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Found 69 Records with the keyword term of "Transients"

2014  Two-Dimensional Features of Viscoelastic Models of Pipe Transients

2012  Estimation of Decay Coefficients for Unsteady Friction for Instantaneous, Acceleration-Based Models

2012  Extended Blockage Detection in Pipelines by Using the System Frequency Response Analysis

2011  Based on the Back-Calculation Methods for the Sources Intensity Theory of Pipeline Leak-Detecting Technology

2011  Gas Pipeline Leakage Detection and Location Based on Transient Simulation

2011  Holistic Unsteady-Friction Model for Laminar Transient Flow in Pipeline Systems

2011  Influence of Energy Equation on Gas Pipeline Transient Simulation

2011  Transient Study and Design of a Deep Injection Well System

2010  Delay Correlation of Mechanical Hysteresis and Damping

2010  Nonconservative Formulation of Unsteady Pipe Flow Model

2008  Discrete Blockage Detection in Pipelines Using the Frequency Response Diagram: Numerical Study

2008  Improved Control of Pressure Reducing Valves in Water Distribution Networks

2007  Field Test Investigations into Distributed Fault Modeling in Water Distribution Systems Using Transient Testing

2007  Hydraulic Transient Analysis and Discrete Blockage Detection on Distribution Pipelines: Field Tests, Model Calibration, and Inverse Modeling

2007  Hydraulic Transient Analysis and Leak Detection on Transmission Pipelines: Field Tests, Model Calibration, and Inverse Modeling

2007  Impacts of Skeletonization on Distribution System Hydraulic Transient Models

2007  Network and Transient Modelling of Dual Pressure Distribution Systems

2006  Hydraulic Optimization of Transient Protection Devices using GA and PSO Approaches

2006  Numerical Error in Weighting Function-Based Unsteady Friction Models for Pipe Transients

2006  Systematic Evaluation of One-Dimensional Unsteady Friction Models in Simple Pipelines

2003  Efficient Quasi-Two-Dimensional Model for Water Hammer Problems

2002  Efficient Treatment of the Vardy-Brown Unsteady Shear in Pipe Transients

2000  Genetic Algorithms in Optimizing Transient Suppression Devices

2000  Leak Detection and Calibration Using Transients and Genetic Algorithms

2000  Role and Characterization of Leaks under Transient Conditions

2000  Valve Closure in Graph-Theoretical Models for Slow Transient Network Analysis

2000  Velocity Profiles and Unsteady Pipe Friction in Transient Flow

1999  Analysis of Road Surface Profiles

1999  Automatic Control Valve–Induced Transients in Operative Pipe System

1999  European Standards for Pipelines and Pressure Transients

1999  Flow Modeling in Pressurized Systems Revisited

1999  Transient Test-Based Technique for Leak Detection in Outfall Pipes

1998  Analysis and Experiments on Stress Waves in Planar Trusses

1998  Burgers’ Equation Model for Unsteady Flow in Open Channels

1995  Complete Operational Simulation of Pumped Storage Schemes

1995  Effects of Two-Dimensionality on Pipe Transients Modeling

1995  Laminar Fluid Transients in Conduits of Arbitrary Cross Section

1995  Transients in Distribution Networks: Field Tests and Demand Models

1994  Graphical-Based Productivity Transient Investigation Using DISCO

1994  Inverse Transient Analysis in Pipe Networks

1994  Numerical Comparison of Pipe-Column-Separation Models

1992  Design of Transient and Steady State Drain Spacing

1992  Pseudoforce Method of Solution for Highly Nonlinear Systems

1992  State-Space Analysis and Control of Slow Transients in Pipes

1992  Transients in Canal Network

1991  Ferroresonance & the Snettisham Hydroelectric Project

1991  Thermal Effects in a Transient Study of Fracture

1990  Modeling Channel Bed Transients Using Explicit F-D Schemes

1989  Graph-Theoretical Model for Slow Transient Analysis of Pipe Networks

1987  Numerical Modeling of Column Separation with Large Pressure Pulses

1987  Propagation of Axisymmetric Transients in a Rod

1986  Analysis and Testing of Transient Pressures at Camp Far West Hydroelectric Project

1982  Celerity of Transient Bed Profiles

1980  Development of Makeup-Line Safe-Operating Criteria

1979  Convergence of Implicit Bed Transient Models

1979  Simulation of Transient Supercritical Channel Flow

1979  Variable Drainable Porosity in Drainage Design

1978  Control of Transients in Series Channel with Gates

1978  Design Charts for Air Chamber on Pump Pipe Lines

1977  Drain Spacing Based on Dynamic Equilibrium

1977  Location of Free Surface in Porous Media

1977  Process Stability of Activated Sludge Processes

1977  Transient Finite Element Shallow Lake Circulation

1976  Analytical Solution for 3-D Diffusion Model

1975  Anchor-Last Deployment Simulation by Lumped Masses

1973  Difference Method for Higher-Order Equations of Flow

1973  Transient Hydrothermal Analysis of Small Lakes

1972  Computer Simulation of Waterhammer Effects

1971  Finite-Difference Simulation of Bore Propagation