2000  Ammonium Transport Through Lagoon Liners: Modeling Studies

2000  Analysis of Boundary Conditions for Contaminant Transport Through Adsorptive, Low-Permeability Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls

2000  Analytical Modeling of Contaminant Transport through Vadose and Saturated Soil Zones

2000  Analytical Solution

2000  Animal Waste Containment in Anaerobic Lagoons Lined with Compacted Clays

2000  ANSWERS-2000: Non-Point-Source Nutrient Planning Model

2000  Application

2000  Bacterial Transport in NAPL-Contaminated Porous Media

2000  BIEM Modeling of 3D Circulation and Transport in Stratified Estuaries

2000  Biologically Reactive Multispecies Transport in Sanitary Landfill

2000  Centrifuge Modeling of Moisture Migration in Silty Soils

2000  Centrifuge Study of DNAPL Transport in Granular Media

2000  A Characteristic Solution to Nitrate Transport and Fate in Ground Water in Agricultural Watersheds

2000  Comparison Between WAVE, SWAP and DRAINMOD Models in Respect to Lateral Subsurface Drainage

2000  Contaminant Transport Modeling At Underground Gasoline Tanks Sites

2000  Coupled Processes in Subsurface Deformation, Flow, and Transport

2000  Deformation

2000  Degradation and Uptake of Benzene in Laboratory Phytoremediation Studies

2000  Discrete Particle Distribution Model for Advection-Diffusion Transport

2000  Enhanced Mobility of Lead in Soil Rhizosphere: Model Development and Validation

2000  Finite Analytic Model for Flow and Transport in Unsaturated Zone

2000  Flow

2000  Front Matter

2000  Index

2000  Insignificant Role of Hydrodynamic Dispersion on Bacterial Transport

2000  Introduction

2000  Mass Balance in Eulerian-Lagrangian Transport Simulations in Estuaries

2000  Non-cohesive Sediment Transport in Clean Sewers and with Small Mobile Beds

2000  Numerical Solution

2000  Oil Transport in Surf Zone

2000  Overlapping Control Volume Method for Solute Transport

2000  Reducing Uncertainty in Site Characterization Using Bayes Monte Carlo Methods

2000  References

2000  Sediment Control of Facilitated Transport and Enhanced Desorption

2000  SHETRAN: Distributed River Basin Flow and Transport Modeling System

2000  Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Shallow Aquatic Environment

2000  Soil Salinity Modeling Over Shallow Water Table. I: Validation of LEACHC

2000  Soil Salinity Modeling Over Shallow Water Table. II: Application of LEACHC

2000  Solute Transport Modeling in Overland Flow Applied to Fertigation

2000  Solute Transport Through Unsaturated Soil Due to Evaporation

2000  Solving 3D Subsurface Flow and Transport with Adaptive Multigrid

2000  Surfactant Effects on the Transport of Air Bubbles in Porous Media

2000  Transport

2000  Transport of Dissolved Contaminants within a Stream Bed with Bedforms

1999  Analytical Modeling of Nitrogen Dynamics in Soils and Ground Water

1999  Bacterial Transport in Gas-Sparged Porous Medium

1999  Calibrated Parker-Klingeman Model for Gravel Transport

1999  Centrifuge Modeling of LNAPL Transport in Partially Saturated Sand

1999  Centrifuge Modeling of Unstable Infiltration and Solute Transport

1999  Characterization of Saprolite Heterogeneities Using Innovative Techniques

1999  Characterization of the Fate and Transport of Nitroaromatic Compounds at a Former Department of Defense (DOD) Ordnance Depot Site

1999  Conservative Semi-Lagrangian Algorithm for Pollutant Transport in Rivers

1999  Contaminant Transport through a Coal Washery Discard Reactive Well

1999  Cost-Effective Long-Term Monitoring Design for Intrinsic Bioremediation

1999  Dispersion Model for Mountain Streams

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Effects of Water Saturation on Retardation of Ground-Water Contaminants

1999  Evaluation of Advective Schemes for Estuarine Salinity Simulations

1999  Fate and Transport Model of Cryptosporidium

1999  Finite-Element Method for Contaminant Transport in Unsaturated Soils

1999  Global Optimum Search Technique for Non-Convex Groundwater Management Problems

1999  Lagrangian Modeling and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development in Low-Gradient Streams

1999  Modeling BOD Removal in Constructed Wetlands with Mixing Cell Method

1999  Modeling Fate of Pathogenic Organisms in Coastal Waters of Oahu, Hawaii